Opalcrypto Invest review – this is an insulting scam

Review of Opalcrypto

Our review deals with the Opal Crypto scam that is trying to convince you that it can generate you a passive income thanks to Bitcoin investing.

What is Opalcrypto Invest

Opalcrypto is presented as an American company that invests in and mines the cryptocurrency bitcoin. The company promises that it will take care of everything, you just have to deposit money and reap the rewards.

Opal Crypto has eight different investment plans. The lowest one, with a minimum deposit of 50 USD, offers a 2.7% daily return.

The highest investment plan has a 610,000 USD minimum deposit and offers a 100% return in one week.

Can you really earn money with Opal Crypto Invest?

Opal Crypto Invest is a scam

Unfortunately, you cannot earn any money with OpalCrypto, because it is a scam. To be clear, it can be paying its members a few withdrawals, but since it is an unsustainable and illegal financial game, sooner rather than later it is going to collapse.

Here are the proofs.

Sci-fi plans

This is the quickest way to spot an investment scam, just look at the numbers. In real word’s economy you will get a few percent per year in normal circumstances and maybe a few tens of percent per year with the best investment companies.

So, if you have an offer like Opal Crypto Invest with 100% weekly, you know that it is completely unreal. So you know it is a scam, there just is no other possibility.

It really is that easy to uncover some scams, they promise you impossible things and impossible earnings. The numbers alone are a proof that Opalcrypto is a scam.

Opalcrypto fraud

Fake testimonials

This is a classic one. The official website of OpalCrypto features testimonials from happy clients. But it is easy to see that they are fake.

Take the one in our picture below, that client is saying that bitcoin doubled in seven days. But in reality, this has never happened. Also, the photo of the client is stolen, it belongs to somebody who has nothing to do with this investment program.


Fake team

Speaking of stolen photos, you will also find them in the Opalcrypto’s team section on its official website. You will find a proof in our picture.

This man who supposedly is the operations manager of Opal Crypto, is in reality an actor called Brian Haugen. His photo was stolen and misused bad fraudsters who created this dangerous investment program. So, again, everything is fake.

The team is fake

Unregulated and illegal

Opalcrypto Invest is an investment service, there is no doubt about this. You are supposed to deposit money and get interest thanks to investments in bitcoin that the company will do on your behalf.

So, Opalcrypto needs to have a license for an investment service. Since it allegedly is based in the United States, it needs approvals from the US regulators.

But guess what, Opalcrypto Invest has no license whatsoever, it’s an illegal investment service.

In all fairness, the company probably is not even located in the United States. It’s an anonymous scam, so its owners are hiding who knows where.

Unregulated company

Risky and dangerous

Opalcrypto Invest is a scam, we have just proved it. It mans that it is extremely risky to invest money with it. In fact, it is an almost certain loss.

Also, giving your personal details to scammers is always a bad idea. You can not only lose money with Opal Crypto, you could also be harassed by these fraudsters with other fraudulent investment offers. This is another reason to completely stay away from this.

Opal Crypto Invest review – the conclusion

OpalCrypto is a scam. It is an illegal financial game that is sure to crash. Stay away from it as far as you can!

If you are interested in real crypto investing, get a free demo with a regulated company and see who it works.

Before eventually investing real money, please make sure you understand the risks and have a good strategy.

Opal Crypto Invest

50 USD

Crypto mining


Crypto investing


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  • Absurdity can make you laugh


  • Illegal
  • Scam
  • Going down
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