VIOLENT SCAM: Oakminers review

Review of Oakminers

In this review we prove that Oakminers is a scam and not an investment nor cryptocurrency mining program.

What is Oakminers

Oakminers is an online investment platform. The company behind it says it is mining and trading cryptocurrencies and trading Forex.

The Oakminers platform combines investing and mining with educational programs and network marketing.

There are four investment plans: Standard, Silver, Premium and Ultimate. However, they are confusing. Because the offer is presented like “get 40%” or more for 3000 USD or more, but the time period is not specified.

In other words, you can only assume that you will get a 40% to 80% return on investment, but you are not told when. You only know that the minimum deposit is 3000 USD.

Is the Oakminers’ offer legit and real?

Program's features

Oakminers scam

The truth is that Oakminers is a scam, unfortunately. It has similar features like the CashFX Group scam that we have already reviewed. In fact, some other reviewers believe that these two programs are run by the same people.

We have no proof of that, however we reckon that there are striking similarities between these two projects. What we can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, is that Oakminers is a scam. Here are the proofs.

Fake testimonials

On the official website of Oakminers you will be able to find some success stories of people who allegedly invested with this program. But these testimonials are obviously fake.

Take this example. A certain woman is quoted as saying that she joined Oakminers on the 01/01/2020 with a deposit of 500 USD and turned it into 21,830 USD already. In other words, a whopping return of 43,660% in less than a year.

The first problem with this testimony is that the minimum deposit is 3,000 USD, so she could not start with 500 USD. More importantly, Oakminers came into existence only in April 2020, so literally nobody could join it in January 2020 and start earning. See our picture below.

There is no doubt that Oakminers testimonials displayed on its official website are completely fake.

Fake testimony

Fake certificate

This is really a crime, Oakminers displays a fake certificate of incorporation in the United Kingdom. It is easy to prove, you can look at our picture below or see for yourself on the Companies House official website.

There is no Oakminers company registered in the UK. If you type in the registration number provided by the company, you will find out that it belongs to another firm that has nothing in common with this scam.

But even if Oakminers was registered with the companies house, it still wouldn’t say a thing about the legitimacy of the company, since it would be just a tax registration. Investment companies are required by the law to be regulated, authorized by financial regulators. So only a license from a financial regulator would mean something.

And one more thing about this topic. Oakminers claims to be headquartered in Panama, the company does not say anything about an office in the UK. So it would make no sense to be registered in the UK. In fact, you can’t get a UK registration if you don’t have any form of presence there.

So this fake UK certificate thing shows that Oakminers is a really dumb scam.

Fake certificate

Illegal and dangerous

Let’s continue with the regulation topic. As we have already mentioned, an investment company has to be regulated. It has to get a license that is valid in every country it wants to have customers in.

What about Oakminers, is the company regulated anywhere? No, it is not! Which makes it an illegal investment service in almost every country in the world.

We have reasons to believe that the address in Panama provided by Oakminers is fake, the company is not registered nor regulated anywhere.

It means that nobody oversees what the company does, where is the money deposited by clients etc. There is zero protection, everything can disappear in a blink of an eye and you will have a hard time trying to trace your money, let alone get anything back.

It appears that transactions with Oakminers are done in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, so there is absolutely no way of reversing them and getting anything back. As an ordinary person you won’t even be able to find whom you sent your money to.

Investment plans – really?

We have already briefly touched this subject, the Oakminers investment plans are really confusing. Saying you will get a 40% return without specifying when is a huge sign of unprofessionalism. Or maybe they did it on purpose in order not to look ridiculous at first sight.

Because as we always say, one of the easy ways to spot a scam is look at the numbers. 40% or 80% returns daily, weekly or monthly are a clear sign of a scam. You can be certain that you are dealing with fraud when you see such numbers.

And it does not matter which business we are talking about, no company can generate 80% per day, week or month, be it in investing, trading or cryptocurrency mining. It just is impossible.

Getting such returns in a year would mean that the investment company was very lucky and had a very good year. Most investment firms never achieve this kind of returns during their whole existence!

Investment plans

How Oakminers really works

Oakminers is a scam, the only question is of what type. If you deposited money and did not get back anything, it is just a simple scam.

However, it is possible that the company is paying. This would only mean that it is a Ponzi scheme. This type of scam only takes money from newer members and gives it to older members. It is an unsustainable scheme that needs an always increasing flow of deposits, which means it is destined to fail.

Ponzi scheme always collapse in the end. As an external investor you just don’t know when. Some of these scams start by delaying payouts, having downtimes etc., while some collapse instantly without any prior warnings.

Even if you are able to get some profits out of Oakminers, you have to know that some other people had to get scammed in order for you to get paid. This is why you should never participate in these fraudulent Ponzi schemes, people always get hurt no matter what. There might be a few winners, but there always is a large crowd of people who get scammed.

Oakminers review – the conclusion

Oakminers is a scam. The company faked its certificate and does no investing nor crypto mining, it is just playing a dirty and illegal game with money. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in in legit crypto investing, you can try a free demo with a regulated company. You will be able to use virtual money to try everything.

If you decide to invest real money, please be sure to understand the risks and to have a good strategy.

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3000 USD

Mining cryptocurrencies




Website look



  • Easy to see through


  • Fake certificate
  • Complete fraud
  • Is going to collapse
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