Prof. Thomas Morty and Netricoin Review: A Huge Scam!

Prof. Thomas Morty is a scammer

In this review, you’ll find evidence that the cryptocurrency Netricoin, promoted by Professor Thomas Morty, is a complete scam that will cost you money.

Who is Professor Thomas Morty and what is Netricoin

Professor Thomas Morty says that for the last 15 years he has been researching methods of earning money and combating unfair practices used by financial corporations. However, he does not reveal his education, where he obtained his alleged professorship and where he comes from.

Morty offers you “a simple method of earning incredible sums of money.” His method consists in buying the cryptocurrency Netricoin, which, according to him, has already appreciated a hundred times the original value and continues to grow. One package of this cryptocurrency will cost you 103 euros, while guaranteeing that you will earn at least twelve times this amount in a single month.

One Netricoin package will allegedly earn you an average of 7121 EUR per month and 121000 EUR per year. You can buy more packages at once to earn more. At least that’s what Morty says.

He also says that you do not have to learn anything, you do not need to have any expertise or advanced tools to make money thanks to this method. Just buy Netricoin and collect profits. Is it really that simple?

Netricoin is a scam

Professor Thomas Morty is a scammer

Unfortunately, Professor Morty’s method won’t earn you anything because he’s a fraud. In fact, he is a fictional person, there is no such professor. It is already several copies of the same fraud, which we have warned about several times.

For example, Professor Graham Le Roux or Professor Adam Peterson and their sale of the Tron and Ripple packages are the forerunners of this scam.

These fictional professors always tell the same story of how they managed to uncover a miraculous method of making money through a certain cryptocurrency. Now it’s Netricoin, tomorrow it may be something else.

They always say that you only need a small amount to start making big money immediately. And you always have to buy a package from them, which will come home by mail. And it’s always a scam that won’t earn you anything. The only result will be the lost money you paid for the package.

Netricoin is a scam

As for the cryptocurrency Netricoin itself, which Morty is trying to sell you, it doesn’t exist at all. Yes, you read that right, it’s a fictitious cryptocurrency invented by fraudsters to rob you.

Netricoin has no blockchain, it’s not even a secondary token released on another network, and you won’t find it on any cryptocurrency monitoring site like It simply does not exist.

This in itself is clear evidence that Netricoin is a scam and that the fictional Professor Thomas Morty is just trying to rob you of your money.

And don’t be fooled by other sites. The fraudsters behind this project are creating fake websites that give the impression that Netricoin exists. One website even states that Netricoin is a package of other cryptocurrencies, which would make it an unauthorized security. But they are all lies, Netricoin is a scam and does not exist as a cryptocurrency.

Reviews and testimonials

Professor Morty shows on his website reviews of three satisfied customers. Among them are an alleged economic expert and a doctor of mathematics from Cambridge. Everyone agrees that Netricoin is making money and will continue to do so.

But as you may have guessed, these reviews and testimonials are completely false. They were made up by the impostors who created the Netricoin scam. And it’s very easy to prove.

Professor Morty has his website in different languages. And when you compare these reviews and testimonials in different languages, you’ll find that there are different names for the same stories and photos of people. So they are clearly fake. See our picture below.

As for the experience of real customers who have already bought the basic cryptocurrency package, they are exclusively negative. As we have already stated in this review, this fraud has existed for several years under various names.

And the real experiences are still the same, people who buy Netricoin are losing the money they paid for it.


How Netricoin really works

Professor Morty is a fraud and Netricoin is a scam. Everything works very simply. When you order a Netricoin package, you pay money for it, and either you don’t get anything at all, or you get a package that contains worthless papers.

You will definitely not get any real cryptocurrency and you will not get anything at all that could make you money. Netricoin is just a lie created to lure you out of your money.

And that should be clear to everyone by looking at what Professor Morty promises you. Because if someone promises you that for a hundred euros you will get thousands and tens of thousands euros in a few weeks to months, you know that it is nonsense, and therefore a scam.

Yes, real cryptocurrencies can achieve big and quick profits. But these are then followed by rapid and large declines. Cryptocurrencies are a large roller coaster on which it is very difficult to time the entries and exits of trades to make profits.

In any case, no cryptocurrency in the world is just growing, and no cryptocurrency can guarantee future price developments. Whoever tells you that a certain cryptocurrency is guaranteed to go up is a liar and a fraud. There are no guarantees of future price movements in investing, it’s just a game with probabilities. That is a fact to be reconciled.

Do not order or pay for Netricoin

The solution in the case of the fraud of Professor Thomas Morty and Netricoin is simple, do not order anything from him, do not pay him anything.

If you have already ordered the package, you usually only pay when you receive it, so do not accept it and have it returned to the sender.

If you have already paid and accepted the Netricoin’s package, you can contact the entity who mediated the payment (for example the post). Explain to them that this is a scam, and ask what are the options to get your money back.

Professor Morty and Netricoin – Conclusion

Professor Thomas Morty is a fictitious person and Netricoin is a non-existent cryptocurrency. Taken together, it’s one big scam that wants to rob you of money. Do not order Netricoin and do not pay for it.

If you are interested in actually investing in real cryptocurrencies, you can try a free demo with a regulated company. With virtual money, you can test everything without risk.

If you then decide to invest real money, make sure you understand the risks well.


103 EUR



The professor





  • Easily detectable scam


  • Old scam
  • Will lose you money
  • No real cryptocurreny
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