OptionMinersFX, BitcoinsTradingFX and FxMiningOption review – Triple scam!

Option Miners FX review

Read our review to understand that Option Miners FX, Bitcoins Trading FX and FxMiningOption are an investment scam created to steal your money.

What is OptionMinersFX, BitcoinsTradingFX and FXMiningOption

OptionMinersFX (BitcoinsTradingFX, FXMiningOption) is an automatic investment platform that allegedly is run by a team of professional traders. These traders invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over different exchanges and markets.

The result of their trading supposedly is big profits that you can get a share of. There are five investment plans with daily returns ranging from 20 to 50%. The minimum deposits start at 100 USD and go all the way up to 5,000 USD.

Optionminersfx supposedly is a US company with a registration in the United Kingdom. Can you trust it? Is Optionminersfx legit?

OptionMinersFX/ BitcoinsTradingFX scam

OptionMinersFX is not legit, it is a total scam. The only thing you can expect from this investment program is a complete loss of your deposits.

The same applies to BitcoinsTradingFX and FxMiningOption, they are the exact same copy, the exact same scam. You can see the comparison in our picture below.

Bitcoins Trading FX review

Fake company

OptionMinersFX and BitcoinsTradingFX say they are based in the United States but at the same time they say the company is registered in the United Kingdom. This already should ring some alarm bells because it does not make sense at all.

Since both Option Miners FX and Bitcoins Trading FX provide a company number on their official websites, it is easy to verify that they are lying. As you can see in our picture, the provided number belongs to another company that has already been dissolved.

OptionMinersFX nor BitcoinsTradingFX are not a real company, it is just a scam run by a bunch of anonymous fraudsters.

Not a real company

Fake testimonials

On the official website of this investment program you will find a few testimonies of people who claim that they are making money.

First of all, both versions of this scam use the same reviews, they did not even bother to rewrite the name of the program, so you will find BitcoinsTradingFX everywhere.

Secondly, the testimonials are obviously fake. As you can see in our picture, the photos belong to people that have nothing to do with these programs. They don’t have an idea about them, they don’t know that their pictures have been abused this way.

Fake testimonies

Laughable returns

In fact, we needed just a few second to establish that BitcoinsTradingFX and OptionMinersFX are a scam. Because when you look at their investment plans, it could not be more obvious.

Up to 50% daily is a nonsense that is too wild even for the wildest scammers’ promises. It effectively means 1500% per month, which is so absurd that everyone should know that is impossible in the real world.

So in the case of OptionMinersFX and BitcoinsTradingFX all you need is to look at returns that are promised within the investment plans, and you will know for sure that you are facing scams.


How BitcoinsTradingFX and OptionMinersFX work

Both these programs might have started as Ponzi schemes, which would mean they would be paying profits. But only using money from newer deposits for that purpose.

But the investment plans are so unsustainable that OptionsMinersFX and BitcoinsTradingFX must have already failed. Getting new money on deposits fast enough to sustain their investment plans is impossible even for a few weeks.

So anything you invest with these programs will be lost, they don’t pay anything back, they have already collapsed. Which is only logical given their nature.

BitcoinsTradingFX and OptionMinersFX review – The conclusion

OptionMinersFX, FxMiningOption and BitcoinsTradingFX are the same scam. There is no real company behind it, everything is fake, they both are made to steal your money. Stay away from them!

If you are interested in legit investing, get a free demo with a regulated company. Try investing with virtual money to see how you can do.

Only when you have a solid strategy and you understand the risks, you can think about investing real money.


100 USD





Real profits



  • Absolutely none


  • Double scam
  • Will steal your money
  • Illegal investment service
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