Pennywise Wealth Management review – a disgusting scam

Pennywise Wealth Management review

In this review we expose the Pennywise Wealth Management scam that is very dangerous for your money.

What is Pennywise Wealth Management

Pennywise Wealth Management is a financial service that promises to make you money thanks to investment in stocks, currencies and commodities. The company will manage your investments and supposedly earn you money.

Pennywise Wealth Management offers three investment plans called Premium, Gold and Platinum. Daily returns are 2%, 2.5% and 3% respectively. The minimum deposit is 100 USD and 30,000 and 60,000 for the higher plans.

How much money can you really make with Pennywise Wealth Management? Nothing!

Pennywise Wealth Management scam

Pennywise Wealth Management is a scam and we are going to prove it in this review. It is an illegal investment scheme that is doomed to collapse. It is only a matter of time.

Illegal clone

We researched Pennywise Wealth Management and found out that it is an illegal clone of a real company called Pennywise Investments. This real company has even placed a warning on its website that says that it has nothing in common with Pennywise Wealth Management (see our picture below).

The reason why Pennywise Wealth Management is trying to look like a clone of a legit company is to confuse people and make them believe that Pennywise Wealth Management is legit too. But it is not. It is an illegal clone and a scam.

Pennywise Wealth Management scam

Not regulated

One of the main reasons why Pennywise Wealth Management has a similar name to a legit company is that it uses its credentials, it claims to be regulated. But it is not.

According to its Terms and Conditions, Pennywise Wealth Management is located in Great Britain. This means that it has to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. But it is not.

Pennywise Wealth Management has no license whatsoever, it is an illegal investment service, clients’ deposits are not protected in any way.

Not regulated

Fake testimonials

One of the dirty tricks that Pennywise Wealth Management did when cloning the above-mentioned legit company is that they stole their testimonials.

As you can see in our picture, they have stolen the pictures and stories from the other company. In other words, Pennywise Wealth Management’s testimonials and reviews presented on its website are fake, it is a scam.

Pennywise testimonials

Anonymous and shady

When looking at any investment offer, you always should carefully check who is providing it. It always should be a company licensed to offer investment services with a license valid in your country.

We have already established that Pennywise Wealth Management is not regulated at all. What is even more alarming, is that it is completely anonymous. It does not provide any address nor phone number.

Investing with Pennywise Wealth Management means that you would be sending your money to an anonymous and unregulated entity. So, in case of any problem there would be nobody to help you. You would not even be able to tell who scammed you, because real owners of Pennywise Wealth Management remain hidden.


Ridiculous investment plans

Last but not least, we can tell that Pennywise Wealth Management is a scam just by looking at the investment plans. Because 60% to 90% monthly is a ridiculous number that no legit company can achieve on a regular basis.

When you see this kind of profits offered by an anonymous company, you can be 100% sur that it is a fraud. Indeed, Pennywise Wealth Management is a scam that can’t earn you anything, it can only lose your money.

Investment plans

How Pennywise Wealth Management works

Pennywise Wealth Management is a scam, there is no doubt about it. But how it really operates? It obviously is a Ponzi scheme, which means an illegal financial game.

Ponzi schemes work like this: they claim to be doing some legit investment activities, they offer unrealistic returns and they collect money from people. At the beginning, they pay the profits, but they use money from newer deposits for that purpose.

Since Ponzi schemes like Pennywise Wealth Management don’t do any real economic activity, they only play with money they get on deposits, they are destined to collapse. Because withdrawal requests will sooner or later be bigger than new deposits coming into the system.

With scams like Pennywise Wealth Management it is only a matter of time before they collapse. It is certain to happen. The only thing you don’t know is when will it happen. The safest thing to do is to stay away from them.

Stay safe and get your money back

The best thing is to never invest any money with scams like Pennywise Wealth Management. Because even if you manage to pull some profits out of it, they will be losses of somebody else who came after you and got scammed in full.

If you already invested money with Pennywise Wealth Management, we recommend withdrawing it back as soon as you can. If, for some reason you can’t, try to get a refund.

Pennywise Wealth Management accepts deposits through Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin. If you made a direct deposit in bitcoin, then it unfortunately is irreversible. If you used one of the mentioned companies, contact them, explain that Pennywise Wealth Management is a scam and ask them to refund your deposit(s).

Don’t look at if Pennywise Wealth Management is still paying or not, it is a scam that is going to collapse any time, so get out as quickly as you can.

Pennywise Wealth Management review – the conclusion

Pennywise Wealth Management is a scam, an illegal investment scheme and an illegal clone of another company. It is going to collapse and money will be lost, stay away from it!

If you are interested in investing, try it on your own with a regulated broker on a free demo account.

You have to understand how things works, what are the risks, and only then you can eventually invest real money. Be an educated investor, don’t put your money in scams like Pennywise Wealth Management that promise impossible returns. Money is not free.

Pennywise Wealth Management

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  • Scam
  • Fraudulent offer
  • Illegal scheme
  • Not regulated
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  • Thanks for sharing this with the public. Recently a friend shared the Link of pennywise wealth management but thank God I didn’t registered. I decided to read a review on it and stumbled on your post thanks again for the information.

  • So what are the legit companies that one can invest in?

    • If you are looking for passive tens of percent per month, I’m affraid there are none.

      • What will you say about MBA, In the passive tens of percent per month?
        Please can you say something in respect of pennywise wealth management?

        • I don’t know what you mean by MBA. But tens of percent per month is generally a red flag.

          • If you don’t know what MBA Forex and capital investment ltd is all about,
            Then you don’t know what you by tens in return per month…

          • I have been trading for 14 years, so I know very well what is possible on an individual level and what is possible on a large level with investment companies.

      • Good evening sir.
        Thank you for the information on pennywise. It helped me from joining the scheme.
        Pls sir, I need your advice or what do you think about Tradera Forex.
        This is my email address:
        Thank you sir, for your response.

    • I friend has been in my inbox encouraging me to invest with them. She just did 3 weeks back and obviously wanted a downline. I decided to do some search on them before committing any money and stumbled upon your post. I have done my Christian duty of sharing this post with her but I guess greed has a better hold than I.
      Thank you so much for this post. You just saved me some good money

      • You make me laugh, you only read his or her post and concluded? The poster just went on and on, and didn’t post any proof. I was looking forward to seeing link to the website he claims Pennywise Wealth management cloned, and I can’t in a site bearing Pennywise investment.
        Dear poster, anybody can write anything on Google for the benefit behind it of course, we need more facts.

        • I already posted the links. Pennywise Wealth Management is cloning Pennywise Investments.
          For example, Pennywise Wealth Management have stolen testimonials ( from here:

          • Check this Link u sent BV dude

          • What are you saying dear poster.. can we see the real penny wise site.. that all we ask, I’m not against what you are saying but just want to see the real site of penny wise which you know the clone.

          • I posted the link several times already:

        • Tell them, people will just wake up in the morning and start writing non sense review. I have joined pennywise wealth management for over four months now and they never disappoint.

          • Please how did you receive your income in penny wise, is it by block chain wall or by perfect money.

        • Respect
          Best response, remain blessed

          • I was actually doubting the post but recent events in Pennywise Wealth mgt has made it imperative to go back and read that post again.Do u all noticed Pennywise website has been shutdown since 22nd July putting inventors on serious panic n worries. Yes no contact to reach the company or either email address,its a one end mail u drop on there inbox n they could choose to always ignore or reply.

          • Even your presumed pennywise investment doesn’t have a secured link.its http instead of https,pls can you explain this?
            Pennywise wealth management company has a secured link that guarantee genuiness.https…..secured

          • https does not guarantee anything in terms of the legitimacy of the website or the company behind it. It is just an internet protocol that you can install for free on any website.

        • Yeah, i was looking to see the links or photos as he or she said, but did not see any. Although I am still doing research on the company to be sure before referring anybody to it.

      • Pennywise has nothing related to downliners

    • Recharge and get paid company.
      And few others are legit.

      Any business that involves pay and get. Don’t go into it. They are all scam.

    • Oriflame…an international beauty company that’s based in Sweden…you can become a registered consultant with them and market their products, make sales from each sale and still get paid at the end of each month.


  • Real Investments based on real economic activities most times don’t exceed 10%


    I JOIN PENNYWISE On 2019 and not a single of my friends that I introduced to Pennywise has being scam, not one person

    • Riding a Ponzi scheme always ends badly.

    • Pennywise started since 2018…i have prove of it.
      If you are joining any business you are taking a risk, even in almighty forex, they will still warn you seriously that it is a risk, that if you can’t afford to lose don’t join, likewise pennywise. So why are you making noise. If you say you won’t take risk, please don’t do any biz at all…to avoid taking risk.

    • I swear bro….I’m making fu*king money there ….I started with 500k but now am making up to 1.7M…even all my family members are into it

    • You mean pennywise has been paying their customers rather than scamming them as regards this post hear.

    • Your right, for Christ sake life is all about risk taken, if it favour you fine, if it did not fine. Even going to Church is a risk, your told you will go heaven after here, is a risk, have you gone there before but you believe so also in business and investment. MMM I know people who are richly blessed today because of mmm, therefore if you are afraid of taking risk than I can assure you progress is far from you. In fact everything in life is risk.

    • Can I have ur number.08036043450 just want to get information from you

    • My brother we die here, once it’s paying and it hasn’t disappoint for one ☝️ day.

    • But please why is the site not working again?

      • Why are you panicking yourself and be giving opportunity to haters who wish PWM to crash in no time?
        The site is ok and is working well.
        If any one discourages you from investing, how many people have lent you up to N100k in this 2020?
        If you cant access your account, you have a personal issue, and get it solved.

  • Since 2014 pennywise Wealth Management has being paying investors like I said, if pennywise is a scam I WOULD LOVE TO BE SCAM BY PENNYWISE WEALTH MANAGEMENT

  • Hello, we can’t see the name of the author. Any particular reason?





    • God bless you for this your reply, I wonder why they are against the pennywise.

    • God bless you Sir for your reply. Penny wise will leave forever.
      My children will also invest in this gainful business

      • I agree, Pennywise will leave all of you and run away with your money.

        • Hahaha Mr Pinion, @nwa cares meant to say “live” , I believe it a typographical error bro.

        • You’re a crazy Nigerian, the real scammer. I know scammers when I see them type, from their names to the choice of words. Onyoshi

        • What it is your own?
          People said they want to be scammed and you are still resisting their opinion…………..did you lend money to any of the PWM investors?

          • I am not resisting their opinions. They are resisting my review. They read my warning and they still want to participate in a scam? Fine, they can. But do it, move on and stop moaning about my review on my website. My review is intended for people who don’t want to participate in a scam. I don’t force anybody to visit my website or read my review. You don’t like my review? Then go away and stop telling me what I should publish on my website.

      • How far…
        Penny wise Don Crash Oh… Lol

        • Yes oo is no longer opening.

          • They are on maintenance. The site isn’t opening cos they aren’t referring for now. My mum just got paid 2days ago so what are u on about?

        • it has crashed?? If you are a member, log in to debunk your point by yourself
          Is it a crime to intensify security on their website?
          Why are u having headache over others issues who have decided to be scammed?
          Those who due were paid last two days after perfecting the site.
          Dont let anyone who cant come to your aid to panic you.
          In Nigeria these strong companies below had phased out and people lost money invested: Intercontinental bank, Oceanic bank, Bank PHB, etc……………this is a clear indication that any company can fold up, and all risky to invest in.
          Take risk and pray for to be favoured.





    • OK, so Bran, Peterson and Michael are the same person commenting from the same IP address. How authentic and credible 😀 😀 😀

      • Did I hear you say 2014….!!!
        You are lying.
        You are so excited. Enjoy the momentary euphoria.

        Every thing is doctored… Even the Comments.

        • Well, it was a member of Pennywise who claimed that it has been running since 2014, and you are right, it is a lie.

      • Okay so I just noticed that BRAN, PETERSON and MICHEAL are the same person.. I mean what the f***k. This guy could be one of the Pennywise wealth management developers.. as shady as the company is. But I might invest 100 dollars into it. At least I have a girl who’s family members are into it. I mean .. all of them. The dad, the mother, the brother. Even their dog could be into it. So yeah I will take my chances cuz my brother will never assist me financially so when I raise up to 38 thousand naira, (100 dollars). I will throw it in there and forget about it. I will throw in an amount of money that I can let go of.. it will break my heart if it doesn’t work out. I want to use my profit from Pennywise investment to start forex trading.. that is my goal. I know that Forex is dependent on your actions and not some company handling your money. The actions you take in forex such as your trades, your analysis, the lot size you choose based on your account type, candle stick analysis. E.t.c can really reflect how well you will do in the trading market.



  • Hmmmm, all of these comments sounds interesting though and awe among these is that someone is chatting with same IP address with different names.
    Meanwhile, I know it’s possible for someone to make daily profit on Bitcoin trading but for an investment am not sure but I don’t believe in impossibility though. Meanwhile, @those of you claiming you have been with Pennywise wealth Management (PWM) since 2014 and 2019 show us picture prove of your earnings, commission and income.

    Meanwhile what about some body claiming a legit company testimony as theirs – that’s cloning. So Bran, Michael and Peterson what do u have to say about this also couple with the fact that u r chatting from same IP address

  • Yes James, I think Bran, Peterson and Michael are one and the same. I just registered and I was about to deposit but when I couldn’t get a valid address, a valid phone number, then I knew I could lose my money without help as they could decide to read my messages and not respond.
    Thanks for this Review.

  • Pennywise wealth management has been paying people and still paying why are they fighting the company becos they use The name Pennywise which is already used by other company like they claimed. The so called PENNYWISE INVESTMENT they are talking about is no longer on Google if u would want to see for urself so why fighting company that helps in poverty alleviation … Dear writer I love to be scammed by pennywise wealth management if that’s what u call them ,cos I have gained from them

  • Thank you dear… At least someone with experience is talking

  • Hay pennywise pays… I don’t know about you but I’m not opting out because of some WordPress blog post
    And please stop killing people plans to invest too I need my referral bonus

    • If the fact that Pennywise Wealth Management is an obvious illegal copy of a legit company is not enough for you, then I can’t help you. You are free to throw your money out of the window.

      • I like your post, James. You made a couple of valid points and I like the fact that you took your time to really try to investigate the scheme. I invested in the scheme some 3 weeks back and was looking forward to withdrawing my ROI soon. This post, gave me some reason to be worried but albeit so, I wouldn’t mind gambling the amount I have invested. It’s TRUE Pennywise wealth management isn’t found on the financial services register for licenced companies in the UK when searched but the so called legitimate company Pennywise wealth management is meant to be cloning isn’t on it neither. So why did you validate Pennywise investment as legit and tag the other scam

  • Lol, this is a crazy game.
    Just came online to read a few things about Pennywise after a friend told me about it then I read this post. And I’m like wow.
    Then I read the comments of the “Pennywise Wealth Management” supporters and I’m like “wow again.”
    And then the last wow I did was when Pinion commented the 3 are the same user. Lol.

  • Using the same IP address doesn’t imply the trio are the same but could be sharing an internet modem or hotspot. Some how they could friend sharing apartment and decide to put resources together to procure their accessories in unison though. I just came online to verify the claim by a friend who introduce PWM as a reliable company to invest in but seeing this drama is enough warning that I might be puttiny hard earn money in the wrong place. Many thanks to the author of this blog for his/her good works anyways.

    • This really is me right now. I love ur comment already cos this is me at the moment. I think I’d have to take my money back to my pocket .

  • Janes Pinion please do you have a legit company that has been paying like pennywise Wealth management pays?

    People can criticize even good and perfect things before their nose…


    Don’t criticize anything when you can’t offer a better or a perfect solution

    Pennywise Wealth Management being a huge is touching lives all over the world, Sir James opinion what are you doing as a legit and perfect person

    You’re not a scam you’re a legal and legit individual, right? Good, but what are you doing when scammers like Pennywise Wealth Management are touching lives.
    Please tell us sir.

    • Right, so when I don’t run any investment program I don’t have the right to warn against scams?
      I don’t care how much Pennywise Wealth Management is paying, it is a Ponzi scheme, Ponzi schemes do pay for some time, but they always collapse in the end.

      • Pls show me the legal investor I can invest my money to gain every month

      • James pinion, stop killing people,s business, you are promoting ur demo account, go all out and promote it than killing people, s business, you have issues with CashFxgroup, now pennywise wealth, go and open ur scam site, I will register

        • I am not killing any business, I am warning against scams and I will continue to do so.

          • May the lord god bless u and keep u , may he turn his face towards u and show u mercy, favor and grace. I love ur spirit, it is the spirit of truth and Christ is truth, keep distroying evil people and there plan against innocent citizens

  • Please tell more about penny wise really interested.

    • Haven’t you guys read up on this? Please research properly. I looked up a site and it says the company started in 1853 lmfao.. My friend suggested I join her but now the sites been down for two days and I’ve read more bad things than good. All you need to do is google. All of you complaining one guy is bringing down pennywise wealth management and asking him to show proof is ridiculous. Get off this site and research it yourself, you have two hands right??? He’s just doing this to help others and that is why you ALL HAVE LANDED ON THIS SITE because you are deep down worried about the risk you took..

      P.s I don’t trust reviews that can’t even put a sentence together.. And don’t @ me. I’ve had my say and I’m out!

  • The same set of people are giving testimony from same IP bran Peterson and Michael. Don’t be scam my people.

    Pennywise is no longer paying someone who invested told me this morning.

  • Pennywise just paid me few hours ago to my luno wallets… I can’t access my account again

  • Pennywise wealth management have been paying me for months now … so why all the negative reviews.

    • Because it is a scam that is going to collapse sooner rather than later.

      • Look brother,I don’t know what you see, but from all you said so far you don’t have good proof to back your words about PWM that is a scam, you didn’t give anything good as proof,PWM as being in this game since 1853, and you call this scam? you need to check it very well!PWM is the “BEST”……. look let me tell you a short story,I have been scammed time without number from other platform before and after PWM and yet this guy’s still “STANDS” true to their “WORDS”, to be honest brother and sister from all over the world this platform is the””BEST””

        • Actually, I provide proofs in my review. One of the most important proofs is that Pennywise Wealth Management is an illegal clone of a legit company called Pennywise Investments.

          • This is what worries me, you keep branding PWM as scam yet the said legit Pennywise investment is also not found when searched on thesame platform PWM was searched.

          • Pennywise Investments is an authorized representative of Infocus Securities Australia (, which is a legit and regulated company ( It is an Australian service registered and authorized in Australia. They don’t offer their services in the UK, that is why they are not registered in the UK.

            Meanwhile Pennywise Wealth Management is not registered anywhere.

          • Why isn’t Pennywise Investments coming out to say so themselves? They could take PWM to court and win, if what you Say is true. In addition, your site is displaying similar traits as you blame PWM – for example in you About Us section, the info you provide is vague and lacks any real credible information regarding you, your “group of traders”, etc. Where are your credentials so we know the authority with which you speak is true? Moreover, your “group of traders” sounds like is a group of ‘one’, and your article is so one-sided. Besides you are collecting all these emails to increase your reach list. Good going, Mr Pinion!
            Time will tell the truth!

          • You are lying, big time. We collect no e-mails. And since we don’t provide any kind of service, let alone regulated, we don’t need to reveal our full identity. Especially when sick scammers threaten us when we expose their scams.

            Concerning Pennywise Investments, you can see a warning on their website. I don’t know what other steps they did and I don’t care.

        • Your grammar attests to why you have been scammed several times. And you’re about to be scammed yet again.

      • All the people u see attacking u are all scammers, d are only using different names on d platform to b talking trash. D don’t care if others lack food and die , all d want is money and d don’t care how it comes. Scammers everywhere. Jehovah d holy father will keep u for us

  • Please what about this one they call CHYMALL investment? Is it also a scam? I will love to know please.

    • Do they have a website?

    • Vashni, the are good go ahead and invest, the are not scam! I also invest there, the only difference is that their returns daily is smaller than that of PWM.

    • Chy mall is not an investment scheme. It is an E commerce company which allows you to sell on the platform and get your profit every ten days. It was formally Sairui Mall. Trust me it has helped alot of lives. So if you’re not here. you’re missing out big time. Do your research well and thank me later

      • Please stop your shilling and stick to the topic of this review.

        • I am a software developer and I understand what mr pinion is saying, I also understand that the reason why people are being scammed is because they are greedy and lazy. I run a quick check on the website , getting to the domain name I saw exactly what mr pinion was saying, most of the people attacking mr pinion are either gullible or the don’t not anything about software engineering.

  • This is what I said during mmm Ponzi, thinking it is a legit or lasting investment but Ponzi will ever remain Ponzi, so what do I tell people is RUN……. They are still paying because more scammed person are bringing others to be scammed, thanks James u just safe me now and the people am supposed to refer who believed in me so much.

  • Pennywise is paying me o,!!!
    I just logged into my account now and my money is still intact.

    It’s been on for years now and people have made millions through it. I love the scam Biko

  • I am in between, knowing that it is really paying as a I have a friend to testify.
    But to the fact that is a bonzi and will defiantly close someday baffles me. But it uses Bitcon.

  • Look guys …..I don’t understand all this negative vibes about penny wise being a Ponzi site … I really don’t care what they are but all I know is that am being paid daily since I signed up with them and if they later decide to cash out I still will appreciate them for their support thus far….. haters please take a bow and leave us alone if you don’t wanna join

  • Yes was originally
    I know it’s been up since last year. And it gives 5% every 10 days… That’s more realistic.

    Pls write a review on chymall.

    If you want to understand the future, study the past.
    During MMM days, Some countries even celebrate a one year anniversary. It’s was like a cultural festival.
    Where is MMM now?

  • You are extremely hilarious to make such a pathetic statement about a website u absolutely know nothing about!
    I think this ur website is even a scam for misinforming the public.

    • I challenge you to submit a formal question about Pennywise Wealth Management to any financial regulator in the world and post the reply here. You will see that they will confirm what I say.
      But you don’t need to be a financial regulator to see that an anonymous investment program that is copying a legit company is a scam.

      • The platform I think has crashed…. What it’s showing presently is “undergoing maintenance. Will be back shortly “

  • Nonsense. There would always be people like you who come out to condemn stuff like this with spurious, unfounded claims. Most of the reasons you highlighted here are just figments of your imagination. PENNYWISE WEALTH MANAGEMENT IS PAYING.

  • Forgive my earlier outburst, i get easily upset at this sort of things. What’s the probability that something that has been paying me for over a year now will suddenly pack up?

  • Save your breath James, and wait patiently when pennywise Wealth management will end up in jail, but for now and tomorrow pennywise I’m getting PAID by SCAMMERS like pennywise

    Maybe when that happens in 2099 as you predicted, then be rest assured that we the pennywise investors will seat down to watch your Nollywood movies together

    • I am trying to warn people so that they don’t lose money when PWM goes down and I won’t stop.

      • Preach the gospel bro.. these are difficult times and people would do anything to feed their family and survive.. it’s human nature.. let us all learn from MMM that went on for 1 year and 5 months in Nigeria. They just packed up and disappeared!. Fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice, then it’s a shame on me.

  • Thanks for the info..
    I have always not given into these things…
    I warned people about MMM then, but no one listened…
    It’s pennywise now…
    From the the name self, one should know it won’t last long…

    Penny wise, pound foolish…

    You have done your part, let he th have ears listen…

  • Nothing like fast money. Think twice before investing your hard earned money. This Ponzi schemes come in different forms. We should have that in mind. Don’t be fooled by the money you are getting. They are from the innocent newbies. Try to trace the source of the income
    ***** can check another review

  • All those saying they’ve withdraw are all lying, have make a withdraw since last week and I haven’t seen it in my wallet.

    I was asked to make some payment which I did but unfortunately they didn’t release my money

  • Don’t criticize anything when you can’t offer a better one.

    Pennywise still paying.. if you want to see the prove of my account for years I will show u.

  • Am enjoying it.. am happy for that.

  • So what’s the essence of all these reviews.

    How will you explain this to those that have been in the Investment for 5,4,3,2 years and have become millionaires in the scheme . This is the work of a bitter soul who want to run the company down .

    If they are scammers , they would have used the Covid 19 period as excuse and run with people money .
    But to tell u how well structured they are , they regulated it so well and bounced back. Your government hasn’t bounced back from the effect of covid 19 despite having larger resources .

    No one is forcing anyone into Pennywise. Is meant for the risk takers .

    If u are a risk taker, contact me on let me register u so u will start earning like others

    • There certainly are not people who have been with Pennywise Wealth Management for 5, 4 or 3 years, because this scam is not that old.

    • Sir please we issues with 2 setup verication, which is preventing we from logging in to our account to invest,

  • James enemy of progress

  • Does Pennywise investment still exist?

  • Thank you James for this review … Ben RUN

  • I appreciate and understand the info the author is trying to pass across. Imploring us to use wisdom in investing in any platform. But I have my testimony-initially I didn’t believe in such platform. Being out of my job and frustration made me try it out. I got a car and build a 4bedroom from funds realised from pennywise. Same as my siblings. And up till today 7th July 2020..still cashing out. Though I’m not disputing all d author said but u can take the risk and enjoy d offer while its still avail.

  • James let me tell you some things if God want to place someone he doubles the blessing,this pennywise does not have address yes is not so when God want to bless you you don’t no where this blessing will from am come because the blessing don’t have address Nigeria you are today is a scam country and the leaders are scams


    How does Pennywise compare to other Investment Companies?

    Like Pennywise, most Investment Companies use technology to recommend a portfolio and automate the investment process. Pennywise doesn’t stop there. We’re designed to help you identify your financial goals, and work towards achieving your goals, then, when you have questions, licensed experts from our Support and Advice teams are ready to help.

    In other words, Pennywise aims to help you answer, “How can I be a smarter, better investor across my finances?” while other robot-Investment Companies only answer “What should my portfolio look like?”


    Like Penny Wise, most robot-advisors use technology to recommend a portfolio and automate the investment process. Pennywise doesn’t stop there. We’re designed to help you identify your financial goals, choose a portfolio for each of your goals, automate your savings, and keep your taxes and fees low. Then, when you have questions, licensed experts from our Support and Advice teams are ready over the phone, or to refer you to a one-on-one financial advisor.

    In other words, Pennywise aims to help you answer, “How can I be a smarter, better investor across my finances?” while other robot-advisors only answer “What should my portfolio look like?”


    No. You cannot lose your money with pennywise wealth management. We have taken every measure to ensure that your money is safe.

    Pennywise Wealth Management, a Registered Investment Advisory, incorporated in England and Wales with limited liability by Royal Charter 1853, under reference No. ZC18.

    Pennywise offers Advice and Investment as a fiduciary, and we help you manage your money. We do this work as a legal entity—Pennywise Wealth Management LLC, which is a-registered investment Company. Your money is protected and insuring investors up to $900,000 (including $450,000 in claims for cash).


    Yes. Our investment strategy is extremely safe and secure types of investments.

    • “extremely safe and secure types of investments”? Not at all, scams are never safe.

    • Sir we are having issues with 2 step verication, we can resolve it, we are on eble to log in and invest, our Qr code is not showing for us to scan and auntheticate, please help sir, thanks

  • Follow your instinct .
    Pennywise still pays .

  • You can lose your money in any platform , what matters is the personality of those involve in the system . Either Forex trading or ponzi.
    Every investment company is liable to collapse .

    For now pennywise still pays .

    Just be wise in whatever you want to involve yourself into .

    • There is a difference, Ponzi schemes like Pennywise Wealth Management are sure to collapse, it is only a matter of time. And people will lose money, there will be no refunds.
      On the other hand, a regulated investment company does not have to fail, it can work forever. If it however fails, deposits are insured and people will get refunds.

  • To the writer of this post, you are the biggest idiot I have ever seen. With this Covid-19 wahala, pennywise stood his ground and were still paying investors still date. FG scam me with 2014 immigration job. So Pls, allow pennywise to scam me. It not your business. Bloody fool that doesn’t like good things.

  • Greetings everyone!

    I started August 2019 in pennywise. Since then, I withdraw funds from time to time to check if it is legit. In the course of almost a year I withdrew $4,800. It was all credited to my bitcoin account.
    Today, July 7, 2020, they suspend my account for not paying $1,443 as investment tax returns (it is a 30% from the total amount I withdrawn). My account was also suspended before when I did not pay $50 for account management fee (1 year). When I payed the $50 my account was activate.
    I have $21,000 investment already as of today. So I am a bit curious about the comments.

  • James pinion sounds like he’s got some personal issues with pennywise . uve said your piece you can’t force anyone to accept , u don’t have to keep going on and on .

    • To be honest, I don’t care if anybody believes my Pennywise Wealth Management review. It is an honest review, a warning against a scam, a public service I am doing for free. If people trust it or not, it won’t change a thing for me. Everybody is free to do what they want with their money. You want to put it in a scam? Your choice…

      • I also reported the case to the management team of the bank. Its so sad how ppl try to trick others of their hard earned money. Even with all the warnings some ppl are still blinded with greed. Well, they won’t last long am sure of that. So those in it already, pray u cash out all ur investment before the FALL.

  • It’s understandable to doubt something as delicious as this but the truth is investments take a long time to master because you will have to be well versed in market terminologies and determinants to detect illegitimate investment platforms. So until someone can logically explain why PWM is a scam without any emotional reasons we would never know for sure.

    Convince me otherwise

    • Well, in my review I proved that PWM is a scam.

      • Mr. You have tried, you have achieved your aim, haven’t you? Your purpose for this nonsense is to draw traffic to your blog. Congratulations, you are there.

        • No, the main purpose of every review on this website is to warn people against scams so that they don’t lose money.

        • James I like the way you sound.. You are very cool even with the annoying arguments… Kudoz… I get ur point bro and thanks for that, so just let those that want to continue to do so… Cheers

  • James as you have noticed your purpose of trying to blackmail pennywise has been defeated time and time again, in fact, if you notice majority are discrediting your ideology. NOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BY LABELING PENNYWISE AS SCAM, IS NOW WORKING THE OTHER WAY AROUND, YOU ARE CREATING MORE AND MORE FANS FOR PENNYWISE

    James, honestly speaking I was expecting pennywise to shut down during the pandemic, rather they made some adjustments and bounced back.
    James the pandemic has immensely contributed in making pennywise more popular, because pennywise investors became fanatical in telling their friends that pennywise is the BEST place to invest your money.

    James, it’s no longer a news that the world is facing one of the greatest economic dark time, even during the pre pandemic, some financial institutions hit some pot holes, and the were licked up my bigger institute , like the case of DIAMOND BANK, now we can’t say that Diamond bank was a scam.

    There are online platforms that are DRIVEN just to scam people, and there are still few online platforms that are DRIVEN TO OFFER FINANCIAL BENEFIT to investors, and the pre and the post covid 19 has helped in projecting pennywise to be the BEST platform to invest.

    James, because of the global financial crisis that we are facing, lots of online platforms that are fraudulent oriented are emerging, and these are the ones you must focus you energy on, like ADRO trading limited, which lasted only three months and Jumblebox, and etc

    JAMES, just imagine there was no such thing as pennywise in the midst of the crisis we are facing, believe me, you wouldn’t had had the time to create this blog, if not for pennywise you would have been hiding and running for your dear life because angry and hungry forks wants to eat up your flesh .

    • Me blackmailing Pennywise? Are you crazy? Do you think that adding lies to the scam will make me remove my review?

    • Dear Onos, you used the name “james” six good time in your senseless rant. Are you still referring to james pinion or are there other “james” from your village people wey dey worry you?
      Anyway,Here is the thing about such get-rich-quick-schemes: First, they can last for well over a decade drawing on funds from new investors to keep the system going. Take the likes of maddoff and mavrodi for example, they somehow managed to keep the ponzi running for years. Ponzi schemes are always attractive because of incredibly high payouts, and greed will keep old customers coming back with even bigger portfolios.Secondly, the 2% daily commission is just not realistic nor sustainable. There’s is NO business in the world that gives a 2% ROI daily. It’s just not a sustainable business model. Am sure we will all come back to this website in the future to laugh/cry about how it all came crashing. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Thank you so much for this review. I have been in a huge dilemma, trying to decide whether to invest or not to invest. If it’s a scam or a legit platform. With your reviews, I’ve made up my mind not to do it. I really needed something to bring some income but I’d rather manage what I have than risk losing it all. Thank you!

    • We love Pennywise like dat, too much talk no dey full basket, tnk God no pennywise investor borrowed money from u to invest so face front and mind ur business. Is it ur scam? Every business is a risk, but I love this kind of scam cus they’re my savior throughout this pandemic so go and open ur own scamming business we go patronize u. Mr researcher continue researching while others are making money

  • @Mash,please can I see your statement of account showing penny wise paying u since last year ?

  • They’ve been paying me since February 2020 till date and have been paying my friend and my upline since April 2019 so if pennywise can survive the hit of this pandemic till date. They’re champion for the game.

  • Chymail is totally legit, I invested #106, 400 and I have goten my returns.
    It pays accordingly.
    Chymail is a legit a pennywise only that the returns I.e the profit from pennywise is more attractive. It they are both real and 100% legit.

  • @James Pinion

    I no you are doing this just to enrich yourself. You are a blogger. You purposely do this for people to view you page and comments so that you can make much money. But you no what, your nonsense up there can never change our view with PWM. PWM has been paying my bills for 6mnths now. So if you are pain with our progress then go and commit suicide.

  • JP, you have done well and thanks for the effort and care. A very big thank you to you.

    I will be logical based on reality of the world we live in today so please JP bear with me.

    First kudos should go to PWWM for those who have benefited so far and those who will later.

    In the world governments are cheating and robbing the masses in many ways.
    Some drugs even kill and nothing happens because it will end in court.

    Talk about smoking and how many it has killed, where is the regulation there for the manufacturers?

    There will always be loss and gain its up to you to make a choice.

    You have confirmed that PWWM is paying, a d you also said it will collapse in time. So the solution is use it while it last! Simple! Get back you investment and let the profit yield.

    See people die everyday, couples divorce daily all over the world, Cancer and many other deadly diseases are killing people and there’s nothing that will change that, but all we can do is to survive.

    Even if they closes later give them some credit, why? Millions all over the world are benefitting and those who will lose when they close or if they close so be it, it’s their path.

    I will trust a body like PWWM and endure their close than the government and institutions of this world that has conditioned our mind to believe they are there to protect us.

    Those children who can take risk should park aside and let the elders invest in the risk, save for its close down, reaps the reward while it last.

    A friend taught me to think differently and smartly.

    I withdrew $240 to buy a phone for my wife and I and it was a good thing. Thanks to Pennywise Wealth Management.

    September 2020 will be 75% per months as per 2.5% daily. Daily has already commenced this past weekend.

    God help them to stay strong and longer even if they are fake. A change of heart and mindset altogether.

    Peace to everyone.

    Think smart and never be afraid to fail forward.

    • Is it really that hard to understand that a Ponzi scheme is a zero sum game? If you make profits, some other members of PWWM have to get scammed and lose. Do you really want to base your income on other people being scammed? Not to mention that if you promote PWWM and refer people you can face criminal charges for promoting an illegal investment scheme…

  • my brothers the truth of the whole thing is that pennywise wealth investment is a Ponzi scheme that will surely crash someday it might not be now but later it will. Have you asked your self where the profit they claim comes from? When MMM started it was like this so pls be wise

  • But why don’t you have a telephone line? And a physical office and and an active customer care? Just asking for myself and 1000 others

  • Because clearly a legitimate company has nothing to hide or be in fear of. If Indeed Pennywise wealth management is legit, kindly beneficiaries provide me with a WORKING TELEPHONE NUMBER for their office. I also need someone to confirm to me their offices physical location in the UK, when they do that, I’m willing to put in $7000 as an investment

  • To be honest I don’t know what to believe sef I just came about this Pennywise stuff thinking abt doing it then I saw this review.Mr James you mentioned that this company is a copyright of the original one, please can you put me through the original one

  • If pennywise investment is that popular, how come I can’t even find any review about it on google. Everything I see is pennywise wealth management. Why has the fake overtaken the real.please send me their website let me do personal research on them. Or do they no longer exist

  • Pennywise is scam and please if you’re from Nigeria stay away from pennywise because Nigerians will always find a way of abusing great platforms like pennywise Wealth Management

    James P, I love what you are doing, please try as much as you can to discourage Nigerians from polluting this great platform .

    Because it’s an irony that great things never survived in Nigeria

    Please if you’re an investor in pennywise, try and much as you can to discourage your fellow Nigerians from investing in Pennywise Wealth Management

    James P, once again I love you are doing, I’m doing my from here too
    I love you James P

  • Your comment betrayed you. For you to say you requested and you are not paid make me understand that you guys are only presuming. I received my alert this morning. Convince me further that PWM is a scam but not with lies.

  • I have been with pennywise for long ….they keep to their word and have been paying me …I’ve gotten my capital and made some profits within a month .
    Why will I quit .

    The owner of this website just needs traffic

    Has anyone commented that he or she has been scammed ?

    Scammed with proofs?

    • You either don’t know or don’t want to know how Ponzi schemes work. This will end badly for a lot of people and you will have your share of responsibility.

  • Please, can Pennywise management provide a verifiable * Address ( In all countries they are operating)
    *Verifiable Phone Numbers
    *Proof of registration with relevant regulatory & financial bodies,etc).

    They should also correctly answer all questions thrown at them with some real facts and figures, otherwise “James Pinion” would undoubtedly be right !!!

  • Anyways, from all that I have read here, it’s obvious that 99% of people who condemn PWM are those who haven’t tried it out at all….They are clearly speaking from instincts and assumptions. I can rarely see complaints from Participants of this PWM, no one has complained of being scammed yet. Life itself is a risk if you ask me.

    • You can’t judge any investment program by trying it, you have to judge the facts. Because Ponzi schemes do pay at the beginning and then they fail. There are thousands of examples in history, beginning with Charles Ponzi and going on with the likes of Bernie Madoff. And the facts are that PWM is an anonymous, unauthorized investment scheme and an illegal copy of another company.

  • Hi all please has anyone experienced this? i made deposit to my account but its not reflecting pls what can i do

  • I get the point, it’s obviously a Ponzi scheme and like all Ponzi schemes it’s a gamble especially on the first month. But if you continue putting in your profits after the first month and not the whole return, cumulatively you would not suffer any loss, but the fact you didn’t mention on your post is, as much as you might loose your money you can also make alot of money. It’s just you assessing if you can take the risk or not.

    • It is a zero sum game, if you make money, somebody else has to lose. Do you want to base your profits on somebody elses getting scammed?

  • There is another company called PAYINGINVEST, their platform is just like PENNYWISE , and they are doing well, what do you think about them

    • PAYINGINVEST is obviously a scam.

      • Have you heard about PPP (private placement program) bullet trading, et,all. Pennywise understands the system more than you do. If they make between 5 to 7% ROI daily on every penny on PPP trade, they won’t have problems paying out 3% out to customers whom they leveraged on their funds. They will still be left with 3% on the average.

        • There is no way to do 5 to 7% daily returns in any legit busisness. I am sorry, but that’s the financial and economic reality.

        • All my Penny are Wise. Let them keep scamming me. If getting times 5 of my invested capital from pennywise and you are saying is a scam. I love to be scam. If u want to advertise your own company do it, and try to convince us to it. Stop spoiling peoples investment.

      • What findings have you made before calling every company that put smiles on people’s face like this a scam. I think you are just trying to keep your site busy with all this criticism, while you are making your money as people log onto your site.

        • Just read the review, Penneywise Wealth Management is an unauthorized and illegal investment service, it is an illegal clone of another company, it offers returns impossible in any legit business and it is lying about its regulatory status. This is more than enough to call it a scam.

  • It’s not a scam. Myself and friends have benefited from it. You might as well do more research rather than making conclusions based on this blog. Wealth creation is for the brave.

  • The Incoporation year, number and address are exactly the same as that of Standard Chartered Bank, UK. This seems odd.

  • Someone please tell me PENNYWISE INVESTMENT investment is still on because I tried logging in to their sits, it says; they are Maintainance and will get back shortly. I just joined them yesterday o

  • James Pinion, I think you are a sadist. You hate to see otherwise despondent people find hope in their lives. This is satanic. It is very clear that you, in collaboration with other sadists, are out to discredit and destroy pennywise. We are aware of the fact that certain rich and privileged elements hate to see other people rich and privileged. You and your crew, are clearly such persons and it’s unfortunate. I joined pennywise a couple of months ago and I found it a very promising platform. If it’s impossible to you, it’s possible for others. You don’t use your personal limitations to size every other person please.

    • I wish I was rich and I could even do without the “privileged” part. The thing is, I am an ordinary guy who lost money in scams in the past, so with my experience I try to warn other people against scams and save them money. We’ll talk again when Pennywise Wealth Management collapses and people come here to complain they lost money.

      • From all the author has said, it is obvious that pennywise wealth management is a ponzi scheme, no doubts about that and like every ponzi scheme is it bound to crash one day
        As a Nigerian graduate from Imo state facing hardship due to unavailability of jobs, my advice for you is this
        If you want to invest in PWM have it in mind that it’s a ponzi scheme, have it in mind that it could crash anyday, have it in mind that it could also make you alot of money just like it has done for me and my family. I want to assure you that though this is a ponzi scheme, it is still paying.
        Invest what you can afford to lose because it may crash mana eziokwu ihe ahu bu the real deal.
        Take a bold step today, if your mind carry am then run am with wetin you fit close eye lose, na we know as e dey be us for this country.
        Put your money, if e pay you good and fine, if e no pay you, on to the next hustle God no go shame us

  • Someone please tell me PENNYWISE INVESTMENT is still on because I tried logging into their site, it says; they are on Maintainance and will get back shortly. I hope it’s not what am thinking cos I just joined yesterday.

    • It’s the same experience here brother. I tried to log in, but says it’s on maintenance. Let’s not panic – let’s give it another 48 hours then check back. I am a beneficiary of pennywise. They have been there for some time now even though I joined some months back. I have never experienced these maintenance talk ever since I joined. I noticed too that my ROI for yesterday has not been made yet. However, I am very optimistic they will come clean and come through with it. It’s unfortunate that I have my friends lined up ready to deposit some funds today.

  • I totally agree with u

  • They’re on maintenance.It happens once in a while. Pennywise is still the best investment platform so far.. It has helped so many households and still continues to help. Anyone that’ll try to bring it down will surely be cursed.

    • It will be brought down by those who started it, because it is an unsustainable scam.

      By the way, I already see it, I will be accused of bringing it down because I spoke badly about it. That’s how scams work, in the end they accuse and blame all the others.

    • Every crash starts with system maintenance , believe me . Pennywise has crashed down. So bad

    • Bisola . This is the first time Pennywise is going under maintenance , so I wonder how come you said it happens once in a while . And this is a big factor of crash. Once a site goes into maintenance, tis a crash. Big time

    • Have you experienced this maintenance talk before, n please how long did the it lasted.

  • Every crash starts with system maintenance : I think Pennywise has crashed finally

  • I don’t even know what to say. Maintenance without notice. N no means of communication

  • The fact that they are paying now does not mean that it is not a scam. MMM, winthrillsnetwork and other ponzi paid for years and finally crashed. You don’t need to wait for them to fail before you recognize the fact that they are scam.
    How do you know something is a scam? If you claim to trade forex or cyrpto and you are paying out 60%-90%, it means you must be making over 90% monthly.
    However, no trader in the market can consistently make 60% ROI on monthly basis. The businesses of the world wealthiest men do not make even 30% ROI monthly. You can check the financial record of the fortune 500 companies in world, they can not do 90% in a year. So how come Pennywise have not overtaken them if they can do over 90% in a month.

    My advise, be smart. Withdraw at least your initial deposit. So, if anything goes wrong you loss nothing. Do not be greedy. I can assure you it MUST fail. It is programmed to fail. If it started since 2018 then it wont exceed December 2021 for it to crash.

  • At Torres it happened last year October and 4 months ago and it’s not a new thing. They were just upgrading their site and it’s fully back now. God has put you to shame.

  • PWM is back now you can access your account. Thanks

  • What’s happening to pennywise wealth management, they haven’t credit my account since yesterday. This maintenance mode is something I don’t understand

  • Shame on you all that think the site have crash. Guess what, the site is fully opened. I even made withdraw and is completed instantly no delay. In deed all my Penny are Wish.

  • Most people that has been saying something nice about the PONZI scheme are same set of people. Fools! They have come up with different PONZI scheme in the past. One I could remember was MMM. Even Forex that is known to be legitimate still have so many clone website…Being greedy and lazy at times can lead someone into destruction. Those behind the Pennywise Wealth Management are targeting greedy people that wants to make free money. Its a trick. They will trick you to invest with them. After earning for awhile, they are so sure that you would want to invest more and earn more profit. You will never leave once you’ve tasted their false profit..It is a trick to make you invest more and bring in more people. Most of the tricks works in Africa where poverty has hitting them badly.

    • Ab your advice to we investors at Pennywise is not bad at all. But have you taken your to time to know how Pennywise Operate? Pennywise charges you 8.5 % of your withdrawal, they Charge $50 Maintenance fee of every Account whether you invested or not, pennywise charges you Tax at the point of Withdrawing your investment after 3months maturity.
      So which Ponzi Scheme operates similar way? Even investment house where you address Phone number and relationship manager can park there bag and baggages run away over night. People’s Bank, Servannah Bank and other Banks shut down with people’s back then. So you guys should not sit at your homes and talk rubbish. All my fellow Investors at PWM let’s enjoy our Investment.

      • Lilian, i am afraid you sound very unintelligent. Just because they charge maintenance fee and tax makes them legit? Trust me, well scripted ponzi schemes look and feel legit. Its part of the job to appear so. The diifference between YOU and THE RICH is that while YOU invest in high-risk high-reward businesses, THE RICH invests in low-risk medium-reward businesses. This is the same reason someone like warren buffet, Gates, Zuckerberg, etc will rather invest in a company stock that can only give 5% ROI in a year than invest in a ponzi scheme that gives 60% in a just a month. When you get rich today and become poor tomorrow, the cycle of poverty has only just completed itself.

  • Bet9ja do there maintainance and have never notified there customers, some times when even shop running system stops access. Its obvious you are having a blogging site and created a topic to a popular investment platform to attract people stay long and comment so you earn you money too. Should have told every one you are broke or bored and needed company to argue with. We can still help you gist but may be better thing not being a bad belle. Though its allowed sha.

  • James kindly confirm this

    Pennywise Wealth Management was incorporated in England and Wales with limited liability by Royal Charter 1853, under reference no. ZC18 with its Principal Office at 1 Basinghall Avenue, London, EC2V 5DD

  • The website you reference that have put a disclaimer doesnt look legit when compaired to pennywise wealth management. The site is not secured, not mobile responsive and the footer all looks messed up with wordpress and theme name stuff.
    The site is 100% exposed to internet theft as compared to pennywise wealth management ?

    What is your take on these.

    • Pennywise Investments is an authorized representative of Infocus Securities Australia (, which is a legit and regulated company (

      As to their website not using SSL, it is not my problem. They of course should, but on the other hand it seems that no sensitive data is going through their website, it is just a presentation, so no big deal in my opinion.

      You see, that is the difference, Pennywise Investments is an authorized and regulated service, which means money is protected and the regulator makes sure it is following the rules.

      Meanwhile Pennywise Wealth Management is unregulated, shady, it is stealing materials from Pennywise Investments, money is not protected, there is no oversight over what they do.

  • Every investment has its risk assessment level. That’s why it’s advisable not to take risks which u can’t recover from within a short term. PENNYWISE WEALTH MANAGEMENT is fantastic and stable. If you are bold enough to take the calculated risk please do and don’t allow opinions of the writer influence you.

  • Wow! Why are you contradicting yourself? I’m baffled by all these your write-ups! People around the world, please help me out; is. Pennywise Investment, and Pennywise wealth management same?.

    These are two different company names for goodness sake, so please stop confusing people with your blog site.

    I am not encouraging anybody to join or discouraging anyone not to join, but from all indications, the blogger wrote his article from past experiences.

    Please we are all adults and can use our discretion.

    I am not part of pennywise wealth management, but I am taking my time to write this comment because I have seen that the blogger has no concrete prove that the company/platform is doubious/a scam.

    What you should be doing is to advise people people, in that case, they will either take it or leave it.

    As for me, this is not the first time I am visiting this blog site, but I never knew I can actually comment.

    When a friend introduced me to Pennywise wealth management, I was being skeptical about it, but when I observed the prompt payments made to his account without delays, I decided to join immediately, and since then till date, there have been no delays in my payment orders. Some times they even pay after five hours of placing my orders, and other times they pay within 48hrs as stated in their site.

    No insult intended Sir, Mr blogger.
    I appreciate you for your work here, and for the flexibility of your blog site.

  • James Pinion is obviously a hater of pennywise wealth management, the way he keeps saying they are scammers is proof enough. I’m not an investor in Pennywise wealth management, but I can’t help but notice your negativity towards them. I personally did my research on pennywise wealth management and found that they have actually been around for a while. Bottom line, it’s a risk and you shouldn’t put in what you can’t recover from. Banks too fold and don’t repay their customers. There isn’t any business or investment that isn’t risky. So I’ll advice you risk what you can afford to loose.

  • Keep on deleting comments.

    • I delete only insulting comments and spam.

    • Hmmm. Am well Informed . I was a thinking of registering today, but I have to pray over it now. Am not bouyant enough to lose money. Am tired of being scammed.
      So many scammers in the world. There is one now on Telegram, my God!!!! Big term scammers. They called themselves profitable earners company.
      Oooh you will never believe it’s a scam group, they will collect your and delete you from the group and there is nothin you can do
      They are just adding people and you will just find yourself in the group. Come and see testimonies. All are fake .
      Pls be informed. The group is still there and people are being scammed everyday. Run away from PROFITABLE EARNERS COMPANY

  • What’s the best wallet to deposit on pennywise without huge charges,someone should pls guide me,I used Busha wallet and thier charges rate for transaction is so high ,they collected 20k for the transaction, pls someone should assist me with the best wallet for lower transaction fee,both withdrawing and depositing. Thanks

  • The whole thing is confusing.
    I don’t know what to believe.

    • Believe in urself! Do what ur mind tells u.

      If u can take d risk, take it, if u can’t, leave it.

      The life we live, as a lay man; it’s a risk.
      People go out and in the next five minutes u will hear that they had an accident, lost one of their arms/legs, or even died instantly,
      So it’s nothing.

      U can decide to venture into pennywise wealth management or u can equally decide to keep ur money.

      Hope my reply was useful?

  • PWWM investors no talking while eating Abeg.

  • Use Luno wallet instead. They charge but not as that. D 20k you made mention of, was charged for how much deposit? If I may ask.

  • Thank you pennywise wealth management! the payments just keep flowing, my referrals just keep giving me goodnews that their payments are just flowing in! even mine!

    I’m a neutral person here, if at all I have had any bitter experience or anything fishy with pennywise wealth management, I would have told you.

  • This man is just looking for traffic online and we are giving it to him, Google pays him for the traffic, so don’t blame him, he is also hustling here and spoiled other people business, in Warri, Delta state here we say “Na Ogun go kill u” for this nonsense review. O dey chop from pwise, so go hug transformer Mr Reviewer

  • *****

    Edited by admin.

  • @James Pinion, thanks for the review.
    I personally search for reviews before making any investment attempts having experienced scams. And I think you have done a very good job providing all these info.
    You have raised legitimate questions to back your hypothesis and I think that grants validity to your conclusion.
    I have been well served by your work.

    Investments take risks and can fail at times, it’s however important to invest in traceable and registered companies.

    Those getting paid today, there’s a moral to this review, somebody’s likely to get hurt from this whole thing.

    I’ll prefer you advise PWM owners to do the needful rather than use cloned materials. The site needs to come forth with contact details, customer care, real company registration and co.

    Getting returns is not the thing that guarantees it’s real, there are questions begging to be answered, till then, it has the makings of a scam written all over it.

    PS: So many comments with English names but Nigerian thought…. I’m Nigerian and I can tell.

  • Please guys I can see that pinon is using us to make money, and I can also see he those not know much about how penny wise makes their money and also if I should dig deep on him, he will be among the people that tagged bitcoin cripto currency as scam on from the begging.
    Pinon, please I mean no dis respect

    • I am still laughing at your attempts to discredit me. No, exposing the Pennywise Wealth Management scam is not making me any money. And no, I have never been against crypto, quite the opposite, I am a huge cryptocurrency fan.

      Maybe you should rather address the facts laid out in the review, like why Pennywise Wealth Management is copying another company and stealing testimonials from its website?

  • You keep hating while we keep receiving alerts every 4days

    • You really don’t get the point.

    • That’s right @john.

      • I really don’t blame people especially Nigerians. Poverty and hardship is the reason why these Ponzi schemes will keep working. The reason why I advice people to stay away from platforms like this is because SOMEONE WILL BE A VICTIM. It may not be you and if you don’t care because it’s not you then you’re a WICKED PERSON. There’s no free money guys! Be reasonable. And all those saying they don’t mind being scammed, MAY YOU BE SCAMMED!

  • From my own point of view, had it been pennywise wealth management wanted to do away with people’s money, then they would not have allowed people to be making the kind of money being made today, they would have come with a strategy that will make them disappear far long before now.

    From all indications, I don’t think they want to do such evil, that’s why they are still here and strong.

  • I want to register but still confused. The company sounds so real, should I go on? Pls I need some to advice me

  • James pinion & co. All opinion is right about pwm. And for time immemorial, a well organised ponzi don’t just quit after few months. Reason been that it has a special kind of money its waiting to absorb before crashing, most time it crash period is at the expiration date of the site. Thirdly when they are overwhelmed by the request for withdrawal while having lesser input of capital. Those earning now has been blindfolded by what they are receiving until things happen negatively. Don’t waste your pinion on them. Mr pinion. The takers already know wat they are into. Its 50-50. After tears comes endurance. You can be sued for interference. Can’t u see that u are about to turn some people tea to bitter lemon. Wait until the long awaited crash happen. Then they shall call upon you

  • Penny wise is real and pay, myself I have withdraw a couple of times and its still pays well. So stop criticizing people source of income

    • When the source of income is a scam, I can’t.

    • Bernie madoff ran a ponzi scheme for well over a decade before going bust. Sergei Mavrodi paid people for almost 3 years before crashing too. Just because they are currently paying does not mean the business is not a scam or is sustainable. When profits don’t come from real economic activity, the 2% daily ROI is bound to fail at some point.

  • Mr James P! If only you can defend Jesus with all sense of seriousness like Ure doing against PWM! U would have sincerely made alot of converts.

  • To whom it may concern, Goto
    Check for both addresses and see who is cloning who exactly. Mr poster, I know you’re up to something, trying to talk down a company you know nothing about. Investment companies are heavily taxed, so I won’t blame any company for not wanting to register iin the places you feel they should. For those of you running from Pennywise cause of this review, I wish you luck too.
    Pennywise was there when many ponzi schemes came and crashed. It’s getting even better. MBA in Nigeria has been paying since last year, yet it’s not recognized by SEC.
    How can you claim a site that came online in 2018 is cloning a site that came online in 2019?

    • What? First of all, at I don’t see any information about when was registered. Second, Pennywise Investments has been online since 2004, see the Web Archive:*/

      Meanwhile was registered in 2018, which means 14 years later than Pennywise Investments that it is illegally cloning.

      • Hello Dear

        Thank you for your email.Pennywise Wealth Management is originally
        incorporated and registered in the Cayman Islands. The Non-disclosure
        laws under the Cayman Islands General Registry do not allow for the
        disclose of our physical address. This is simply for tax reasons,
        especially for financial institutions and private banks. No 1
        basinghall Avenue EC2V 5DD is our head office address registered under
        Standard Charted private business portfolio in other to operate
        officially in the United Kingdom and some parts of Europe since 2014.

        Mr P, I believe you don’t know how to do your research, so I’m helping you out. And you maybe don’t know how to search for things on, I’ll post it here too.
        You can’t say because of the word Pennywise is used by 2 separate entities, that one is cloning the other.
        They’re not even in same country so what are you even saying here? You’re just an amateur blogger trying to survive through internet business, why don’t you concentrate and leave the ones that haven’t affected you?

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        • The fact remains that Pennywise Wealth Management has stolen testimonials from Pennywise Investments that was incorporated in 2004. Pennywise Wealth Management is an illegal clone of Pennywise Investments.

      • James you talked about risk, that means you are aware of the fact that everything we are doing online is risking so any body going to invest in PWM most have known that, for me I have made some cool Cash in PWM so save ur breath.

    • God bless you for this information

      I don’t need anymore funding again

    • There is iota of truth in what you said Pinion, I earn in penny wise and I know it won’t be forever when i sensed that I have to stop investing more hoping to get my withdrawal in full before it went out of hand. What will be will be.

  • PENNY WISE WEALTH MANAGEMENT VS PENNYWISE INVESTMENT, are these name same? Get it clear and and get urselves out of this confusion that is brought before you.

    The man Mr Pinion has dropped his own review and opinion about these two companies, it’s left for you to do ur own reviews.

    Before you get things twisted and get confused, you have to check the full meaning of a review.
    A review may come from different angles, either from a positive side, saying something positive about a thing or from the positive side, saying things positive.

    It’s now left for you to make ur own conclusions.

  • I read through some of the comments on this platform before I invested on pennywise last week. Most of the testimonies I heard about pennywise are positive. Infact, my friend told me that pennywise is paying his ROI regularly.

    However, I haven’t enjoyed pennywise since I have invested on it. The reason is because I lost my google authenticator account which had hindered me to login from the second day I invested. Till now, I am unable to login and pennywise is not responding to my email.

    Pls I need advice from experienced pennywise investors on how to resolve this issue of my google authenticator account. I can be reached out to via
    this email address:

    Thanks in anticipation.

    • @moses, it’s rather unfortunate that u lost ur uthenticacator.
      As for me, I skipped the authenticator login, by

      1. U go to Pennywise wealth management login page.

      2 . U enter ur login details.

      3. they will ask you to login with Google automaticator, but u can bye-pass it by clicking on the back button of ur phone.

      4. U will see a page asking you to skip the Google 2 step verification, press skip, and they will automatically take you into your home page of Pennywise wealth management.

      • Please I’m having an issue too with my account, when the PWWM site was shut down for maintenance, but after it opened I followed the instruction given to logging by using Google Authenticator to scan. I was able to get access to my account that day by using a verification code that was sent to my mail, but after that I can’t access have my into my account again, whenever I logging, it will be asking for my verification code, so I typed the one that was sent me on the day the site opened , it says an expired or invalid code. And when I ransacked my email both trash and spam I couldn’t find new code except the old one that was sent to my mail on the day the site came up again. Please help me on this. What can I do to get access into my account

    • Contact me 08055690274

  • I have withdrawn my returns twice within 48hrs. But, I placed a withdrawal since Monday July 13, up till now, It is still on pending.. pls is any one still facing this issue?

    • @Bledso, you are safe, it all depends on the system’s functionality.

      I actually placed an order on 15th, n was paid that same day.

      But I think the messages u get now, after placing an order is ” ur order has been received, n will be completed within 7 working days.

    • Pls can we discuss further. Pls email me

    • stop bringing your challenges here as this site is meant to defame PWM
      You shoud know window frame to pay you ,except if you new, and if new, contact who invited

  • Yes
    Just chill I think it’s becuz of the site upgrade, its now within 7 working days
    I made a request too and today is making it 2 days

  • @Bledso
    Why is it so difficult for Nigerians to read? There’s a notice there for you on the site, read it rather than come here with such questions. This is not a blog for Pennywise customers.

    • Please I would like us talk. Via mail is my gmail.

    • @ Bella I’m referring to please.

    • @Bella, You talk as if u have anything good in ur head to tell me. If u have nothing to offer, don’t reply me. @daniel replied me with maturity, but, u are there spilling rubbish. Aren’t we here to discuss if pennywise is a scam or not? Isn’t it through areas like withdrawal and other factors that we can use to determine their reliability n authenticity? When I withdrew, the email Message I recieved was still the previous 48hrs duration.
      So @bella, Pls mind ur biz n think b4 u talk.

      Meanwhile, pennywise just paid me yesterday evening.

      I had to withdraw again, this time my email message says it will take 7 working days.

      Now, it’s clear that pennywise are very legitimate. They are actually trying.

      Even if it crashes up now (God forbid), I have already withdrawn all my Returns which equates to my investment capital. So I feel I’m safe.

      I recommend pennywise.

  • @Success, thank you very much for your response. I tried out the steps as you recommended, but it didn’t work for me. Pressing back button took me back to the login page.


    Thanks in anticipation.

    • Send me message to my mail box

    • The steps I gave you used to work, but with this upgrade, there are so many security features, I believe the authenticator is part of it.

      And d other one I noticed is that; u can’t change/update ur Bitcoin address and make withdrawal that same day, not after 48 hrs.

      All these is because of internet hackers/froud.

  • @moses, it’s rather unfortunate that u lost ur uthenticacator.
    As for me, I skipped the authenticator login, by

    1. U go to Pennywise wealth management login page.

    2 . U enter ur login details.

    3. they will ask you to login with Google automaticator, but u can bye-pass it by clicking on the back button of ur phone.

    4. U will see a page asking you to skip the Google 2 step verification, press skip, and they will automatically take you into your home page of Pennywise wealth management.

  • I want to thank you all for your inputs so far, but can we have one or two officials of PWIM to come out and defend themselves. This is serious. My opinion

    • Hahaha, that’s funny @Dav

      • Since pennywise paid me yesterday, then I agree that they are not scams.

        Don’t be surprised that even the admin of this website that posted this review, may have an account with pennywise and is even earning from them.

    • Lol. this is like asking Sergei mavrodi and Bernie madoff to come defend their ponzi business models years ago. What do you think they will say? I remember when Mavrodi was insulting the world banking system calling them “unjust and wicked” system that impoverish people around the world. Well, we all know how everything turned out , don’t we? Invest in PWM according to your risk appetite but don’t think this is anything other than a Ponzi Scheme. Saying it has been around since 2014 etc, does not matter. Well-scripted Ponzi Schemes run for decades.

  • Success please enlighten me on how wise it is to fund my account cos I have an account with pwm but reading some of the comments over here scared me from investing. If u are benefiting from it please here is my email

    • Yes, am benefiting from it, 7 of my downlines were paid this morning , I can show u proves if u want, the choice is yours bro.

  • This is the truth. Whether people like it or not.

    I know and truly believe that deep down the participants of pennywise all know that it’s a Ponzi scheme.

    But they are still under the euphoria of the regular payments. As far as it is paying them and they haven’t recouped their initial capital, nothing would make them believe that it’s a scam. And if they have gotten their initial capital, the rest is just compounding profits and since it’s technically free money, they would still tell themselves it’s not a scam.

    They would probably tell themselves some zen quote about what you believe would come into the physical existence and hence they adamantly deny and dissociate themselves with any “negative” scam thoughts.

    Besides if they believe you, it would mean they’ll try to cash out to secure their monies and as with every Ponzi scheme, the moment payouts start becoming higher than pay-ins, they start having issues. So why should they believe you? They need to keep the system alive long enough to reach their MEGA cashout.

    Afterall, it only becomes a scam the moment they start having payment issues.

    Remember that MMM started well in Nigeria around the year 2013 and never had problems until 2018. Nothing you would tell its participants would make them believe that it was a scam and they still having their regular monthly payouts until MMM had their payment issues and reset sometime in Q3 2018. Only then did they become a scam. But by then, people had gotten more than 1000% ROI on their investments.

    So James I would tell you to keep your mind at rest. People would never believe or accept that it’s a scam until they start having payment issues. When that would be, we never can tell…

    But for now as long as it’s still paying them, it’s not a scam or Ponzi to them. Sad thing is the new comers that would have plunged in their monies when it all goes down.

    • I heard your sermon. 7 of my downlones were paid today, so what do u have to say about that?.

      For ur information, Mavrodi did not run with people’s money, but because of the unwise statement he came out and made about the world’s unjust financial systems, and the financial systems, seeing it was true, starting creating panic, which triggered the collapse of MMM.

      I remembered vividly that because people were no longer keeping their money in the bank, the banki Ng sector joined the fight. That was when the guiders started telling their downliners not to be mentioning MMM on any of their bank transactions, because the securities were threatening to arrest anyone who they discovered is a participant of MMM.

      So please do ur research well before you blab.

      • Success, You and I know that MMM was a Ponzi scheme. By definition, a Ponzi scheme is one that there is no exchange of goods or services, so hence no real economic activity is really going on. What is going on is that people’s money are used to pay other people.

        And MMM had their first reset that December period of 2018 because a lot of people were going to cash out to do Christmas celebrations. This further proves my point that when Payouts starts becoming more than Pay-ins, the Ponzi will start having problems.

        MMM also had guiders and downlines and what nots. It’s all the same. I am not saying that PWWM isn’t paying at the moment, it might be paying and your downlines might be getting paid, but that doesn’t stop the fact that it is a Ponzi scheme as no economic activity is really done on the platform. Just a bunch of people putting in their money and withdrawing other peoples’ monies.

        In the long run, PWWM will also have some form of “system reset” which will bring out the truth. Remember MMM that started in Nigeria in 2013 paid very good including all the bonuses to the guiders and guider’s guiders for for straight over 4 years before it started having issues in December 2018. During these 4 years, nothing you would tell anyone would make them believe that MMM was a Ponzi. But alas it turned out to be one.

        Same as PWWM when the time reaches.

        But for now, keep enjoying your payouts. But have this at the back of your mind that the payouts you are receiving are other people’s monies and not yours so also are the payouts that other people are receiving are your monies and not theirs and so the circle of greed would continue.

        Because once the system goes down, the cries of those who were lured in last would be something that this earth would use against you people.

    • Yes, am benefiting from it, 7 of my downlines were paid this morning , I can show u proves if u want, the choice is yours bro.

      • @success thanks for the information you have reliefed so many of there fear after reading this review.
        It’s up to anyone who wants to join to make your choice

      • @success please how many days did it take your downlines to be paid. Mine is upto 5 days now

        • It all by depends on the system’s functionality be as I mentioned in a comment earlier. Some took less than 24hrs, others 1 to 4days. That’s y they said “within 7working days. An order yesterday was also paid today, so it all depends.

        • @samuel, I believe ur payments has been cleared, and now u are smiling? All thanks to Pennywise wealth management.

          Payments has been going on seriously across board.

          All my downlines receives pay almost everyday, even this morning.

  • I read through most of the comments here, James made his contribution towards what he felt was truth. Therefore, you don’t need to accuse or abuse him in his domain, after all most of us are here cos we want to know if the investment is genuine.
    God created all of us to be able to make choices freely without being forced. So make your choice, listen to your intuition and don’t use only your head in decision making. I know most of us here are Christians, did any of you seek the counsel of the holy spirit of the living God before venturing into this biz? That’s if your not sure of it. God is the only one that will give you the right answers, though he uses other people to give you clue or witness, when you fail to hear him speak to you; cos He sees the end from beginning. It is written in
    Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

    I put it to any one that wants to know the truth to pray with this scripture and the answers to your questions will be revealed immediately.
    My advice to any one that wants to venture or already in is to thread with caution for whatever has beginning must surely come to an end.
    I love you all my fellow citizens.

  • Please who is the CEO of PWM?

    • @olu yemi, do u want to Contest for CEO-ship?

      Keep doing your findings while the Pennywise wealth management members keep making their cool cash.

  • If you don’t know what PWM is all about please close your ugly mouth, if nigeria government can even do 30% of what PWM is doing nigeria will be a better place for you and I, am new hear and I will not regret been in PWM, where on earth will you see money in a soft platform. Money is made for the fitted ok and PWM is still paying till date

  • @success please how long did it take your downlines to receive after request, because mine is almost 5days now but I haven’t been paid

  • I enjoy the words that is coming out, well life is all about risk, the Early bird enjoy it most, that is all about online business

    • There is a difference between risk and certainty of failure of a scam like PWM.

      • Hi James. I respect and admire your maturity and professional manner with which you have handled the questions from some well meaning commenters here, as well as the insults a few others have hurled at you. You have done all you can, sadly it will never be enough to dissuade some people… especially my Nigerian brothers and sisters who believe in anything that promises an easy buck or two without putting in any work.

  • Even if pennywise is a scam I will forever love to b scammed, after all I’ve been balling with it,I’ve started boutique business,bought iPhone 11 Pro with my returns had a reasonable account balance and so rest of them curtsy of pennywise so if u like call it scam it has changed my life even if it’ folds today It has establish life for me n I can never go broke again

  • I guess the website have crashed

  • Pennywise is a scam and they shot down this night how can I recover my money sir???

  • @success. We have heard that u have 7 downlines. So shut up and focus on the topic make pride no consume u.

    BTW, Pennywise is not MMM, it is absolutely legitimate. Our hope is that; let them survive longer.

  • What of annexation biz concept. Is it real or a scam?

  • Why do people hate Ponzi scheme so much?
    Ponzi is one of the millions of ways money can be made.

    If you tell me any of the remaining 999,999 ways that is risk free, I will send you 200k worth of btc now!

    Oga rest abeg. We are aware that it’s ponzi and chose it anyway.

  • I don’t know what to think but I feel like if PMW is a Scam then nothing is safe online anymore cause they look so legit, also, I lost my Google Authenticator and PWM haven’t said anything to help me get back my account despite my numerous emails to them and it’s been almost a week now. I’m just tired!

  • If you don’t like a website stop spoiling it’s
    I’m a proud earner of pennywise wealth management
    Thats how you jobless people go about spoiling the names of legit companies maybe because the one you personally open wasn’t working out like the one you’ve seen
    Even you go on google and ask, the forsage we all know that is legit is what the will say is scam

    Get something to do with write-up not writing rubbish.

  • Let’s let the sleeping dog lie.
    It is fine the way it is.

  • Hmmmmm, speechless. Just invested earlier this month

  • What is happening with the PWM site?

      There has been an emergency website security check. We are currently working hard to bring it back online within 18 hours. We are updating and adding more security features. You are all advised to change your password once the website is back and secure your account with a 2FA google authenticator. Your investment is safe with us.

    • @Robinson, Pennywise wealth management has several enemies that doesn’t want them to stay.

      Hackers and fraudsters has been making attempts on the sight, so they are trying to find d best way to keep our money safe, with the best available website securities.

      Maybe before the blogger updates my comments, they must have been back.

  • Am I not been scammed by fraudulent Nigerian banks on regular basis when am being charged duties and maintenances I don’t know what they are for? Well, life is about risk, it’s better for me to be scammed by foreigners than for a fellow black man.

  • Finally it has happened, pennywise site has been shut down and all our investments are gone.such is life. Lesson learnt in a hard way

    • @Perosi
      What if the site comes up
      what would you say
      They brought out new ways of scamming people
      Well the poor gets poorer but in finance and in mentality and vice versa

      It’s not a big deal to take risk ‍♀️‍♀️

  • It has finally crashed. Millions lost
    Today 22/7/2020

    • Hahaha, @nwafor, it’s just like the coming of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
      Billions of people will loose their souls, and there will be shouting n crying all over the world.

      It’s high time we prepared ourselves for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      I rest my case.

    • Stop distributing fake panic message that it has crashed, the website is back online now as promised, check with your browser. Pennywise just did some security updates on the site to serve members more better and to protect our hard earned dollars.

    • it shall be back

  • I’m here too reading!
    I cant access the page

    Risk takers! smiles

    Who is going to trade next?

  • Pennywise wealth management will soon be back…don’t panick

  • Biko can someone pls tell me what is going on with PWM? I don’t wanna believe that my 150k which I invested about a week ago has just gone up in smoke!

  • Pennywise is gone now people will understand what James P is talking about 3% is not possible with any legit investment if you are a web developer you will understand that this site is dead and gone. Please people it was not hackers trying to hack pennywise site it was done by pennywise to make people believe it was hackers. Keep watching and see that they will never come back.

    • @Bestman
      The site is opened. It has not crashed YET

      If you are familiar with “PONZI” you should know that “you gain or you loose”.

      Like someone rightly said here and i quote “the early birds are usually the top gainers”.

      When i invested, i knew the risk i was taking.

      Do not “RISK MONEY” that will make you “CRY”
      When you loose it.

      PONZI is never an investment – Its a RISK.

      Legit investments are landed properties, self owned businesses, treasury bills etc.

      Do not be deceived. RISK YOUR SPARE MONEY ONLY!!!

  • The site domain is no longer found guys

  • How far…
    Penny wise Don Crash Oh… Lol

  • Pls Mr James what do u have to say about olymp trade.?

    I’m Not a quitter so I still wanna try something.
    So what ur say

    • Olymp Trader is a broker that is not regulated. I recommend staying away from brokers that are not regulated.

  • I just want to know how to get past thhe authenticatio issue. It has never worked for me and someone showed me a way around this but I have forgotten.. Arrrrrrrgh

  • Learn how to use 2FA authenticator, but I charge per session.

    • @success, your being greedy and inconsiderate considering the challenges most persons are facing regarding PWM and authenticator, yet ur charging per session to teach them how to use Google authenticator! Some Nigerians are something else.

      Anyway, The Use of Google authenticator is now a MUST in pennywise. You can’t skip it like before.

      To use the authentication app on pennywise, u need two phones or a phone and a laptop.(pls note that the use of two devices is just at the first stage ONLY)

      go to playstore and download the google authenticator app in your main phone, not the other one..

      Next, login to ur pennywise Account using the other phone or laptop, not but main phone. Then, after verifying ur email n reset ur old password, a barcode will emerge. Now, use ur main phone that has the Google authenticator app. Open d authenticator app to scan that barcode.

      Once u scan the backcode with ur main phone, a 6-digit code which automatically regenerate after 30sec, will appear on it. Then u copy the code and paste into d provided column in that other phone or laptop u use to login to pennywise site. Then, click ok are done.

      After this first step, you can now logout from that other phone or laptop (cos u Don’t need them Again) and now login via ur main phone. This time it will ask for the 6-digit only. Just go to the authenticator app, copy it and paste into the box, then ok. Ur good to go!!!

  • With the new security measures u can’t by pass the authenticator, it’s a most u use it.

  • You are precious fool

  • Best man

    …You are a precious fool
    Pennywise is back

  • @oke. Email me

  • All the blackmailers of Pennywise wealth management God has shamed all of you. Pennywise all the way. No going back.

  • I Tries all my best is not working in my own, when I copy the 6 dig paste in verify column, if I verify I see invalid, pls I need help

    • Yes the code expires in less than 10 seconds, so u have to be fast.

      Just settle down, follow the instructions by @bledso, that was how it stressed me at first.

      For an easy and faster login, use ur laptop to login , and a phone to authenticate.

      • With this new tightened security, pwm is a no go area to hackers and fraudsters.

        Thanks to Pennywise for securing our money.

        • Penny wise management are expart in the business .I have been with pennywise for 1year and 3mnt

          • @Sotonye.. Since you joined pennywise have they undergone this type of maintenance and subsequent removal of payment options but only encouraging deposit? Can’t you see the red flag ⛳

  • Thanks James for saving me from investing in Pennywise.

  • Did you have access to your page yet

  • If you are new investor please don’t go there, we are still trying to pull out our money we invested.. From the look of things and evidence before me I can tell you that they are no longer paying even for the fact that the site is back.. If they pay anyone from today I bet you call me animal

    • Please stop insulting urself.
      You don’t have a proven facts that they don’t pay again.
      Have you changed your settings and placed an order , wait for the given time to see if they won’t pay you?.

    • Aswear u be animal for dat matter

    • You Are a barbaric animal as people are being paid yesterday……..and you asked us to call you animal
      No wonder some people remain poor but expect risk takers who are rich to give them free or help them

  • is rather unfortunate that some people are glorifying this organised fraud.. Pennywise is a big time scam.. Useless investment ..

  • Abeg for those of una when dey say penny is back and working abeg who them don pay since three days now?
    Firstly them send me verify code when be invalid i never even put dat one finish make e work o,them carry me go were i go login with my email and password since a day b4 yesterday; i dey struggle with my password when i don dey use since…….
    Now pennywise don turn me to who study statistic for Uni!!!! I don calculate tire bcuz,i nor change and neither did they ask me to change password….
    Abeg who wan settle this my matter now email them nor dey reply.. Chaiii i nor think say dis new development go get head at all, na just to keep pipo on suspense and hope Mtchewwwwwwww…….

    • It’s rather unfortunate my fellow Pennywise investor, but it’s good that you called for help.

      Some people will not understand a system, but they will just be condemning it.

      You have to note that after d recent upgrade, we were all asked to change our passwords.

      You can never login with be ur old password.

      1. Open their website, enter ur email, they will be send u a link.

      2. Enter the link on the next page.

      3. Change your password

      4. Login with Google automaticator.

      In the case that you forgot ur password, use this link to change it;

      I hope you find this useful.

      • @success pls kindly address me on this issue of authenticator, I have tried different type of authenticator and still not getting it right, the numbers are more than 6digit, please bro what can I do to get it done asap.
        Many thanks

      • @Success,Thank u ooooooo.e don work ooooooo…….shu shu….am so so happy.have even updated my withdrawal setting so am waiting for 48hours.dis was really helpful……tnxxxxxx chop knuckle….

        @Success please,help me wit dis small issue again.i withdraw my returns and withdrawal update was completely as usual after 2days. But d money was not sent to my bitcoin account.dis happened on d 10th of July, please have sent email to support but have not gotten any response.. Any way you can be of help again?


        • @akpos, maybe ur Bitcoin address was changed by ur exchanger or someone else.

          Each time u want to effect a withdrawal, always go to ur wallet and make sure it has not been updated by ur exchanger.

  • James please can you make a review of ELIFE SERIES their website is

  • Please no body should invest in Gale force realltd they are fu*king scammers. here is their website they are scammers and i have lost 1720usd please no body should invest.. warning

  • well said man. fu*king disgusting scam.


    Those that set BOTH their bitcoin n perfect money withdrawal settings can withdraw now.

    If you set only bitcoin wallet, u will have to go and set BOTH withdrawal settings. Sadly, u will have to wait for another 48hrs to withdraw.

    • Have u withdrawn?

    • Pls what does the perfect money address look like? Wanna add money so I can make withdrawals on pennywise

    • “Those that set BOTH their bitcoin n perfect money withdrawal settings can withdraw now.”

      Oh I guess this is the issue with my account.

      (I’ve added my Bitcoin address,
      (but i still see notification of missing address)

      Let me add Perfect money, and see, if the notification of “missing payment settings” will go away.

  • Bledso plz what does the perfect money withdrawal address or wallet look like?

    • Login to PM and find ur Account numbers. You have various Account number for USD, euro etc. For USD, you will see an alphabet followed by series of number, that is what u put in pennywise. E.g for USD: U5737367.

      Nevertheless, I don’t use PM so I just fill it into pennywise so as to avoid that incomplete withdrawal settings notice.

      I stick to my BTC wallet withdrawal.

  • @2pac yes pennywise is paying,i just withdrew now

  • @success pls what can I do next, I have tried many type of authenticator and the numbers are more than 6digit after scanning it, what could be the problem. here is my contact.

  • @success please hi me on this

  • I also just made withdrawal now!! Long Live PennyWise jooor!!!

  • While it may be true that PWM is a ponzi scheme as stated by some people earlier, my assessment opines that there is also one interesting fact about it – It pays people. Even though it could be for an unpredictable period of time as peculiar to others similar schemes, indeed you can earn some money for that period still.

    My advice – I have realised that anyone who wants to enjoy a ponzi scheme must be an early adopter,
    2) Make a calculated investment risk that won’t be totally hurtful if the system crashes,
    3) Make up your mind to assume the money is gone even if it may last longer than anyone could suggest.
    More reason why point number 2 simply means you should probably start with small cash if you are so scared and can’t get your mind off it.

    By doing so, your risk might eventually be worth it. Who knows ?

    I took the risk and the above is my view.

    • In other words you don’t care that somebody else will get scammed and lose money in order for you to earn money.

    • Wait first! What even making it a Ponzi scheme?? Ponzi is peer to peer! I can’t see where I’m being asked to pay anyone nor vise versa…. Please go and read about Ponzi and how they operate before coming to make useless comments. Plus the owner of this site is just using Pennywise to get traffic, simple fact!!! It’s just unfortunate that there no provision to attach images, could have shut some people up with facts!

      Meanwhile, if anyone is having issues contact me on, I’d add you to my WhatsApp group and then we move!!!

      Doubters too can message me and I’d add you too, let’s clear your doubt!!!

    • @ Mr Aje

      Nice one

  • Please help a brother…
    @success pls what can I do next, I have tried many type of authenticator and the numbers appears 8digit instead of 6digit after scanning it, what could be the problem. here is my contact.

  • Hello James Pinion, what is your advice on tech loan. Is it legit or ponzi

    • Hi, do you have a link to their website?

      • 3% daily? You shouldn’t even be asking. Yes, anything with 3% daily is a scam.

        • Succes or any body in room, please more help l was battle with authenticator for three days no success but when I got to my friend he also tried it not working but when using his phone my account PWM open what is the main cause and what can I do I need help

  • Hi James Pinion, do you know anything about the one called Crowd1? Is it a scam?

  • Mr James while everything is a scam to you, Let me tell you something if you can’t invest then let others invest what they can lose and meanwhile if you are not willing to take risk in life you can’t grow… successful men today took so much risk to be where they are today, you can’t keep your money in the bank and wait for it to grow because the bank system used your money to invest as well to make more profit while you sit down there and they will keep taking money from it every month because of duty stamp what the hell… the bank system are the most scammers and i want you to know that being successful you need to take some risk to achieve such goals… let whoever want to invest let them invest and who don’t have to shut up their mouth and let others who have to do it, life itself is a risk, you may sleep and no wake up, you may cross the road and a car hit you down… my broda if you want to grow learn to take risk… a word from the riches man in the world bill gates said.. to win big you sometimes have to take a big risks.. Pennywise just paid me right now in my account and i believe who want to take the risk let them go for it but if you don’t have the heart then don’t go… but when you keep waiting and talking much others are growing their financial life… will keep learning in life to be strong… Gale force real estate ( galeforcereallted ) scam me i did not die, they took 1720usd from me but i keep going because it make me strong and the website shut down… that is why if you are into online investment please split your investment in different platform by having stream of incomes, if anyone fail you can pick up in the other one… you can’t win if you are not willing to fight.. I have several investment and i knew how much each worth but i am willing to win but if i lose it is part of the game but if i win congratulation to myself for taking the risk… I am a business man that as business that i employed people and still yet spread my income through investment online and also investment in physical offices as well and you wanna also tell me MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited IS ALSO SCAM MR JAMES? Please learn to take risk to achieve great and don’t have the mentality that you can’t earn 3% in a day in an investment, you can earn more from it if you know what you are doing because i have friends who are into forex and they make millions everyday and other investment as well.. if i am not a risk taker i wont be where i am today… God bless everyone.

  • James stop twisting the words, it is not about scam it is about risk… the government keep scamming you what have you done about it nothing.. my dear i believe you invest in a platform that you keep secret to yourself that you don’t share to people and i believe your page also keep giving you money because people are going through it, you can making your side hustle then let others make their side hustle as well… pennywise can be Ponzi or not but they are still making people smile while do you want to stop that smile from people faces.. so let whoever has money invest and who can’t have the heart to do it let them don’t it is just simple as ABCD… So my dear i know you are making your money because people keep coming to your page then let others make theirs… God love people who as heart that is why he love David because he as the heart of a lion… I asked you a question about MBA forex capital investment why don’t you say it is a scam? not everybody most win in life but God does not create anyone to be rich or poor, he said he as blessed the earth and you should work hard to earn many people will keep being poor because they don’t see anything about their life and know about the vision they carry… life is a choice and choose yours wisely..!!!!

    • Pennywise Wealth Management is a Ponzi scheme, it is not doing any real trading or any other real business. It is a scam and there is no way to make legit money in it. Period. It is not a risk, it is a fraud that is certain to collapse.

  • Pennywise don pay oooo… Jubilation everywhere…. Those that placed widthrawals on moñday, by now u must have been paid. The good news is that it no longer take 7days to process. I was dumbfounded when I saw my alert in just 2days!!!

    Some one just got payed now, he placed withdrawal yesterday!

    No online investment is fail proof, nevertheless, take calculated risk, invest little and pull out ur capital, then ur safe!

    Pennywise is better than our government Codvid-19 parliative.

  • Then let it collapse… i am not saying it is a scam or not but if he wanna collapse let it collapse then let whoever as money to do let them do it my dear friend… but you also making money with your page so let others make money with their own hustle… have a nice day.

    • The whole point of my review is to warn people and make them stay away from scam they can lose money in.

      • You can submit your opinion and describe an investment as a scam base on your perception but you cant drive people away from taking risk with their own money because you can not feed them or lend them some money.
        Only risk takers being successful in life.
        many verifiable investments have phased out too…………..or are they ponzi/scam as well?

  • Pennywise don pay me o. It didn’t take more than 2 days since I placed my withdrawal… Most of my friends n downlines who placed withdrawal yesterday, have been paid.

    Pennywise better pass government Codvid-19 paliative measures.

  • You are making money in your page then let people make money in whatever way they choose to, my dear if pennywise is a scam or not let it be but it is for the strong hearted not the faint hearted, so my dear everything in life is a risk…my dear pennywise is still paying people let them be and also know you have a secret investment you are doing that you did not disclose here it is better you disclose it up for other people to venture into it if they can’t do pennywise, don’t spoil something when you don’t have a solution to help others to grow their income.. you are making money here and you don’t want people to make money in a way they feel secure with and happy with… have a nice day mr james. it is only the wise one who read my words will understand each words i have wrote on your page will do what is best for themselves.

  • it is good of you to warn people about it and that is nice like i said i don’t know if pennywise is a scam or not but whoever wanna take risk let the person took the risk whoever don’t have the heart let them did not do it, use what you can lose and won’t affect you.. yes he maybe scam but they are paying, if it close up then people will learn but if not let others who as invested on it keep making the money… Thanks for creating this page to warn people and it is nice of you.. God bless you.

  • @Success thank u very much God bless u more..@Victor tell them. Take calculated risk dont put in what u will cry or faint biko… happy with pennywise and dat’s all dat matters..

  • Please pennywise management help oh, I have been trying to reset the password but up still now , have not gotten the verify code in my email address , still trying but the code haven’t been sent , what should I do now ?

  • Lmaoo is it only Nigerians here??
    why do we as a people like awoof soo much?? smh

    • Sit down and get rich, dont take risk………waiting for those who took risks successfully to feed you or lend you money.
      no wonder the rich refuse to help the poor

  • Famzhi interbiz in abuja pays 20%….is physically veriable(it has pond, poultry, pigry,microfinance bank, water factory etc) but cant pay investors their ROI for 5 months now………………is phasing out gradually…………….is it a scam/ponzi as well?
    People should use their brain and discretion as no one would help you financially if you dont hustle by yourself.

    • My dear don’t mind them!! Niger Insurance that is known nationwide and have branches here and there in almost every state of the nation, duly registered and licensed to operate… they are presently having issues paying up people’s money talk more of capital!! Check the news!!!

      My in-law that deposited 1.5m 5years ago, they are to give back an interest of 450k after theses 5years… now plus capital ooo plus interest, all no story story them dey tell them for office!!

      Na so so “come today, come tomorrow” them dey hear! They resolved at getting a lawyer, the matter still dey court so! And lawyer will take 20% of the total sum which mean at the end of the day (if they successfully get paid) they will end up making no profit and 5 good years have been wasted!!!

      Let doubters continue to doubt biko, don’t waste your time trying to convince a deaf man to dance to your tune!!!

      • What abt Savannah bank, and the rest of them didn’t they go into extinction one day. Are they also scam . Any business or investment can collapse. So allow people to their choice

  • I made withdrawals @ 10:47am this morning and it was completed at 12:55pm. Please stay calm. Once the Bitcoin address appears on the your dashboard the incomplete withdrawals setting notification will disappear, meaning that the withdrawal account has been accepted. Long live PWM

  • Anyone with idea about fadama multipurpose cooperative society which has a microfinance and was paying 10% monthly for about 5years yet folded up n the CEO was even a bishop now languishing in jail. Pls Mr. James loves u that’s y he doesn’t want you to lose your money but the evil ones will kip arguing to gain ground. Pls beware of scam it may shorten your life! Invest in businesses that earn u little at long run u may gain more compare to penny wise. In this case, better be penny foolish than wise in their context

  • I Just made another withdrawal now!! My second withdrawal in 4days!!

    First withdrawal was completed and paid the next day! I’d come back and announce again when I get paid for this one!!

    It’s just unfortunate that this website doesn’t support for attachment of images, I would have upload screenshots as prove!!

    I guess James Pinion didn’t make provision for it cus he knows we’d prove him wrong with facts!!

    ******** Promo deleted by admin


    • The facts are in my review and I am strongly considering the possibility that I no longer will let you publish your shilling comments on my website.

      • @James Pinion why are you editing my messages?? I didn’t make any abusive comment or use any curse word. I only spoke the truth lol

        Why don’t you let the real message get to people so they see who really is the legit person or platform here!!

        Allow my messages as I send them and don’t edit them if truly your facts are legit!

        • I just deleted the part where you promote a scam.

          • I didn’t promote it!! I just said anyone who’s having issues with their authenticator and finding it difficult to login into their account or making withdrawals they should contact me for help via my email

            Come one, @james pinion, you’ve done your bit and God know it is well appreciated! But at the same time, let people make the decisions themselves!

            Deleting or editing my messages won’t change anything, neither would it stop those that want to participate to do so!

            I didn’t swear, I didn’t curse, I only preferred solution cus right now, many people are having issues with logging in, making withdrawals and those that have successfully logged in might have lost their authenticators and need help getting access back to their accounts!

            Let me help them!! Please kindly let my message go through

          • You did say something like: who is interested to join – contact me.

  • Everything in life is a risk
    I invested with and I have pulled out my investment equivalent…

    Whether they are scam or not i not know
    All I can say is when going into online businesses be sure to invest money you can quickly let go should something go wrong..


    This Google authentication is frustrating. Please someone should help me, I keep having 8digit and 11digit instead of 6digit.
    Please the expertise of this PWM should assist me am pleading.

  • Considering my experience with crypto trading, 2% daily on my investment with PMW is too low. The crypto world is opened 24/7. Imagine what you would make on a 1BTC daily sitting right by your laptop to monitor the price change on enter/exit basis.

    • Daytrading is very difficult,even if you are a good trader, you will have losing days, weeks and maybe even months.

      • Abjohns, please I need more light on that your post about crypto trading ,does it have a website.. I need another legit investment

  • Sorry I promised sending a video but a was too occupied.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Go to Google play store, type ” Google automaticator” download .

    2. Go to Pennywise, enter ur email, they will tell u to check ur mail box for ur activation code.
    Open your email , check ur inbox , if it’s not there, check ur SPAM folder, .

    3. Copy the code and enter it on the Pennywise where required.

    4. They ask u to create ur new password. After creating it , u will be asked to login with ur new password.

    5. After logging in, u will c a page asking u to use ur Google automaticator.
    Open the good authenticator and click on “scan QR”.
    At this stage u will use ur phone and place it directly to the Face of the other phone, “just like xender pairing” and gbam, u are good to go.

    6. U will be asked to enter a six digit code, at this point u have to open ur Google authenticator again, where u will see any account (s) you have scanned so far, by their emails and special codes which expires, I think every 10second.

    U have to make sure u have a network and copy the code at the beginning of the timing.

    8. Paste the code where required, and if u see “invalid or expired cde”, it means u were not fast.
    Copy the code again and paste, this time be time conscious.

    9. Finally u will c urself in ur Pennywise account.

    10. Log out from the other device and login with ur phone.

    11. U will be asked for a six digit code, this time u don’t need to scan, just open ur authenticator, copy and paste the code under that particular email registered with Pennywise that u want to login.

    Note: step 1 ,5 & 11 should be done using ur personal phone.

    The other steps can be done using ur laptop, ur other device or a friend’s phone.

  • @Pius and any other persons struggling with the authenticator problem, I hope u find my poste helpful, have a nice .

  • @Andy may God bless you real good for your kindness, I really appreciate ur kindness, ur a good brother..anybody can feel free to contact Andy for any problem at

    • @pius you’re welcome!! It’s the least I could do, can’t see people struggling and not prefer solution! I feel I owe it a responsibility to do so!

      Enjoy!!! Happy we were able to resolve your Pennywise issues!!


  • what do you have to say about omegapro service…James

  • If some genuine companies crashed during this coronavirus outbreak but Pennywise still maintain their stand, it is an indication. This period could have been the best time for Pennywise to dash away with people’s money. Instead, it is waxing stronger, reinforcing the security their data base and website from attackers. I don’t think that 2% daily return is a high profit.

    • If you think that 2% daily isn’t high, you lack basic education. And just because something did not crush during a health crisis, it does not mean it’s not a scam.

      • Good day all,
        Please @Pinion why so harsh!!Every aboki with their kettle,i tink every body knows d risk in business be it ponzi scream or whatsoever. even d world we live in today na scam we won’t stay forever; so let who is willing to take risk do so at his/her ease. I just got paid yesterday in less than 72hours after my withdrawal n by 10pm today am making another withdrawal from pennywise jst waiting for it to reach 96hours. so let me kip enjoying it while it last if it stops paying tomorrow then fine life goes on. no skin pain boob. Pennywise keeps giving me joy for all i care.

        • @Pinion, what’s even wrong with your mentality? Who you help? Don’t you have younger ones in your family to go and advice? Am sick and tired of this your so called advice about scam.
          If you know more about scam kindly tell us what’s happening in Nigeria government today that the poor can’t express their humanitarian right,
          Common, that someone risks his/her own hard earned money it becomes a headache to you. Do you have any job that someone can apply for? pls give us a lick and stop this whole bushit.

          • If you don’t like my website and reviews, just leave.

          • My brother @pius, every country has their downside, so don’t come here and start ill-speaking about ur country in such a manner just because u are not given an opportunity to ride along with those at the corridor of power.

            Do the best I can for urself to succeed anywhere u are, and leave ur country out of it.

    • Just imagine the bitcoin rise! With the billions we kept with dem, they must have made more tremendously. So it’s true bro 2% to 3% is very achievable bro, and they do other businesses.

      • I can imagine Bitcoin going up, but since December 2017 it is in a longterm downtrend, it has not acheived new all time high. So yeah, nice fairy tales…

  • Please house, I want to learn bitcoin or forex trading. Is there anyone who can b of help?

  • Good evening,
    Please @ Success help me on this,my phone had issue so i lost my authenticator app i cant login with the one i downloaded now , and i tried resetting password it worked but is still showing me d authenticator with my email without showing me d QR code to scan.please what should i do have been trying since yesterday it not opening.

  • I can’t withdraw. what is happening?

  • Please where is physical address and phone number of Pennywise and how long have they been in business? I will join once these answers are provided. Thank you author, but let’s hope they are not scammers

  • @bright, are u looking for physical address or u are looking for additional stream of I come?

    I made a withdrawal of 120$ just yesterday .

  • Hello PWM members, is referral bonus still working?
    I registered someone since 30th July and he made deposits today but am not seeing the 50$ bonus in my account.

    • Wen the person registered, did u care to check if it was indicated? even before he made d payment?

      That was how I registered someone and there was an error, the registration was not made under me, and I did not care to check my commission, and after d registration and payment, lo and behold I checked n saw nothing in my commissions.

      So sometimes error occured.
      It is adviced to always check ur commission bf ur referral mks payments.

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