Onerex review – a scam that is going to die

Onerex review

In this review of Onerex we bring you all the facts about this investment program and we explain why it’s a scam.

What is Onerex International Limited

Onerex International is an investment company based in the United Kingdom. The company does not say in which assets it is investing or what it is trading.

The offer of Onerex consists of four investment plans for the public: Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. Returns on investment vary between 3.45% daily and 340% after 5 days.

The company says that investing in these programs is very low risk. But is it true?

The Onerex scam

The truth is that Onerex is a scam, it is not a legitimate investment program. In this review we explain why.

Impossible ROI

The quickest way to spot a scam often is to look at the numbers. Because most of the online investment scams offer absolutely unrealistic returns that no legit company can achieve in the real world.

This approach works very well with Onerex. Because 3.45% daily returns on investment (ROI) with the basic plan screams scam. And 340% after 5 days, which is more than 2000% in one month? Absolutely impossible.

This way you don’t have to examine what Onerex is really about, who is running it, check their background etc. Just by looking at the numbers you know it is a scam and you can move on.

We know that a lot of our readers don’t agree with this approach, but it really is that simple. You just need some basic economic knowledge and common sense.

Look at what banks and other registered and licensed investment companies offer. Also, should it be possible to multiply your investment 20 times in a month, do you think anybody would be working?

In the real world, small capital can’t be enough to live on thanks to passive returns, because otherwise nobody would be working and the economy would collapse.

It might be sad to read but forget about making a living thanks to a passive investment of hundreds or thousands of dollars. It just not is possible.

Onerex scam plans

Illegal service

To make our review well-founded, we made a research about Onerex and we found out that the company is lying, which confirms that it is a scam.

On its official website, Onerex International claims that it is licensed and registered in Great Britain. While the company really has a tax registration, it is not licensed to offer investment services.

It is an old trick that a lot of scams use, they get a tax registration in the UK, which is easy to get and you don’t have to prove that you have a real company with honest intentions. These companies set up online scams that last for a few weeks or months, they take money from people and disappear. They almost never make it to a full year of existence.

Onerex is the same, it was registered a few months ago and it will disappear before the year ends. The most important thing is that it is not authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide investment services, therefore it is an illegal service. See our picture below.

Not licensed

How Onerex really works

Onerex is a Ponzi scheme. There are thousands of scams of this kind on the internet. Their working model is pretty simple. They just take money from people and use this very money to pay out the profits.

Which means that more money needs to be deposited than withdrawn, otherwise the system will collapse. Because this model is unsustainable, scams like Onerex always crash in the end, the only question is when.

So, if Onerex is still paying, it won’t last for long. One day withdrawal request will exceed new deposits and it will crumble like a house of cards.

Why you should stay away

Never participate in scams like Onerex. First of all, you never know when they will crash, it can happen any time, for example right after your first deposit. Simply stay away from scams.

Some people come to our website and argue that they can make some money if they invest early and withdraw profits before the Ponzi scheme collapses.

If you think so, you should know that your so-called profits will be money stolen from somebody else. Onerex is not trading, it is not a real business, it is not generating any value. It is just taking money from some people and giving it to some others.

If you participate in Onerex, you will either be scammed or the scammer. So, don’t do it.

Onerex review – our conclusion

Onerex is an investment scam. It is a Ponzi scheme that is destined to crash, there is no other possible outcome. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in legitimate investing, get a free demo with a regulated broker and start learning. It possible to make money in trading, but you won’t be able to retire in one month.

Before investing real money, please be sure to understand the risks and to have a solid strategy.


10 USD








  • Tax registration


  • Not licensed
  • Scam
  • Will crash
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Comments 15

  • Les bandits j’ai investi plus de 2000$ dans onerex une semaine après ils m ont bloqué jusqu’à présent je ne sait pas comment récupéré mon argent aidez moi je vous en supplie

  • Nice and trusted site. I invested 3500$. Nice customer support

  • Hmmmm my brothers and sisters, onerex has kill me and my downline. I don’t know how my account was hacked and I think it was penetrated by them. I just found out one morning that I was unable to login my account and when I explained to the so called customer service about the issue, they said that there is nothing they can do about it and when I turned insisted for the issue to be resolved with an evidence that I was the real owner of the account showing them my transaction, they said they where going to block my because I said they were scarmmers. This very onerex, has intellectual in scamming and when they will go, it will be more painful than pennywise because the look a little bit real. All I want to say is that, if anyone wants to take the risk with onerex, should take it with his or her spare money to avoid affliction to happen again. Use use spare money for risk taking.

    Thanks from wisdom

  • I Want to make a comment about Onerex. Pure SCAM! Beware out there

  • Please onerex have scam me please beway of it please

  • Please can someone help me please I have just been scammed by onerex international. Please my life has finished ooo all my money

  • Onerex has crashed finally

    Please don’t invest your money in Onerex international. I am a victim of them. All the deposits and withdrawals of huge amounts is been done by one of them. They do the deposits and withdrawals using multiple username accounts to entice their victims. Under the reviews about them, all the positive comments you see is written by one of them(ONEREX INTERNATIONAL SCAMMERS) to confuse/convince their victims to invest. Please don’t fall for their pranks!!! I was in their silver daily plan when their Live chat customer rep said i have been selected for a cash back offer to deposit $1,000 in the platinum plan. She said am a lucky person. Hmmmm!!! Liars and Thieves. She asked me to claim the offer through the Live chat or Mail, that the offer is for a limited time. I claimed the offer through mail and immediately after doing that, my daily profit was stopped. According to them it was placed on hold. I had barely realised 50% of the capital i invested in their platform. When i complained, i was told all my daily profit that was on hold will be added immediately i complete the offer(Deposit $1,000). And also that i would receive instant commission of 21%. All that were lies. I deposited the $1,000 in platinum plan but the commission was never given, my daily profit that was on hold was not added. When i chatted them up, they requested for some vital details of onerex account and blocked me from loging into my account. Then the so called admin sent a mail to my e-mail address claiming that there was suspicious login detected. Despite i did a two step authentication on their website for tight security. He claimed i logged in from different countries location and IP address. That he has disabled my account. Till now, i have been blocked from having access to my account/$1,000. Please beware!!!! Friends. They are big SCAMMERS!!!.

  • SCAM! SCAM! Onerex international Limited is a Scam! Pure SCAMS! beware of
    Onerex international Limited! SCAM Onerex international Limited

  • SCAM! SCAM! SCAM of the Century, Onerex Are Professional scammers, they will deceive you in believing that your investment is safe with them, if you tell them what people are posting online about their company the will tell you is their rival company trying to black mail them. i am a victim, i made deposit on Silver and Gold everything was fine for a week, immediately i made deposit on diamond the next day everything stopped, i was expecting my daily return as they promised Notting came in. i tried all i could to let them figure out my problem the stopped responding to me on their live support and they threatened to block my account because i am always pushing my case. If you don’t believe us the victims you can go ahead and make the suicide decision.

  • Truely I was a Victim as well.
    I invested about $3000 and they froze my account. But,how can one report them official to the Fruad Action and recover ones money since they used crypto currency ?

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