Pattern Trader review – the old SCAM is still alive

This Pattern Trader review reveals details about this investment scam that was designed as a trap.

What Pattern Trader is about

Pattern Trader reviewPattern Trader is presented as an easy way to make money online, namely in investing. You are supposed to open a trading account, deposit money, and then you will allegedly be guided to profits.

They say you will have complete control over your money and continue to grow your capital.

Pattern Trader scam

FinanceThe fact is that Pattern Trader is a scam that was made to lose your money. It has been around since 2017. People who run it will make money if you sign up with them and follow their instructions.

The reality is that financial trading is never easy nor safe from losses. It always is risky, you can make money, but also lose.

So, anybody presenting you trading as an easy way to make money is a liar and a scammer. You have to ask yourself what is the aim of those people who are promising you easy money?

Pattern Trader scamAnd the answer is simple, to make money out of you. When you sign up for Pattern Trader, they will push you to deposit money with a broker they selected, in our case it was Aspen Holding. Which of course is an unregulated broker.

Once you have registered and deposited money, they will make sure you lose your deposit in bad trades so that they can keep it. This is how they cheat you and get your money.

They certainly are not capable of helping you to make money in financial markets, because they cannot trade profitably. If they could, they would be making money in trading and not offering you free money.

Pattern Trader review conclusion

Patttern Trader is a scam made to push you to an unregulated broker that will take your money and lose it. Stay away from it!

Money can be made in trading but is not easy. You can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Always start with virtual money so that you don’t risk anything and can understand how everything works.

Pattern Trader









  • Simple


  • Unregulated
  • Scam
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  • Wish I’d seen this before I signed up for a year. Anyway.

    To add insult to injury these rascals antomaically renew and do so without notification.

    Must be the American way I suppose! What a lovely people.

  • How are you finding it fo you have to use there broker Iam in the U.K. so not sure if this works would love to find out your experience

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