Peannifix review – a horrible scam [see proofs]

Peannifix review

In this review we uncover the Peannifix investment scam that was created to steal your money.

What is Peannifix

Peannifix claims to be an English investment company that is investing in different assets, cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies among others.

The company supposedly was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Ontario. Even though it provides a UK address on its website.

The company offers different investment plans to the public, with up to 120% daily returns. Which is very high. The minimum investment is $1000.

But can you trust this investment program, is Peannifix legit?

Peannifix scam

Unfortunately, Peannifix is a pure scam, not a real investment opportunity. In this review we explain why.

It’s the plans, stupid

The quickest way to uncover the true nature of Peannifix is to look at the investment plans. With up to 120% daily returns it is obvious that it is a scam.

Yes, it really is that simple. Because in the real world, no legit company can double your money every day, it is just impossible. No market allows this kind of profits.

Scammers will often point you to volatile cryptocurrency markets and say that if you bought there and sold there… But that’s the thing, with hindsight everybody is clever, but nobody can predict price movements that accurately before they happen. That is valid for every financial market.

So, no matter the investment program, doubling money every day is impossible in any legit activity. Period.

Investment plans

Illegal service

Peannifix claim to be headquartered in Canada, but the address they show on their website is in the UK. Therefore it has to be considered a British company. And as such it needs a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), because it is offering investment services to the public.

But Peannifix is not authorized by the FCA. It means that it is breaking the law, it is an illegal investment service. Which, of course, is a huge red flag.

It is obvious that Peannifix is not based in Canada nor the UK, it is just a scam with anonymous owners.

No license

Fake team

If you want another proof that Peannifix is a scam, just look at their supposed team. Their profiles are fake, made with stolen photos that belong to people who have nothing to do with this.

Take a look at our picture, this Audrey P Weiser is a fictitious person, his photo was stolen from a Twitter account that belongs to somebody else.

Fake profiles are very common in investment scams and Peannifix is using them.

The team is fake

Fake reviews and testimonials

On the Peannifix official website there is a section called “What People Say”. They want you to believe that these are real testimonials.

But as you can see, photos of the alleged users have been deleted. Somebody probably discovered the same thing as we did with the management profiles, namely that they use stolen photos. So they deleted them.

Peannifix’s testimonials are fake. You won’t find any positive reviews of this investment platform, because it is a scam.

Testimonials are not real

How Peannifix works

Peannifix is a scam with an affiliate program that will motivate users to bring in new people. In the early stages it might begave as a Ponzi scheme, which means that deposits from new members will be used for payouts to older members.

This way Ponzi schemes attract new users and money until it becomes unsustainable, at which point the inevitable collapse will expose the true nature of the program. So it does not matter whether Peannifix is paying now or not, because it is a scam that is going to collapse.

And because all the deposits have to be made in bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency, no refunds are possible. Nobody can reverse crypto transactions, so fraudsters who run the Peannfix scheme will run away with the money.

Peannifix review – Conclusion

Peannifix is an illegal investment platform and a scam. Don’t invest any money on this platform, stay away from it!

If you are interested in legit investing, you can try a free demo with a regulated broker. With virtual money, you can try all the steps and see if you are able to be profitable.

Should you decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks.


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