HUGE SCAM: Palm Alliance Management review

Palm Alliance Management review

This review demonstrates that the Palm Alliance Management investment company is in reality a pure scam that is destined to fail.

What is Palm Alliance Management

Palm Alliance Management presents itself as an investment company that was founded in 2010 with the aim to deliver compelling investment results for its clients over the long term.

The company says it has offices in 20 cities across 15 countries and more than 1,100 employees.

Palm Alliance is investing on behalf of its clients and supposedly generating daily returns from 0.68 to 0.98%.

The minimum investment amount is 100 USD and you will get 0.68% daily returns on weekdays. The duration of the plan is 10 months.

To get 0.98% daily from Monday to Friday, you will need to deposit at least 100,000 USD, while the duration of this investment plan is 8 months.

Palm Alliance claims to be based in the United States. But is it a legit company and investment program that you can trust?

Palm Alliance Management is a scam

Our research clearly shows that Palm Alliance Management is an unauthorized and fraudulent investment platform that you should stay away from. It lies about its history and it is not doing any real investing.

Here are the details.

Non-existing company, full of lies

Let’s start this review with a background check of Palm Alliance Management. It says it has been around for 12 years, since 2010, and that it is well established, managing billions of dollars for its clients.

The first red flag is that on its website, you won’t find any contact section with full details about the company.

You have to go to one of its annual reports to find an address, Palm Alliance, Inc., claims to be based in Boston, Massachusetts. Which is another strange thing, because its affiliates claim that it is incorporated in Delaware, which corresponds with its profile on Google.

To get answers, you have to go to the Massachusetts Corporations Search and the Delaware Division of Corporations. There you will find that there is no Palm Alliance company registered in these states.

In other words, Palm Alliance Management is a fake company, it is not registered in the United States.

So forget about the alleged firm’s history dating back to 2010, it is a shady entity with no registration and no history.

It is also obvious that the information about offices in 15 countries is a total lie.

Company's fake address

Not even one year old

To get an idea about how old the Palm Alliance Management project really is, we analyzed the history of its website and its domain name.

The domain name was first registered in 2016, but it belonged to another entity. In 2019 the website was empty, it was expired.

Only at the end of 2021, the current website appeared on that domain, meaning that the current project is not even one year old.

So much for a long history and proven track record.

Fake history

Illegal investment service

By its own admission, Palm Alliance Management is an investment company. You are supposed to give it your money, the company will invest it in various assets and allegedly generate you returns.

As such, Palm Alliance has to meet requirements that are set by investment laws in every country it is targeting with its services.

Primarily in the United States, since it claims to be based there. Financial regulation is pretty strict in the US, every investment company has to get a license.

Clearly, Palm Alliance Management is not authorized/licensed in the United States in any way. Which makes it an illegal investment service.

Should the company be authorized in any country, it would legally be required to provide that information on its website. Since it provides no such regulatory information, we have to assume it has no license whatsoever to provide investment services.

The story of the investment plans

The first red flag that we immediately saw with Palm Alliance Management during our research, was the investment plans.

0.68 to 0.98% on weekdays equals to 14.28 to 20.58% per month (calculating with an average of 21 working days per month). Which is absolutely huge.

In fact, it is so big, that it is a proof in itself that Palm Alliance can’t be legit, that it is a scam. No legitimate investment company in the world is able to generate 20% per month in stock investing, that’s just impossible.

20% per month is something that you see with Ponzi scams only. You can be pretty much sure that whenever you see an offer with returns of this magnitude, you are dealing with a scam.

It really is as simple as that. Accepting the fact that no legit investment company can make you 20% month in, month out, will help you avoid many scams in the future.

Daily returns on investment are too high

How Palm Alliance Management works in reality

We have already touched the subject, Palm Alliance is a Ponzi scheme. Working like this will allow it to pay its users for some time, before the inevitable collapse comes.

Ponzi schemes just take money from new users and give it to older users. So they need a continuously growing inflow of deposits, which can only last for so long. That is why they always, always end up in a total crash.

No profits pulled out of Ponzis like Palm Alliance are legit, a lot of people always have to get scammed in order for a few to profit.

Add to this the fact that these financial pyramids are hard to predict in terms of when will they collapse and you have two major reasons for staying away from them.

Because if you invest money in Palm Alliance, it can crash any time and you won’t be able to get your money back, since deposits are made in cryptocurrencies only.

Crypto deposits only

Palm Alliance Management review – Conclusion

Palm Alliance Management is a fake company with no history, an illegal investment service and a Ponzi scam. It is going to collapse and lose money. This is why you have to stay away from it.

Making money in investing is possible, but it is not easy and there are no guarantees. Nobody will make you 20% monthly for free, like Palm Alliance promises, that is a fact.

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  • Palm alliance is not a scam. I’ve been with them for a couple of months, and as at now, all is well and I’ve got no reason to call them a scam.

  • Not true. Palm Alliance is a legitimate company. I’m making money daily. So y’all need to stop lying on this company.

  • Thank you for your honest feedback and review. Time to take my chances and reap the rewards

    I already figured it was a scam when my friend brought it to me. Told her the 13k she put in for 10 months it likely gone. To pull what she can put now and not keep putting it back in. But she is convinced like so many others it is a real company . Not me I tell ya I got hit hard earlier this year and won’t put my hard earned money in someone else’s pocket again.

    Coach Ben

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