NXB Mining review – beware of this Ponzi pyramid!

NXB review

In this review we explain how the NXB mining program works and why you should stay away from it.

What is NXB Mining

NXB Mining is an online platform that will let you mine the cryptocurrency token NXB. You have to deposit USDT and you will be rewarded with the NXB token.

The basic mining plan is rewarded with 1 NXB for every 100 USDT deposited. Which is at least 1% daily. It is unclear what the price of NXB is, but the minimum is 1 USDT.

The highest plan promises 500,000 NXB after 24 hours for a deposit of 10,000,000 USDT, which means at least 5% daily.

But is NXB something you should mine, can you trust this platform, is it legit?

NXB scam

It is obvious that NXB mining is a pure scam. It was constructed as a Ponzi scheme that is sure to collapse. People will try to ride it before it crashes and take money away from others.

Worthless NXB token

The main construction block of the NXB scam is the NXB token. People who put together this plan don’t even bother with explaining what the token is, if it has its own blockchain, purpose, etc.

In reality the NXB token is not traded on any exchange, which means that its price is determined by the same people who created this scam.

They are the ones who decide how much, if anything, you will get for your NXB tokens. They get control over your USDT, which is a real cryptocurrency, and in return, they give you NXB, which is a worthless token. Do you see where it is headed?

They are printing new NXB tokens at will, and in return, they get real money in the form of USDT from investors.

When the whole thing crashes, which is only a matter of time, scammers who run NXB will have pockets full of USDT, while ordinary investors will be left with worthless NXBs that can’t be sold anywhere.

NXB token

How NXB Mining works

We have already mentioned it, NXB is a Ponzi scam. Which means that it can be paying for some time, the whole mechanism, including conversions from USDT to NXB, can be functional. But only for so long.

Every Ponzi scam comes to a point where withdrawal requests are too big to be covered by deposits, which is the moment of implosion.

And this is what is going to happen with NXB Mining too, it will run out of real money and crash. People with investments will be left scammed, they will lose money they have in the system.

So don’t participate in NXB, it is a worthless token created just to run a Ponzi scheme that can collapse any time.

NXB scam

NXB Mining review – Conclusion

NXB Mining is a Ponzi scam. It creates a worthless digital token (NXB) just to take real money from people. Its returns are unsustainable and it is going to crash.

There are many mining scams around USDT, they all promise unreal returns, beware of them. They all work the same. When you see something like 1% daily or more, you can be sure that it is a scam that you should avoid.


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