Netfix review – a typical SCAM, beware!

In this Netfix review we examine the i.Robot and the cryptocurrency NFT to conclude that it is a big scam.

What Netfix is about

NetfixNetfix is presented as a very complex crypto project that has its own crypto tokens NFT and MXBIT and a trading robot called Netfix Intelli Bot (i.Robot).

If you join the project, you allegedly can expect 6% to 18% monthly returns just thanks to the robot. If you hold the NFT token, refer other people to the system, and do other things, you will supposedly earn even more.

So, should you join Netfix?

Netfix scam

We really needed just a quick look to see that Netfix is a scam. Here are the basic red flags.

Fake i.Robot

Netfix scamThe first thing you should always do when looking at projects like Netfix is to realistically evaluate the investment plan(s). Here you are supposed to expect 6% to 18% monthly thanks to a robot that is tradinge arbitrages. Which is a total BS.

Add to this additional percent returns you can get from other people’s deposits and you are in the realm of typical scams.

Just to be clear, no free arbitrage robot will make you 18% monthly, not even 10%. Arbitrage opportunities are limited by liquidity and nobody will give away their trading systems because it would mean giving away their own money.

Arbitrage opportunities are getting more and more rare and you cannot scale this kind of trading, so it is absurd to think that returns can stay the same no matter how many people use the same arbitrage robot.

Typical scam structure

Netfix testimonialBeside the i.Robot you can see that Netfix has a typical scam structure. Rewards for holding a fake crypto (NFT), rewards for referring other depositors to the system etc.

Also, there is a lot of fake features like the MXBIT peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Nothing will work in this project, it is just a Ponzi scheme like Bitconnect or OneCoin, it is doomed to fail, it is just a matter of time.

Anonymous and illegal

The final confirmation for our Netfix review comes with the anonymity of the project. You will find no contact information, let alone regulatory information.

Since Netfix is providing an investment service, the law requires it to have a license. But it is not licensed, it is an unregulated and scam service that will lose money.

Netfix review conclusioon

Netfix is a typical crypto scam with a fake token and a fake robot. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in crypto trading, do it with real tokens and a regulated broker, see on a free demo account how it works.

If you invest real money, be sure to understand the risk first and to have a well-thought strategy.










  • Obvious


  • Scam
  • Pyramide scheme
  • No real product
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