GIANT SCAM: QubitTech review

QubitTech review

This review is an honest warning against the Qubit Tech scam that is going to lose money to a lot of people.

What is QubitTech

QubitTech is presented as a digital ecosystem that will be based on blockchain technologies. It is not live, it is not even in testing, only the whitepaper is being put together at the time we publish this review.

The blockchain allegedly will use two digital tokens: QST and QDT. QST will be used for financial settlement and QDT will be used to attract additional liquidity to the ecosystem.

In the end QubitTech is supposedly designed to become a digital bank and a socio-economic platform.

Other than that, QubitTech is also offering trading signals, you can use a free robot and buy two paid robots. QubitTech also should have an exchange and a gaming platform, while selected users will get a special mobile phone designed to be extremely secure.

Most of the above-mentioned things are only on paper, but currently QubitTech already has a very generous investment offer in the shape of digital licenses.

When purchasing these digital licenses, you allegedly will be getting up to a 25% monthly return on your investment. The minimum investment is 100 USD.

We did not find an explanation about how these digital licenses are supposed to generate so much profit, only that QubitTech will use your money for trading cryptocurrencies.

So, is QubitTech a legit investment opportunity?

QubitTech scam

Unfortunately, QubitTech is an obvious scam. A fancy one, but still a giant fraud. Here is the explanation.

Non-existing ecosystem

QubitTech is supposed to be a blockchain ecosystem based on two cryptocurrencies: QST and QDT. But there is not even a whitepaper, the QubitTech blockchain does not exist. It goes without saying that QST and QDT tokens don’t exist either.

So, what are we left with? A website that is promising you money thanks to investing in digital assets? Where, how, where are proofs and certified results?

QST and QDT tokens

Fake trading

QubitTech promises 25% monthly returns from their digital licenses which are backed by God knows what. That number alone is a huge red flag, because the best investment funds will reach that number in one year, while this anonymous scheme QubitTech wants you to believe they will do that every month.

Qubit Tech claim that currently they are achieving 0.84% daily, which corresponds to those promised 25% monthly.

On top of that, they have an affiliate program that can earn you tens of percent on deposits made by your referrals across 12 levels.

So QubitTech would have to be making a lot more than 25% monthly in trading, which is absurd. No legit company can do that regularly every month. This means that QubitTech is a scam, there is no way around that fact.

25% monthly is typical for scams that are hiding behind fake cryptocurrencies, fake trading robots and giant pyramid structures. Bitconnect was the first big fraud of this kind and QubitTech is just an evolution of it.

Trading results

Illegal service

QubitTech does not have any product, it is just selling so-called digital licenses that are supposed to make you money. This is a definition of an investment contract, therefore QubitTech’s digital licenses are in fact unregistered securities.

QubitTech is not authorized in any country in the world to sell securities, therefore it is an illegal investment service.

In fact, the Spanish financial regulator CNMV has already published a warning against QubitTech. The same warning applies everywhere in the world, because Qubit Tech has no license whatsoever.

Anybody promoting this scam is breaking the laws and can be prosecuted for promoting and selling unregistered securities.

Fake company

QubitTech claims to be a company located in Estonia. But that is obviously not true. You can verify it by yourself.

When you make a search in the register of companies in Estonia, you will see that there is no company QubitTech registered there.

So, we have here an anonymous group of people breaking the laws, selling unregistered securities and claiming that they can trade financial markets better than any legit investment firm in the world. Will you trust them? We hope not!

Fake company

How QubitTech really works

QubitTech is a scam and given its affiliate program based on a big pyramidal structure, it obviously is a Ponzi scheme.

This means that they are not doing any real trading, at least not profitable, there will never be a real blockchain with legit cryptocurrencies, they don’t have profitable robots and they can’t provide profitable trading signals.

All they do is taking money from newer members and giving it to older members. A classic Ponzi scheme. They might put some of the money into cryptocurrencies, which might prolong their life while cryptocurrencies are rising, but it is absolutely certain that sooner or later they will run out of money and collapse.

And since QubitTech is accepting deposits only in cryptocurrencies (BTC and ETH), it will be impossible to recover anything when this house of card collapses. And it will be very difficult to trace the transactions and find the culprits.

We know that to some people programs like QubitTech might be attractive because they have a period of time when they are really paying, but trust us, it is not worth it.

Firstly because such schemes are never a zero sum game, far from that, the majority will have to lose for the minority to earn something. Secondly, you never know when it is going to crash, it can be right after you make your deposit. And last but not least, if you actively promote it, you can be prosecuted by authorities for promoting a scam.

QubitTech review – Conclusion

QubitTech is a giant scam. A Ponzi scheme that has no real product, no real blockchain, no real cryptocurrency. It is doomed to collapse, stay away from it!

If you want to trade legit cryptocurrencies, try it with a regulated company and start on a free demo to see how it works.

Before investing any real money, you have to understand the risk and have a solid strategy. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, so be careful.

Please share our review to help warn other people about the QubitTech scam.


100 USD



Digital licenses





  • Complex (fictitious) ecosystem


  • Total scam
  • No real crypto system
  • Sure to collapse
Please share this review to help warn other people

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