Professor Joseph Fuller and Bitcoin – Review: It’s a terrible scam!

Professor Joseph Fuller review

In today’s review we talk about how the fake professor Joseph Fuller wants to rob you through a fake investment in the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Who is Professor Joseph Fuller

In the Financial Magazine, you can read in an article written by Frank Harris that Professor Joseph Fuller invented a method for making money that everyone can use.

The Fuller’s method is said to provide you with an additional monthly income of 7 thousand euros. At the same time, you only need to invest 435 pounds at the beginning.

And all this allegedly:

  • without risking your savings
  • without any new knowledge
  • without extra work

And what is this new method that allegedly horrifies financial advisors? Cryptocurrency investing, because they are said to grow by hundreds to thousands of percent per month.

Specifically, Fuller wants to sell you a Bitcoin package for 435 GBP. This basic investment is said to earn you at least 3000 EUR per month. You can buy more packages at once to multiply your profits.

But is it really so, will Professor Fuller’s cryptocurrency package really provide you with additional income in the tens of thousands of euros a month?

The scam of Professor Joseph Fuller

The fact is that Professor Joseph Fuller is a fraud. His Bitcoin package is just a simple scam to get your money out of you. You will not get any cryptocurrency for your money, you will not earn anything, you will only lose what you pay for his package.

Old scam

Professor Joseph Fuller does not exist, he is a fictional character. It was invented by fraudsters whose identity remains hidden. And unfortunately, this is not their first scam.

The story of a fictional professor who will provide you with large earnings thanks to his method for cryptocurrencies has been spreading for several years. Fraudsters always change the name of the fake professor, like most recently Professor Thomas Morty (see picture below). Sometimes they also change the name of the cryptocurrency you are supposed to buy from him. Now it is bitcoin, in the past it was also netricoin, ripple or tron.

Unfortunately, many people have been caught up in this scam, but at least thanks to them, we know what Joseph Fuller is in all his versions and what you can expect from him.

Professor Fuller scam

Nonsense about cryptocurrencies

Professor Fuller is trying to tell you that all possible cryptocurrencies are still flying up and that you can’t lose by investing in them. According to him, every month you will increase the value of your money by hundreds to thousands of percent.

But that’s not true. Cryptocurrencies have their fluctuations, they have periods of growth, but also periods of decline. Especially in the years 2018 to 2020, most of them declined. It is certainly not the case that investing in cryptocurrencies is risk-free and certainly profitable. On the contrary, due to the huge volatility of cryptocurrencies, this type of investment is very risky.

The table on Professor Fuller’s website shows complete nonsense. Not only does it not show true numbers about the evaluation of individual cryptocurrencies, it also shows cryptocurrencies that do not exist at all. Or have you ever seen the cryptocurrency of Huddersfield?

Of course not, there must be some mistake in the translation Fuller’s scam website, because it originates abroad.

Fake profits

Experience with Professor Fuller’s method

To persuade you to buy his package, Fuller shows on his website the stories of three people who allegedly have a very good experience with his way of investing. The problem is that these reviews and testimonials are completely false.

It’s easy to prove. This is because Fuller has his website translated in several different languages, and if you look at them, you’ll find that you can find different names for the same user faces. In addition, the same sets of reviews have been used in previous variants of this scam. These fictional stories are copied over and over again by fraudsters.

The real experiences of people who bought an investment package from Fuller are very bad. Everyone agrees that they lost their money and that they received nothing for it.

Fake testimonials

How Fuller’s scam works

As we have already mentioned, Professor Joseph Fuller and his fraud with digital currencies have existed under various names for several years, so there is a lot of experience with his product. According to how cheated people have shared their experiences in various discussions on the Internet, it works as follows.

When you order his package of bitcoin cryptocurrency (or any other) from Fuller, you will receive a cash-on-delivery package that will contain only worthless papers. Certainly not a cryptocurrency (private keys of a wallet). The money you pay for the package will be your loss, you will not get anything for it.

Therefore, the first line defense is not to order anything from Fuller. If you have already ordered a package from him, do not accept it and have it returned to the sender. If you do that, you will not lose any money.

If you have already taken over the package and want to get your money back, contact the person who delivered the package to you and mediated the payment (eg the postal service). With this payment provider, you can try to get your money back due to fraud.

Professor Joseph Fuller and his cryptocurrency package – conclusion

Professor Joseph Fuller is a fraud, or a fictional character. His cryptocurrency package is a scam, you pay for it and you get nothing. Therefore, do not order it.

If you are interested in real cryptocurrency trading, you can try it on a demo account with virtual money to see how everything works.

If you ever decide to invest real money in cryptocurrencies, make sure you understand the risks well and that you have a strategy in place. Be sure to use only the money you can afford to lose.

Professor Joseph Fuller

435 GBP

Crypto package






Real profits



  • Stupid


  • Scam
  • Fake professor
  • No crypto sold
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