Nekstra review – beware of this unregulated broker

Nekstra review

In this review of Nekstra we explain why you should not trade financial markets with this company.

What is Nekstra

Nekstra is a broker that will allow you to trade financial markets. With Nekstra you can trade currencies on Forex, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies with contracts for difference (CFD). The broker has a desktop and a mobile trading platform.

For live trading, there are six types of accounts, from Basic to Black. The minimum deposit is 250 USD for the Basic account and 100,00 USD for the Black account. With the basic account you will get a 20% deposit bonus and with higher accounts this bonus can get up to 100%.

The three highest accounts (Gold, Platinum and Black) get trading signals.

Nekstra is not saying in which country it is located, it does not provide any real contact information.

Account types

Stay away from Nekstra

There are several reasons why you should not trade financial markets with Nekstra. Here are the main ones.


The first problem with Nekstra is that it is an anonymous broker. Its website does not say what is the real name of the company, where it is located, how can you contact them etc.

The broker provides just a contact form and phone numbers. Therefore, you cannot know who is running the business, what is the history of the company, experience of the people and other things.

You should never send your money to people who are hiding their identity. Financial and investments service should and must be transparent, because it is your money that is at stake.

No contact information

Not regulated

Nekstra is a broker that has no license to provide investment services. And this is a serious problem, because most of the countries in the world require brokers to be regulated, to get authorizations from financial regulators.

Nekstra is in fact an illegal broker that cannot operate in most countries. If it is serving customers in Europe, Russia, United States or for example Australia, it is breaking the laws of those countries.

A broker that is not regulated is not supervised by anybody and can basically do anything. It can close doors any time and disappear with all the money. And if that happens, clients won’t get anything back. While with regulated brokers in some countries clients’ deposits are insured.

Base on our experience we can say that the percentage of problematic brokers is way, way higher among unregulated companies. There is no sensible reason to trade with an unregulated broker because it represents a very high risk.

User experience with Nekstra

The reason why we did this Nekstra review is that we got a complaint of a client of this broker. He said that he lost money with Nekstra and that the broker won’t let him withdraw anything.

While we can’t verify that this person is telling the truth, it wouldn’t surprise us a bit if it really is true. Because as we have already mentioned, problems with unregulated brokers are very common.

Nekstra review – the conclusion

Nekstra is an anonymous and unregulated broker. We recommend staying away from it, because trading with unlicensed companies is way too risky.

For trading you should always use regulated brokers only. Start on a free demo account to learn trading with virtual money.

For trading with real money, you have to understand the risks and have a good strategy.


250 USD








  • Range of assets


  • Unregulated
  • Anonymous
  • Shady
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  • yes, this company is a scam company. Unfortunately I didn’t know and I loose £250 as a deposit and I couldn’t manage to get my money back. They need to be hunt down by police.

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