Procoin Investment review – See why it’s a scam

Procoin Investment review

In this review we reveal that Procoin Investment is a dangerous scam that is ready to separate you from your money.

What is Procoin Investment

Procoin Investment is an investment platform that supposedly will allow you to earn money. People who run the platform say that they invest in diverse financial products and cryptocurrencies.

The company claims to be providing its services to corporations, financial institutions, individuals and even governments. It supposedly is based and registered in the United States.

The main offer of Procoin Investment revolves around five investment plans with daily returns from 1.5 to 8%. The minimum deposit is 500 US dollars.

Is Procoin Investment legit, should you invest your money in this platform?

Procoin Investment scam

In reality Procoin Investment is a dirty scam and you should not invest a single penny with this fraudulent platform. In this review we explain all the details.

Not registered not regulated

Procoin Investment claims to be headquartered and registered in the United States. Which is a pretty big thing, because the United States is very strict in terms of financial regulation. Every company providing investment services in the US has to be registered and regulated.

When you check with the SEC and the FINRA, you will see that there is no Procoin Investment company registered in the US to provide any kind of investment services.

This means that Procoin Investment is an illegal investment services that can’t be offered to people.

The truth is that the company is not even based in the US. Since it is a pure scam, the owners are just hiding somewhere and their US address is obviously fake.

The company

Fake team

To continue with the lies that Procoin Investment feeds you on its website, let’s have a look at the alleged team that is running the program. Because it is entirely fake.

As you can see in our picture below, they used stock photos to portray the team. So people you seen in their pictures have nothing to do with this scam.

Fake team

Fake testimonials

The same dirty trick with stock photos was used with Procoin Investment testimonials. People you see in their photos are not real users of this investment platform.

All the success stories are fake. This program was made to steal money from people, so every positive review of it is fake, made by the very people who run the scheme.

Fake testimonials

… and the investment plans

This should be obvious to everyone, any investment offer with 8% daily returns must be a scam, there just is no other possibility.

This is because such returns are impossible in the real financial world. This is a fact that you have to accept and it will help you to avoid many other scams in the future.

Investment plans

How Procoin Investment works in reality

Procoin Investment is a pure scam. As far as we can tell, it is not even trying to run a Ponzi scheme that would pay its members in the early stages when there is enough money for that coming in thanks to deposits.
No, Procoin Investment is just a simple scam that will take your money and never give you anything back.

This is why all deposits are made in cryptocurrencies – these transactions can’t be reversed, so you will never be able to get your money back.

Also, beware of any potential profits Procoin Investment might show you on your account – they will be fake and you won’t be able to withdraw them. If people who run this fraud ask you to deposit more to be able to withdraw, don’t do it, it is just a way to steal money from you.

When you get scammed by platforms like Procoin Investment, the only thing left to do is a complaint filed with the police in your country.

Procoin Investment review – Conclusion

Procoin Investment is a very simple scam, it will take your money and never give you anything back. You have to stay away from it!

If you want to try legit investing, do it with a regulated company and start on a free demo. Use virtual money to test everything and learn.

Before investing real money you have to make sure that you understand the risks and that you have a proper strategy.

Procoin Investment

500 USD








  • Stupidity


  • Illegal
  • Scam
  • Stealing money
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  • Hi.. Indeed they are scam. Due deligence is key. I thought it was credible but when I tried to withdraw from my wallet, I received a message advising I must pay 500 in bitcoin for insurance. Go figure.

    Reps are lurking on FB trying to lead you down the garden path to nowhere.

    They need to be shutdown

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