Posh Crypto Trade review – Ordinary SCAM

Posh Crypto Trade review

This review reveals that Posh Crypto is a scam that is making people lose their money online.

What is Posh Crypto Trade

Posh Crypto Trade is supposed to be a company that is mining and trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Gold. The company says it is very profitable in what it is doing, and it has investment plans for the public.

There are three packages with returns from 160 to 250% in one cycle, which according to testimonials lasts less than seven days.

The minimum investment is $300.

It means that with Posh Crypto you supposedly will be able to make more than 1000% in one month.

But is Posh Crypto Trading legit, can you entrust it with your money?

Posh Crypto Trade scam

The truth is that Posh Crypto Trade is a scam, a very dirty one. It just takes money from people and never gives anything back. Here is the explanation.

Fake company

Posh Crypto Trade pretends to be a legitimate company, it even shows a certificate of incorporation of a private limited company from the United Kingdom. But wait a second, Posh Crypto also claims to be located in the United States.

How does that make any sense, a US company registered in the UK and not in the US? It of course is a nonsense.

What’s more, Posh Crypto Trade is not even registered in the UK, the certificate displayed on its website is fake. As you can see in our picture, that registration belongs to a different company.

To sum up this part of our review, Posh Crypto Trade is not a real company and people who run this program forged a company certificate. That alone proves that it is a scam.

Fake company

Fairy tales

Cryptocurrency mining is not a simple thing that everybody understands. That is why scammers like to use it and hide their scams behind it. Because not a lot of people know how much you can really earn in real crypto mining.

Let us tell you this, it is physically impossible to make 160 to 250% weekly in crypto mining as promised by Posh Crypto Trade. Profits in this area are the result of and equation that includes hardware costs, electricity costs, crypto prices and mining difficulty.

The same applies to trading, you can’t make 160 to 250% every week. You can be very lucky and make that in one week, but nobody is able to make that every week.

To put it in simple terms, anybody promising you 160 to 250% weekly returns on investment is a scammer. Because there is no legit way to achieve this kind of profits.

Investment packages

Fake team

The final proof about Posh Crypto being a scam lies in the section of the company’s website called Board of Directors. It shows people that supposedly work for the company, but they don’t.

You can see a proof in our picture below, these people are from legit blockchain projects and have nothing in common with Posh Crypto Trade.

Posh Crypto Trade scam

How Posh Crypto Trade works

Posh Crypto Trade is a scam that is not even trying to run as a Ponzi scheme that would be paying at least in the early days. It is a simple fraud that is not paying at all.

So if you deposit any money with Posh Crypto, it will immediately be lost. Yes, they might report to you that they mine cryptocurrencies or invest on your behalf, but that will be a lie, they do nothing.

Posh Crypto Trade is a fake company, it does not trading nor mining. There is no legal activity going in within this program, it is just stealing people’s money.

Posh Crypto Trade review – Conclusion

Posh Crypto is a scam run by a fake company. It is not paying at all, every deposit is lost in this program. That is why you have to stay away from it.

If you want to try legit crypto trading, start on a free demo and test everything with virtual money.

Should you later decide to invest real money, pleas make sure you understand all the risks.

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  • Illegal investment program
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