Pips Wizard Pro review – ugly SCAM by Dittman

In this Pips Wizard Pro review we address this Forex scam of Karl Dittman.

Pips Wizard Pro reviewDittman is trying to sell you his Pips Wizard Pro as a very reliable trend indicator that will tell you when to enter and when to exit Forex trades. It allegedly will make you 100 – 200 pips per day.

And Dittman wants only $87 for his indicator. Doesn’t it seem too good to be true?

Pips Wizard Pro scam

Pips Wizard Pro scamLet’s start this Pips Wizard Pro review with some basics. Making 100 pips per day in profits would make you a millionaire in no time, certainly in less than a year, no matter the size of your starting capital.

Now, ask yourself this: Does it make sense to sell for $87 a system that can make you a millionaire? Of course not! It makes zero sense. It is a total nonsense and a scam.

Should it be possible to become a millionaire for $87, we all would be already very rich.

Karl Dittman scammer

Karl Dittman is an infamous name in the Forex industry. First of all, it is not a real name, it is a name used by scammers to sell losing trading systems.

We have already seen many crappy systems sold by this guy, like Alfa Scalper, Trend Myster, Scalping Detector and others.

Every system promises to make you rich quickly and cheaply. Every system signed by Dittman is a total fail and scam. Yet he keeps reselling his crap under new names over and over again.

If you don’t want to throw your money through the window, don’t buy anything from Dittman, he is a scammer!

Pips Wizard Pro review conclusion

Pips Wizard Pro is a total scam from an infamous scammer, it cannot make you any money in Forex trading!

Profitable trading is not a question of a magic bullet, you have to learn your way to a profitable strategy. You can try it on a free demo with virtual money.

You can trade with real money only when you understand the risks and have a strategy that you have verified in demo account testing.

Pips Wizard Pro

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