Omegapro review – a DEEP scam [warning]

Review of Omegapro

This review explains the Omegapro scam. See why you should not invest any money with this pseudo broker.

What is OmegaPro

According to its official website, Omegapro is a broker that allows its clients to trade with currency pairs, commodities, stocks and indices. In total, there are more than 200 underlying assets that you can trade with.

Omegapro is also an investment program that offers different packages with returns up to 300% after 16 months. You are allowed to withdraw your daily earnings and paid packages start at 150 dollars. There is a one time 29 USD registration fee for new clients.

On top of that, Omegapro has referral system that allows you to increase your earnings by referring new clients to its system.

Is Omegapro legit?

Unfortunately, Omegapro is not legit. It is an unauthorized broker and investment service. Omegapro is offering financial and investment services, while both require licenses from financial regulators. That is the law in most countries in the world.

But Omegapro has no license whatsoever. It is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and it is not authorized as an investment service anywhere in the world. Among other things, it means that clients’ deposits are not insured. So, when one day money from Omegapro accounts disappear, there will be no refunds.

The Spanish financial regulator CNMV has confirmed that Omegapro is an unauthorized investment service. Which in itself is a strong recommendation to stay away from it. Every other financial regulator in the world would come to the same conclusion as the CNMV.

Update: In 2021, the Belgian financial regulator FSMA has warned the public that OmegaPro exhibits signs of a Ponzi scheme and also the French financial regulator AMF has blacklisted OmegaPro.

Omegapro scam

In reality Omegapro is a scam. It is not a legitimate company nor program, it is an illegal financial scheme that is just playing with money it gets from people that join the system and deposit.

Investing with Omegapro is a huge risk, because the system can go down any time and you can be left empty-handed with nobody able to help you to at least get your deposit back.

Not a real broker

The first thing we noticed is that Omegapro is not even a real broker. We found no trading platform, the dashboard just does not give access to it. There obviously is no real financial trading going on.

Omegapro was established in 2019, yet they still say that the exchange is coming soon. Even the Coming Soon function is coming soon, as you can see in our picture. Joking aside, every function that would give Omegapro at least some credibility, is not available.

All you can see with Omegapro is a pyramidal structure of referrals. You are supposed to build a network of depositors in order to earn money.

Not a broker

No real trading, fake plans

OmegaPro is supposed to make money thanks to trading algorithms based on artificial intelligence. But the company is not even trading on real financial markets, let alone with some sophisticated trading algorithms based on AI.

The investment plans are based purely on an illegal financial scheme that is run by Omegapro. Which means that your money won’t be used for trading real financial markets, it will be just turned around by scammers who run the system.

Omegapro scam


Omegapro claims to be based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Which already is a location that is not exactly known for a strict financial regulation.

But it seems that Omegapro is not even located there. We made a research in the commercial register and then also in the financial register, and we found no trace of Omegapro.

The company registration number 25857BC2020 is present only on the Omegapro official website, nowhere else on the internet. Therefore, we have a reason to believe that it is fictitious and that is a completely anonymous service run by hidden scammers.

Since they don’t provide any phone number, it is impossible to verify anything they say.

Backoffice and dashboard

How Omegapro works

Omegapro runs a Ponzi scheme, which is a financial scam. Ponzi schemes pretend to be conducting some real business, like financial trading, but in reality they just play with money they get on deposits.

Omegapro is therefore dependent on new deposits coming into the system, they use them to pay out profits. You don’t need to be a financial genius to see that such a scheme is destined to collapse, it always is just a question of time.

Returns offered by Omegapro are not astronomically high, so the scam can last for a relatively long time. But it still is a fraudulent program that is certain to blow up, there is no other possibility for its ending.

When Omegapro collapses, it will stop paying out profits and people will realize that their deposits are gone too, there will be no money left in the system.

Omegapro Ponzi

Protect yourself, get your money back

If you have already invested in Omegapro and found our review only now, we recommend withdrawing money as soon as possible and staying away from this fraudulent investment scheme.

With illegal financial games like Omegapro you can manage to pull out some money out of them, but this money would be somebody else’s loss. In these schemes some people have to get scammed in order for the others to earn profits. So, don’t do it, don’t invest with Omegapro.

If Omegapro already stopped paying, you can try to get your money back. If you made your deposit with a credit or debit card, ask your bank for a refund. But it seems that Omegapro has been pushing for crypto deposits, and unfortunately, cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible.

Omegapro review – the conclusion

Omegapro is not a real broker, it is not an investment service. Omegapro is a scam that at least three different financial regulators have warned against. Be sure to stay away from it!

Investing and trading should always be done with regulated companies only. You can get a free demo with a regulated broker and start learning. You will se if you are able to build a profitable strategy.

Money is not free, nobody will be earning you big profits for free, let alone anonymous and dubious programs like Omegapro.


29 USD





Investment service





  • Easy to expose


  • Scam
  • Not a real broker
  • Unauthorized service
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  • This review is not true about Omegapro at all!!!!

    As an investor I know much better than what the s review is broadcasting

    • Hi Esther,

      There is no body that has a tiny shred of financial education that will not see giant red flags around this Omegapro thingy. It smells sharply of being a Ponzi scheme.

      No real addresses; no known management boards; no audited results… the red flags are much!

      You should count yourself lucky if you’re able to get some of your money back.

      Get your money out of this scheme as fast as you can. I wish you the best


      • This is an ignorance driven assertion. If an entrepreneur like Mike Sims is a co-founder of Omegapro, how does a reasonable classify such a company as faceless?

        • See writer, omegapro is real is legits there is transparency, Nov. 2, 2019 i joined omegapro through ravel draw am one of the lucky winner in event that took place at jevinisks in Nigeria, to my surprise April 24 2020 I withdrew from my compounding interest three times, why do I need to mention the date of my cashout from my interest? that was the time covid is shaking d whole world and a lot of company were fold up and some nations are still struggle to come out of damages covid done, but gest what? after the world locked down OMEGAPRO keep sponsoring trips, all expenses paid by them.if truly OMEGAPRO want to go away with investor capital I think covid period would have been an avenue for them and they will never do so. Booombastic!!!

        • You didn’t say anything about the founders cus the founders seems to be traced

          • I have had 1/2 a Bitcoin in my Blockchain wallet and in November 2020 a friend of mine in Dubai asked me to invest it and I will get 300% after 16 months.
            I have been trying to login Omega Pro’s website for past two days but I can’t.
            Looks like I have lost my deposit like many other clients.
            Please let me know if anybody else can login to the site.

          • Mr Sims for all I care can only be trying to raise money to repay hedge funds he lost via bad investment.

      • Who or what is tbbob? In what country is tbbob regulated? Pls, if any of you does not have job should join OmegaPro Ltd and embrace financial freedom ok! I AM AN INVESTOR IN OMEGAPRO LTD I register with them since last year, and I did my investigation in the UK before joining them. Let me tell you bloggers to STOP SPREADING AN UNNECESSARY FAKE REVIEW OF A COMPANY YOU KNOW TOO WELL THAT IS LEGIT OK! I don’t need to waste my precious time and data talking to bloggers because that’s how you make your money spreading unnecessary rumours. And you fola, what evidence do you have against OmegaPro Ltd? Pls JUST STOP OK!

    • So, tell us what is true then.

      • im in omega pro my cousin and me have invested in omega-to en is legit best business. I never made 100K in my life because we invested 30 K and we make 120K in totaal every friend that I have invited made big profit one invested 3K and made 9K profit in totaal 12K and I can go on the thing you say wat you wanna say but I made my money and wil make more and wil let my team grow the and you see every body was talking about btc is scam know see you see if you you don’t gonna regret im

    • The people that are protecting this scheme are most likely the “partners” of the company and are trying to get their “customers” the confident to invest in this bullsh*t, because they are also reading this article. Stop with this.. do not try to earn money by scamming other people and people who really need the money and promising them their financial freedom. I know it is hard to make a passive income but don’t do it this way. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is not. The writers of this article gave you enough evidence. The choice is yours.. they just trying to help people and are earning nothing for this, so thanks for the article. Respect!

      • Mate have you ever even known how much money is made with forex? This article is talking about something what they even don’t know about.

        By example ‘Omegapro is not a broker’ no, they have never said they are brokers. How can you even take this man serious who doesn’t even know what he’s talking about?

        There are even brokers who confirm working with Omegapro mate, don’t let your fear overtake your balls.

        Thank you

    • 100% true, Omegapro isn’t an broker at all so al this is bullshit! Omegapro is awesome everyone is earning money

    • This is a baseless and malicious review.
      It contains no iota of truth.

    • the review is about to be true ..cause i have not been able to access my omepgra pro account carrying a ransomed of 300k plus

      • Olawale, who registered you? No one is complaining about not able to access account. Go back to the person that registered you to put you through

        • This is basically for the Africans,where there are lots of poverty. Either they are in diaspora or back home,they still have poverty mentality. Hence they want to get rich quick. They were warned against MMM in South Africa and Nigeria until it was dawned on them. I can identify some of my families by names here all I will say is shine your eyes ‍♂️

        • Yea – ok

          • Hello,
            I am writing to you from the Congo.
            And I thank you for all this clarification about Omega-Pro.
            I was approached by several people and the thing that bothered me was the sponsorship system.

            A serious company, do not focus on that, as if it was their only offer, it’s all just a scam.

      • How about now, pretty sure you still smiling since.

      • That’s a big lie, you did something wrong, while registering or you inputting the wrong info.

        Do your due diligence

    • Mdr tu sais rien du tout

    • Hi please can I call you and speak with you regarding this review about omeagpro thank you

  • Esther, oya give us your own review. Did you check the OmegaPro official website and found what he said to be false? or did you check the Spanish market disclaimer? Don’t get lost with the herd mentality. Save yourself when you still can.

    • Exactly! This is clearly another MMM in the making.

      They even show proof of someone, I think a physically challenged man, getting paid as proof of their genuineness.

      Many people are naive, gullible, greedy & financially illiterate – all at the same time – that’s why they are falling victim to Omegapro.


      Mike Sims is a co-founder of Omegapro. Does Mike Sims look or sound like a scam artist to you?
      The fact that the author does not know who the Co-founders of OmegaPro are shows that the author has not done any serious research about Omegapro.

      • I don’t care who is the founder or co-founder. Any business with a 300% ROI after 16 months that has a matrix structure and you have to buy packages is a scam. Period.

        • If u continue with this kind of mentality, u will most probably remain poor…

          How can u just jump into conclusions without doing ur own research???
          If OmegaPro is a scam, don’t u think some people at least wud have started complaining by now???
          Bro, OmegaPro has been in operation for over 2 years and we keep growing by the day…

          Surely u can’t be too lazy to engage in a little bit of research can u???

          Pls if u r not sure of something, I suggest u ask questions or keep ur opinion to yourself.

          • Thank you for caring for my financial situation. Please learn how Ponzi scheme work, whether they pay or not is not a sign of an honest business.

          • This platform that omegapro is using seems familiar to TelexFree, the only difference is the service. You will not hear people complain as long as more people keep joining, because that’s where the money comes from, no disrespect Benjamin but i’ve been tangled with ponzi schemes before and learned how it drives peoples emotions. the average persons makes emotion based choices rather than rational, and gets their feelings all mixed up.
            and i have done research, there are many registered brokerage companies you can trade currencies, etf exc..legitimately, only MLM companies use the word “Affiliate” ,and no broker in the U.S will let you “affiliate” with out a (FINRA) lincense, do you have one? Neither does OmegaPro!

            check for your self

            BCN: 25857BC2020… what does it even mean?

            And for X reason this address keeps being used by ponze scheme groups:

            Griffith Corporate Centre
            St. Vincent And The Grenadines

            For some reason they still believe they are immune to Boundaries and Jurisdictions .

            check for your self:

            I am not throwing dirt into your eye’s Benjamin, or to anyone else here, not intending in disrespecting anyone that is in omegapro if they trully don’t understand what they have gone into, but it is what it is, unless you are fully aware of the intent of omegapro ltd, and you truly understand how a ponzi scheme works then you my friend are a thief, stealing from your friends and community.

            give it around 6 years.

          • Because it hasn’t failed yet doesn’t mean it won’t. Ask your self what if the whole world decides to invest. Can they pay the whole world 300% every 16 months. Have you taught of why they keep needing more investors. . You call it investment. In the financial institute we call it a loan. So while you think they are getting investment. They are rather getting more loans. Big question is why will they get loans from people with high Interest rate

        • you idiot people if u all think omega pro is a scam of fraud then stay poor for ur whole life lolz

        • I agree…if there is no physical or electronic or anything that I can find or perceive that they do to turn money around, it will raise an eyebrow. 300%ROI is way too much for no physical or some kind of labor that can be checked or monitored. MMM in Nigeria promised 30%ROI per month, I questioned the friend referring the program to me on how exactly MMM made their money and end up getting such returns within an absolute short period, no proper answers did I get. Many made money, a lot lost money at the heat of it, MMM collapsed and made loads of free money and cannot be charged to court because the banks, and I think the government warned the people already. Did they get their ROI back? Nope! Including my friend who was trying to cajole me to invest in MMM. I still make jest of her tho

          For me, if there is no physical labor that I can check and ascertain, it becomes fishy to me. Not saying people shouldn’t join if they believe in magic money, but my take is; I would like to see some real work done. Where is it?

          Those in support of omegapro should do us a favor and show us some REAL work they actually do or how omegapro actually earn such returns to pay its investors a 300% on their ROI in 16 months and am not referring to structure…..just real work.

          Only then would I ever sign up.


          • Facts my brother, Nigerians are hungry and greedy. And that’s why they keep falling victims of Ponzi scheme scams. I pray they don’t end up committing suicide

        • I have earned my 300% already‼️

          • You can earn even more with Ponzi scams. The point is, you are participating in a scam that will make people lose money. You can’t make profits without somebody else getting scammed.

          • But later in time people will loose 1000% . You didn’t earn. You stole from someone who will loose tomorrow. And maybe commite suicide. Thier blood will be upon you

        • This is the conclusion… is not regulated. That is why they are registered in that location
          Note: They do not accept Canadian and US clients because that location and their citizens are regulated and protected.

          However, in the UK, OMP Money Limited is registered as an EMD agent, meaning the firm can distribute or redeem electronic money (e-money) and provide certain payment services on behalf of an e-money institution. It is registered with the regn no.: 902857 with regd office address at 1 Royal Exchange, London, EC3V 3DG, UK. This coy is regulated by the FCA in the UK.
          A PSD or EMD agent is a firm that can act on behalf of another firm that is authorised or registered by the FCA as a payment or e-money institution. Services that are rendered by E-money agents can include merchant solutions, e-wallets, e-vouchers, and payment processing.
          On the other hand, another company OMEGAPRO LTD, registered with company number 11692829 has been dissolved on the 27th Oct 2020 with regd office address at 483 Green Lanes, London, United Kingdom, N13 4BS.

          As for UK, what they are registered as is different from what they are marketing in Nigeria. They are agents who can distribute or redeem electronic money (e-money) and provide certain payment services on behalf of an e-money institution. They cannot deal in forex in the UK.

          So, their forex platform is on the web, and registered in a location that is unregulated. Using MLM to initiate people into investing in forex to make money. That is the summary. With the money made in forex, they diversify into cryptos and other investment vehicles.

          The MLM model is the catch to bring in people and trust Nigerians, the money, the car and the trips mean a lot to them. But their investments are not protected. As for Nigeria, anything goes…… I am not sure many of those marketing the company know this much.

        • You just ignorant.

      • Clearly you’re part of this Elaborate Con Scheme, And you will reported to the appropriate authorities.

      • Mike Sims. Hmmmm
        One of the leaders in many scam companies. Stop mentioning him with so much confidence please, you are just exhibiting your ignorance. Just grab all you can while you can

      • I watched a YouTube video by Mike Sims, he was talking about running the company the right way and making it last for a long time, in other words, there is no guarantee. you don’t know his exit strategy and his plans to protect himself if anything goes wrong. They even told us MBA was regulated by CBN and it still failed. this article has some serious evidence that is verifiable. non regulated, not a broker, no license, stated country of origin is not tough with financial regulations and not a finance investment hub. to me anything that has to do with investing cash and earning returns does not last. do they publish any verifiable trading profit and loss data ?.
        Three companies offering this type services failed here within 2 or 3 or 4 years. MBA TRADING, ADDY FINANCE, BARA FINANCE among others. you are either trading forex and crypto by yourself, buying shares and stock of publicly listed corporations, or buying and selling physical goods or any other relatable services to make money. if your money is invested in this program, enjoy it while it lasts but plan your exit soon, if you can.

  • That they are paying doesn’t mean they aren’t a ponzi scheme. Please be smart and very out while you still can.

    • Exactly! For helpful post.

      It’s a clear Ponzi scheme that any financial or investment savvy person can quickly detect.

      Too many corporate governance issues even from a quick glance of their business model.

      Maybe forex offers such attractive ROI, I don’t know. But jeez to guarantee near 300% return within 18 months for an investment company barely 2 years old – with no publicly available audit report… How are people falling for this?! Chineke meh..

      It is the early birds or investors that will get their money back before the whole thing goes belly up..

  • Omegapro is not a ponzi.
    They are registered in the UK…. Go to beta. Companies house. Gov. UK….
    It seems the writer of this review just have a biased mind against the company. Also… Omegapro never said they were a brokerage firm…. They said they engage the services of FCA regulated brokers….. Also the owners of the company are not invincible…. They have talked about launching their own bank and master card is involved in it…. No reference to that in your review.
    Pls lets not always call innovations scams….. Even though there are alot of them out there…. Omegapro deserves a chance.
    Payment of 0.45% daily is less than what MBA forex pays…. Which makes omegapro more sustainable. I am a Forex trader and I know the volatility involved…. Pls invest in Omegapro and don’t allow any one in the name of a blogger mis inform you.
    Thank you.

  • Omega pro is not a Ponzi neither are they a brokerage firm. They use the services of various brokers of which Active trades is one of them. I emailed Activtrades and they said Omega pro offered some trading strategies and proposed to use Activtrades as their preferred broker. A Ponzi is a business without clarity and plans for the future and a Ponzi have no active services aside money doubling. Omega pro offers people to leverage in the forex market and that is smart because their job is just to make sure whatever capital they trade with Are with several brokers which shows a very low risk of losing the capital. And moreover, it shows you don’t get your facts right, the minimum is $129 of which $29 is a one time registration fee. You can send me your details and buy yourself a package instead of wasting your time trying to bring people’s businesses down.

    • Well, it’s not me who blacklisted Omegapro, it was the Spanish financial regulator:

    • Lol this one is just fighting for his pocket! Wake up chief, they know if they come to you as ponzi, they won’t catch you so they come to you as an investment plan, so all investments done in this life brings profit that they will pay you always, won’t they make loss? The 29$ is their own gain, 29$ in how many places? Mehn this people are cashing out big time. Who get ear make e hear oo.

    • Active Traders es un boker no regulado por la FCA que es la Autoridad Financiera del Reino Unido. Ademas Omega Pro dice que tiene licencia bancaria para crear Omega Financial Services, lo cual es falso porque no la tiene en ningun pais del mundo. Tambien tengan en cuenta que la tarjeta de credito /debito que ofrece Omega no esta autorizada por Mastercar International que es el logo que tiene en la tarjeta que ofrecen. Por lo tanto Omega no invierte en Forex o Mercado Cripto. Es un sistema Ponzi o MLM que solo paga a los usuarios con el dinero de los incautos que entran. En cualquier momento este sistema Ponzi de Omega Pro va a caer. Una de las alarmas grandes es el 300 % de ganancia. Solo recuerden que si Google, Facebook o Amzan no lo hacen. Porque Omega Pro si lo puede hacer. Tengan en cuenta que el Trading no todas las veces se gana. Es un mercado muy inestable y hay muchos cambios donde a todo momento hay riesgo de perdida. Por lo tanto el sistema de Omega Pro donde dicen que hay riego 0, es algo que no funciona

    • I intend to subscribe to Omega Pro, but how do I pay them and how do I receive them using MasterCard?

  • You are just another blogger that lies to deceive the public about a legit company.

  • Omegapro is a regular,genuine and transparent in all over the world system.

  • Thank you for your blog. Uneducated greed leads them to want to believe in financial magic.

  • You are just pouring out ignorance. It’s a ponzi scheme. It hasn’t missed the promised interest rate since 2018.
    It’s a scam yet it’s launching a bank.
    You better come board cos you can’t them. The only available option is for you to join us. Or keep quiet forever cos you are just yearning rubbish.

  • Active Traders is not a regulated boker by FCA. It is the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. By the way Omega Pro tell us that they have a Bank Financial License to create Omega Financial Services. It is falsa becuase any country aroun the world give to Omega Pro Bank License, . It is very important to remember that Credit / Debit Card by Matercard is not authorized by Mastercard International. So Omega Pro is using a Trademark by Mastercard International. Omega Pro is not investing on Forex and Cripto Market. Omega Pro is a Ponzi and MLM System, It is paying to the users with the same money that the begginners or dummies invest in the Omega Pro System . Any way the Omega Pro System is going to crash very soon. It is incredible that Omega Pro can garantee 300 % Profit. Remember that Google , Facebook or Amazon can not do it. However Omega Pro tell that users can be sure with 0% Risk. Remember that Forex and Crypto Market has had different changes around the world like New York Stock Market and SP 500 has crashed and It has affected the Crypto Market.

    • Omegapro’s online banking services subsidiary website is

      Check it out and tell me what best you like about it. It’s regulated and supervised by the FCA Uk

      FCA Uk registration for OMP Money Ltd ( Omegapro’s online banking subsidiary )

      • The only registered website approved by the FCA of OMP Money is I see no connection to Omegapro.

        • My bro, u see “doubting Thomas” has nothing on u…
          We have been trying to tell u for months that OmegaPro Bank is in the pipeline and that it will soon start…

          Now we have gotten the banking Licence and u say there is no connection between and OmegaPro???

          What do u think the OMP in the website address stands for???
          Fyi, it is OmegaPro… since u need me to break it down to u

      • I just checked this address with the code and it’s definitely wrong. There is no such address with that code
        Tear your eyes. Grab all you can while you can

  • Exactly and excellent comment, if the person who made this Post invested or entered this Company would realize, the advantages that more transparency gives and security in our payments, either as Investors or as the Commercial Financial Advisor Career Plan, with School and Daily workouts. As has been said, anyone on the Internet can make a Post, trying to denigrate a growing Company that is helping many people in the world. As the saying goes, With you or without you I am going to become a Millionaire with this OMEGA PRO Company. OMP MONEY LTD. Regards.

  • Which company running the same forex market is genuine that can be patronized?


  • Now I see why the blogger wrote this load of lies, he is trying to sell one business by bringing another down…

    I think that is despicable even for u…

  • Please, tell me the licensed investment companies if there are any

  • Wow…….
    Don’t mind that stupid writer….
    He’s an idiot.

    I’ve observe this system for almost a year now, all their activities are well and people testifies.

    He he could do is to write bad review to distract people and make penny from traffic generated to his site.


  • Calling people idiot and stupid because they expressed their position over an issue is absurd. We nee to start changing with the changing society.

  • This is MMM. All I can say is have fun while it last.
    Good luck.

  • We started in Holland with this wonderfull concept. We duplicate Not only the members because everyone loves the product but also their invest! Lets make more people happy with this!
    #sharing #is #caring

  • I am a happy costomer and made money everyday with this great company and changing peoples life with helping them with the same things to do with what i am doin.
    If u want to really make money listen to the people who made money simple like That.
    If u follow people who says that this is a scam your whole life will be a scam.


    have a nice yourney All and see the hardworking people positive people on the top god bless

  • James, just join the team! #TEAMOMEGAPRO. SO TO THE HATERS!

  • FOLA, you should make better research about a company before you make a BLIND AND BASELESS REVIEW. if OmegaPro is a scam, then tell us why you made this assertion. People like will go through back door to invest in businesses like OmegaPro. Bury your ignorance and embrace the business of the future.

  • I remember when MMM started I told people around me that this thing is a scam they didn’t listen, because human beings like the idea of getting rich quick. MMM crashed and nothing happened. I know a family who paid their house rent and bought a car for doing MMM, because they were able to buy a car and pay their rent doesn’t make MMM a legit business. That is just one good news out of many . The same people who invested in MMM and it crashed are the same people advertising OMEGA PRO now. I know a lot of people who lost so much money in MMM. The truth is those that will loose money will be more than those that will gain money in this your OMEGAPRO.

    Anytime I remember how I convinced people to join some online Investment trade and they loose the money I always feel guilty for my actions, because I made money while those who later joined lost there investment. Please let’s tread carefully. We all want to make money and this OmegaPro offer is good no doubt about it….. But always remember… Phillippians 4v8.

    I really appreciate the person who owns this blog. You have done your best in providing important information for people like me… I am grateful… I changed my mind after reading in details all the informations and follow through all the links you added. Thank you.

    • This is very true the same people who introduced mmm are omega pro. one of them attend my church he was part of mmm then just because of him I refused to join. omega pro is a scam be warn.

      • That’s because you were greedy
        It was obvious MMM was a Ponzi scheme.
        That was money doubling fam
        Quick one stop dwelling in the past and take a bold step now
        Nigeria don dey hard ooo

  • Any scheme with referral will only last for some period of time.The early investors gain the latter ones lose.Be Wise this is the latter time of omegapro

  • For those who support Omega pro, can you explain why the company was dissolved in UK?

  • You should not do anti-advertising if you are not sure about 100% the question is did you try it ? did you got scammed ? . omegapro company would not have grown to such a level if they had been doing what you described.

  • Alot of companies, this blogger has reviewed & labelled as scam has turned out to be scam, I was introduced to Omegapro, I attended some events held in Nigeria by the CEO & two other associates, I did a tough due diligence on Omegapro, I discovered no forex trading takes place, they use new members funds to pay old Members, they don’t accept members from the USA, Canada, Iraq & UAE but Omegapro launched a new head office in the UAE, most scam companies always have their Head Office in UAE, because they find actors easily to pretend & deceive people, Questra World, Crowd1, they scammed people by claiming dedit cards are coming soon & opening offices in the UAE, remember scam & Ponzi scheme pay early investors to attract more people to join, Omegapro Dilwah was also involved in another scam company called ONMIA TECH, as well as Mike Sims who have been in several scams in the past, as an investor, your money is with them for 16 months & your withdrawing little profit periodically, while a major share of that money is going to the guys at the top hosting the events, (Blue Diamonds, Plantinum) those people & the management of Omegapro are in on a deal & scamming you, as soon as new investors begin to dry up, they will stop paying & shut down….investors will lose out….. Don’t be greedy, MMM paid & stopped, Omegapro is paying but will soon stop….. don’t regret, quit & take your money out now


    Against the opinion of this reviewer, Omega pro was registerd with FCA as OMP Money, so searching with the right name will help and you can decide for yourself if its Scam or Not…..OMegaPro didnt put that up….

    Banking services eerywhere in the world are ponzi scheme, only regulated by the Govt. reason no bank can survive a Run.

    Please check your facts and i am interested in learning more from You

  • From all indications and analysis this is a huge SCAM
    The plain truth is people do not like reading and doing due diligence before taking actions, they just act on impulse. I have been to one of their trainings and found it to be a scam. All of the so called diamond members are all in the top hierarchy as founding members.
    There are too many red flags, even some which were not mentioned on this blog. Do you know that even some part of their website which they claim is registered is not secure as at the time of posting this. I know they will try to cover that loophole up once they read this. They make you feel the homepage is secure but after critically analyzing the website a lot is unsecure.

    As a cyber security data analyst all of their users vital info are unsecure.

    If you are already in it and thinking you are making a money, it’s just a matter of time before it crashes.

    Please beware of the saying “A word is enough for the wise”

  • Who is this fool saying these trash about omegapro? Are you out of your mind,am very sure you don’t know what you typed. You’re just some hungry blogger out there spoiling the image of reputable companies so you could get food on your table. Go do research about the founders (Mike Sims,Andreas szakacs and Dilawar Singh) of this company and you’ll see this men won’t trade their name for anything. Pls and pls stop spreading bad news about such company you’re only poisoning the mind of people who are ready to gain their financial freedom from this company and only the fools will believe your nonsense article cos they don’t know the work of bloggers,you bloggers are only doing what you are doing to be able to eat not with any intention but you’re creating harm. Be warned

  • Guys you only have to look who are the owners of Omegapro. Dilawar Singh former Ambassador Omniatech / SCAM. Andreas Szakaz Onecoin/ biggest scam ever, Paolo VP Sales Omniatech/ Scam Mike Sims name a scam where he was not involved. Steinkeller brothers/ biggest scammers of Onecoin and and and. Who doesn’t see all the red flags is blind or stupid. GUYS WAKE UP PLEASE

  • is now a locked website domain and it’ll probably stay that way for the indefinite future. I tried warning my mother many times about Omegapro, but she always insisted that her “friend” was very trustworthy. I’ll tell her about Omegapro’s dissolvement in the UK and then see what her “friend” has to say about the locked domain.

  • Going through the comments (section) after reading the blog post, I realise how most of the commenters promoting/supporting Omegapro are quick to insult the author of the post, with some of them not providing concrete proof debunking the claim of the author. This for me is a red flag.

    • Congratulations Daniel. Keep your money wherever you consider wise. Let every adult make their choices. Life itself is a risk. Take right action ; take wrong action; the worst is TAKE NO ACTION

      • Thank you Mr John Adetunji, what you feel is “no action” is actually AN ACTION by some, just because it doesn’t align with yours doesn’t make it “no action”.
        It’s true that life itself is a risk but isn’t it better to take calculated risks??

  • Just watch the “American Greed” show. It’s full of “reputable” and trustworthy companies promising millions and leaving ruins in the long haul. The history tends to repeat itself…it just a matter of time…

  • I want to appreciate everyone that has commented. Initially I was thinking of joining OmegaPro, but after reading comments, I am off it. I will channel my money towards better things. Why have the promoters not given us proofs of what and what OmegaPro is doing to make such huge amount of ROI? What they do is insult anyone that counters the company. Thank u all.

  • You must pay heavily to keep this negative review up on google.. You want people to patronize your business so you write negative reviews about your competitors. So petite, I am sure you are aware that Omegapro have a regulated banking system in the Uk, fully regulated by FCA. Can Such a company be a scam… Get a life and stop trying to bring other people’s businesses down though you suck at it though

  • James warned us about Pennywise before it eventually crashed. Don’t let us discredit what he’s saying

  • Omegapro is not a broker or investment company and has never claimed to be one.

  • The aurotity of the French financial markets also blacklisted it.

    It is “normal” that this works. If there are funds coming in, the ship stays afloat, it’s when the bottom of the pyramid want to withdraw that it spoils. Or when we end up seeing that the boxes are empty.
    As a reminder, a company in St Vincent the Grenadines has no accounting / reporting requirements, no annual declaration / reporting requirements and no auditing requirements, auditing is not required.
    Another reminder the Ponzi scheme proposed by Madoff lasted 48 years, some of them made money, LOTS of them lost in the end.
    To conclude in a Ponzi scheme the rare winners are those who left the ship on time (and the organizer …).

  • Is gadeinvestment a legit one

  • A fun thing to do is to calculate how much return you would get over time with 300 ROI. The sums quickly become astronomically large. If you invest $ 100,000 in 15-20 years you will have something like $100,000,000,000,000 ….seems legit to me: P


  • Nweze, Omegapro is legit. Please do not let anybody scare you

  • This blogger really needs to educated. All the thing he said about Omegapro is 100% not true

  • Wow,

    Currently a person who is in Mexico is heavily recruiting in Australia and NZ. So I thank you for posting this thread informative .. I have shared with one of the people who was trying to recruit me and well. people are sheep.

  • was just told about one of the people that “affiliate” you to the company that the way the make money is: they have about 100 professional traders and each is given a million dollars to invest in however they see fit but they are only allowed to have a risk no greater than 4%, and even showed me a sort of spreadsheet of the ledger of a nameless company trader, most of the wins are close to that 4% mark BUT every “LOSS” is no more than 1.3%, that even sounds and look not too bad, the he told me the company is actually based in Dubai, he went then to show me some articles by “Forbes India” (of all places) about the founders of the company, just a question, wasnt this guy one of the founders and promoter of the exit scam OneCoin? obviously so far people are making money since their “packages” are for 16 months, its only been around for less than 24 months, indeed some people are getting paid and probably will keep getting paid until they run out of new people to “affiliate”. Here I leave you a homework, research about something BitConnect, it was the exact same “bussiness” structure. plus their biggest market being jappan, nigeria and colombia doesnt raise your eyebrow just a little bit?

    • And that is why you are still where you are till today. You feel you know how to write reviews and do research but I can tell you , you are leaving in a fantasy you created in your mind . I pray you come out fast from it Atleast for the sake of your innocent family

  • Omegapro is not a Ponzi, don’t let your ignorance deceive you. I have been with them close to a year, a company that have a bank in the Uk regulated by the FCA in the Uk , Check Omegapro have A founder called Andreas Szakacs, check him out
    A co-founder Dilawar Singh from Germany , check
    And Mike sims , an American, check

    If you look at these founders, they are not faceless like that of the Ponzi schemes . Don’t be deceived, this company uses Network marketing as a mode of advertisement and this is not illegal. Don’t be deceived, God knows This TBBOB person is paid to do this and also to make you people go to his page. He have personally attended our 7pm zoom meetings so as to feel he is writing the correct reviews but I see a lot of lapses in his reviews …

    • Nice try, but you are providing links about OMP Money, which has only the website approved by the FCA. Omegapro is a different thing and it has been blacklisted:

      • OMP Money just lost its registration to recently. The pyramid looks like its about to collapse but these guys are so determined to make their money at the cost of their peers that its hard to argue that they are any different than the scammers who created this Ponzi.

    • Mr emmanuel did you even think and try to read all about theirs scam and criminals records of all the so called co- founder of this omega pro investment that you just mentioned. Maybe you should try to read deep about their track record before you come out to talked about them confidentiality

    • the filling details of OmegaPro Services Ltd on opencorporates revealed that the SIC code of the business is 96.09
      This means Omegapro is only registered and permitted by law to do the following business;
      astrological and spiritualists’ activities
      – social activities such as escort services, dating services, services of marriage bureaux
      – pet care services such as boarding, grooming, sitting and training pets
      – genealogical organisations
      – activities of tattooing and piercing studios
      – shoe shiners, porters, valet car parkers etc.
      – concession operation of coin-operated personal service machines (photo booths, weighing machines, machines for checking blood pressure, coin-operated lockers etc.)
      I you don’t wise up and run for your life now, you will never be wise.

  • Why don’t you show any results that you have ?

  • Bull*hit…..

  • If Mike Sims an American is a proud co-founder of OmegaPro, why could’nt he launch OmegaPro in America? Go to his website : and he not promoting his wonderful OmegaPro. No mention of Omegapro on his website and no direct contact to him or anyone other than an email [email protected] where you cannot get any response. There is so much anonymity with Omegapro that it stinks. Greed will ensnare a lot of people and they will sacrifice their friends and family for blood money. At the end of the day misery awaits them.

  • Yes you are right about Mike sim. I just read about him now. The man in questions have been involved in many scam company

  • Hmmm I can’t risk my hard earned money any longer, many thanks for this review

  • Is plantincoin (PLC) a scam

  • Thank you for the warning and objective information. The fact that this company is blacklisted in France and Spain and not allowed to operate in the US should be enough to make any savvy investor run away very fast. Alas greed is the most easily manipulated human weakness.

  • Those who said it’s a Ponzi scheme are mad, Since 2019 and the are still here waxing stronger and blessing lives.. you now said they are scam, for how many years? See OMEGAPRO has stood the test of time, they have not disappoint anybody, pls let’s be guided.. name that ponzi that will survive for 2 years in the USA and other countries, you wanna know, they just Signed Ronaldinho as an Ambassador..

  • Scam from Rustem Bilialov :))

  • James Pinion, I like your review and I read all the comments. I already created OmegaPro account but I do not dear to put any money yet. Because I need to do a lot of research on it not only your review but also other’s. I like your proof links. There is one guy who claim that he was invited by the founder of OmegaPro and met them in 2019 before running this. Suggest me, what kind of hard question should I ask him.

    And also, I totally agree with PC’s comment which is that if Mike Sims is a co-founder, why does not mentioned about it at all on his legal website.

  • Yes! I will definitely ask that. And give me more questions please. I will come back and check for your enterprise questions.

    • Ask him why Omegapro is not registered as an investment company in the UK, but instead registered as tattoo artist, shoe shiners, vallet and Porter etc.?
      Here’s a full list of what Omegapro is registered and legally permitted to do:
      astrological and spiritualists’ activities
      – social activities such as escort services, dating services, services of marriage bureaux
      – pet care services such as boarding, grooming, sitting and training pets
      – genealogical organisations
      – activities of tattooing and piercing studios
      – shoe shiners, porters, valet car parkers etc.
      – concession operation of coin-operated personal service machines (photo booths, weighing machines, machines for checking blood pressure, coin-operated lockers etc.)

    • Also ask why renowned speaker Wesley Brown would approve such a system
      My advice to you sir, there’s no investment that doesn’t come with its own risk but the biggest risk of it all is not taking that risk.
      You can as well start a business with that money but does it mean it’s gonna thrive?
      I don’t care how much you intend to invest but you can sure invest whatever you think you can do part with even tho you lose it and you can decide to go all in later after you feel confident.You signing up is a bold step and it’s okay to do a due diligence but really the promoters of any company wouldn’t have the time to write good contents about a company because instead of doing that they work on how to make that company thrive and excel unlike James because that’s what he does for a living.
      To me there’s a working system, unlike some people here talking about MMM.
      That’ shit was just a get rich quick and a money doubling scheme
      You need not do any research to know it’s a Ponzi scheme.
      Still if you feel because someone had showed you one or two incorrect links you feel convinced, trust me people will keep making money daily, weekly, monthly for years and you would have wished you joined earlier.

      • “renowned speaker” – wow, real proof of legitimacy here
        Why scammers keep comparing scams to risking in legit investing?

  • Thanks for the info. God bless. I was burned by MMM can’t play with my hard earned money

  • James, thank you for highlighting this obvious deception. if regulatory authorities are blacklisting this operation, and you have passed on your findings, which you would have spent a fair amount of time researching, and yet others continue to dismiss you as they are still involved in the scheme, or probably they need others to keep going into the scheme to make justify their position/exit (which is more likely), then there is little you can do to offer more advice than you have generously offered. Unfortunately some people know best and cant be helped. there is an expression where i come from. “A fool and his money are soon to be parted” and that is what I see here. Sadly people caught up in the greed and then blinded by the same. If they actually did their own research on this and verified the information you have given then then they may be able to get out relatively unscathed, albeit the hard truth is they will be the ones left holding the can, and it will be an awakening for then, as they have not been involved in a pozi type scam before. I wish them all the best and all the best to you too and keep up the good work

  • James, we know your problem, is trying to divert people to your own financial system that you partner with.

    Omegapro is everywhere today because people like you who tried to pull it down are making it popular..

    what makes your review genuine is if you have stated to us that, your name is sososo, and you have invested with Omegapro, with your sooooo amount of money and you cant get your Money Back.

    But I am Here with Over 500,000 members across over 100 countries since 2019 and NO SINGLE PERSON… I REPEAT NO SINGLE PERSON… can come out to say they lose their hard-earned money.

    Guess what James? you have successfully drive traffic to your site because you just want to write reviews just like any other Yellow bloggers like you.

    Omegapro to the world

  • we know that TBBOB is a biased site…..
    I repeat Omegapro is the best financial opportunity you could ever seen.

    My question for all readers is this… whose report would you believe? someone who sit down and write rubbish or we who are in the business who sees all that the company stand for? its your choice just like success is a choice

    As a matter of Fact, Omegapro is never in competition with anyone, we have all it takes to last your generations to come.

    Omegapro to the world

  • OmegaPro is genuine.I joined OmegaPro in Dec 2020.My investments are there and I’m having all my compound interest,I’ve been able to withdraw my profits .I don’t see any scam and problem with the company.The CEO ,founder all come on a zoom to explain such events and give us news about the company of what’s going on.
    The backoffice is working fine and all is transparent.

    I think you must invest more amd know the founders before publishing such thing, also the pictures in the article is not updated.


  • James says Omegapro is a scam, but yet still paying, so the question is this, so far Omegapro hasn’t stopped paying they can’t be labeled as a scam, a scam is someone that promises you something and fails to do it right? So there you go, Omegapro hasn’t failed yet, so we can’t say they’re a scam no matter what or who the founders are. Invest and make your money while they still pay.

    • You are wrong, a scam is something that is not what it pretends to be. Madoff was paying for decades with his Ponzi scheme, yet it was a scam since day one.

      • And how that 48 years scam could affect me if I’ve taken profits for 30 years and then just live the life:)).

        • Then you can as well steal money from people directly, if you don’t mind.

          • And you are the Good Samaritan and suddenly care about the others, right? and doing it for free? come on man, nothing is free in this world. And if you did not noticed world is like a jungle: survive who can survive.
            The other people wont spare you at first your mistake, so, why should I care about the others? I don’t give a s..t about anybody.

          • You expect everybody to be like you, but that is not the case.

          • Mr. Pinion, do not delete comments please, is a free world and anybody has the right to say his opinion, right? If you consider yourself impartial and you have nothing to hide then do not delete comments which you don’t like. What are you expecting from our side for what you are doing? congratulations only?::)), ::)) must be able to accept critics also.
            Don’t be like ”If you are not my friend then you are my enemy”.

        • People, be aware, Pinion deleting comments that not suits to its interests.

          • I am not deleting anything. Comments are moderated, I have to manually publish them. It is because I am getting tons of spam, so I can’t let the comments be published automatically.

  • God will bless the writer for this information, Omega pro bye bye I’m out

    • The writer’s review about the company is not backed by FACTS. It is just the writer’s opinion. I encourage to do your own research.

  • Fine, I’m out from your weird website. You are some kind of Kim Jong Un and your website is North Korea; if you know what I mean. I am not here to kiss your ass and give you applauses.

  • A job well done …
    Kudos to the writer.

  • This review is deceptive, filled with lies. No need of arguing here.

  • I blame the internet cos anybody can wake up and decide to write a malicious article.

    If people do not understand that every business sector has its political side, then you would believe everything you see on Google. Companies pay a fortune to make other competitors look bad. People are paid to make Google search engine active and people get paid for the amount of traffic they generate from their personal sites.

    Congratulations, you got the traffic needed on your page.

    For everyone reading this, I hope you know everything investment involves risks and that even the internet say Jesus Christ is the greatest Scam.
    Search ‘is Jesus Christ a Scam’ and find out for yourself.

    I am a proud OMP investor.

  • Thanks

  • hahhaha stil scam? bitcoin was also scam 13 years ago ahhah

  • Cómo pueden creer en 1 Video donde la Persona q habla No Muestra la CARA y esos aparentes 4 Ejecutivos sólo muestran su foto. Porqué no HABLAN ESOS 4 EJECUTIVOS EN 1 VIDEO????
    Pues porque No Son Honestos. Aquellos q No Muestran sus Caras NO SON DE CONFIAR!!!!.
    Tal como dijo alguien. El dinero no viene fácil. Solo siga trabajando y No busque lo facil.

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