GIANT SCAM: QubitTech review

QubitTech review

This review is an honest warning against the Qubit Tech scam that is going to lose money to a lot of people.

What is QubitTech

QubitTech is presented as a digital ecosystem that will be based on blockchain technologies. It is not live, it is not even in testing, only the whitepaper is being put together at the time we publish this review.

The blockchain allegedly will use two digital tokens: QST and QDT. QST will be used for financial settlement and QDT will be used to attract additional liquidity to the ecosystem.

In the end QubitTech is supposedly designed to become a digital bank and a socio-economic platform.

Other than that, QubitTech is also offering trading signals, you can use a free robot and buy two paid robots. QubitTech also should have an exchange and a gaming platform, while selected users will get a special mobile phone designed to be extremely secure.

Most of the above-mentioned things are only on paper, but currently QubitTech already has a very generous investment offer in the shape of digital licenses.

When purchasing these digital licenses, you allegedly will be getting up to a 25% monthly return on your investment. The minimum investment is 100 USD.

We did not find an explanation about how these digital licenses are supposed to generate so much profit, only that QubitTech will use your money for trading cryptocurrencies.

So, is QubitTech a legit investment opportunity?

QubitTech scam

Unfortunately, QubitTech is an obvious scam. A fancy one, but still a giant fraud. Here is the explanation.

Non-existing ecosystem

QubitTech is supposed to be a blockchain ecosystem based on two cryptocurrencies: QST and QDT. But there is not even a whitepaper, the QubitTech blockchain does not exist. It goes without saying that QST and QDT tokens don’t exist either.

So, what are we left with? A website that is promising you money thanks to investing in digital assets? Where, how, where are proofs and certified results?

QST and QDT tokens

Fake trading

QubitTech promises 25% monthly returns from their digital licenses which are backed by God knows what. That number alone is a huge red flag, because the best investment funds will reach that number in one year, while this anonymous scheme QubitTech wants you to believe they will do that every month.

Qubit Tech claim that currently they are achieving 0.84% daily, which corresponds to those promised 25% monthly.

On top of that, they have an affiliate program that can earn you tens of percent on deposits made by your referrals across 12 levels.

So QubitTech would have to be making a lot more than 25% monthly in trading, which is absurd. No legit company can do that regularly every month. This means that QubitTech is a scam, there is no way around that fact.

25% monthly is typical for scams that are hiding behind fake cryptocurrencies, fake trading robots and giant pyramid structures. Bitconnect was the first big fraud of this kind and QubitTech is just an evolution of it.

Trading results

Illegal service

QubitTech does not have any product, it is just selling so-called digital licenses that are supposed to make you money. This is a definition of an investment contract, therefore QubitTech’s digital licenses are in fact unregistered securities.

QubitTech is not authorized in any country in the world to sell securities, therefore it is an illegal investment service.

In fact, the Spanish financial regulator CNMV has already published a warning against QubitTech. The same warning applies everywhere in the world, because Qubit Tech has no license whatsoever.

Anybody promoting this scam is breaking the laws and can be prosecuted for promoting and selling unregistered securities.

Fake company

QubitTech claims to be a company located in Estonia. But that is obviously not true. You can verify it by yourself.

When you make a search in the register of companies in Estonia, you will see that there is no company QubitTech registered there.

So, we have here an anonymous group of people breaking the laws, selling unregistered securities and claiming that they can trade financial markets better than any legit investment firm in the world. Will you trust them? We hope not!

Fake company

How QubitTech really works

QubitTech is a scam and given its affiliate program based on a big pyramidal structure, it obviously is a Ponzi scheme.

This means that they are not doing any real trading, at least not profitable, there will never be a real blockchain with legit cryptocurrencies, they don’t have profitable robots and they can’t provide profitable trading signals.

All they do is taking money from newer members and giving it to older members. A classic Ponzi scheme. They might put some of the money into cryptocurrencies, which might prolong their life while cryptocurrencies are rising, but it is absolutely certain that sooner or later they will run out of money and collapse.

And since QubitTech is accepting deposits only in cryptocurrencies (BTC and ETH), it will be impossible to recover anything when this house of card collapses. And it will be very difficult to trace the transactions and find the culprits.

We know that to some people programs like QubitTech might be attractive because they have a period of time when they are really paying, but trust us, it is not worth it.

Firstly because such schemes are never a zero sum game, far from that, the majority will have to lose for the minority to earn something. Secondly, you never know when it is going to crash, it can be right after you make your deposit. And last but not least, if you actively promote it, you can be prosecuted by authorities for promoting a scam.

QubitTech review – Conclusion

QubitTech is a giant scam. A Ponzi scheme that has no real product, no real blockchain, no real cryptocurrency. It is doomed to collapse, stay away from it!

If you want to trade legit cryptocurrencies, try it with a regulated company and start on a free demo to see how it works.

Before investing any real money, you have to understand the risk and have a solid strategy. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, so be careful.

Please share our review to help warn other people about the QubitTech scam.


100 USD



Digital licenses





  • Complex (fictitious) ecosystem


  • Total scam
  • No real crypto system
  • Sure to collapse
Please share this review to help warn other people

Comments 49

  • Also, no quantum computing technology, as they claim! Biggest scam since OneCoin! Ponzi scheme superior!

  • How is it a scam ? i have already gotten the money i have invested back.. and now all the daily returns i get are profits ???

  • Have you read their legal documents? They are insured for $100,000,000 and are building a digital bank. They’re getting that regulated 1 year prior to even opening it.

    • Sure, how many times have I read “are going to”…
      Please show me the proof about the insurance.

    • That’s the way it is and being jealous, he’s hottentotten bbob afraid of losing customers. See others make money from several companies you’re cracking down on.
      No has absolutely nothing to be missed for their down talking of other companies

    • Have you become excited and invested what you earned? Or maybe invested more of your hard earned money?
      Well the very few will enjoy and the majority will lose out. If you lose any future investment, please let me know

  • FWIW, I have also received my initial investment back and are still receiving daily returns. Also You don’t have to invite anyone to the platform to receive your profits. That’s just a bonus if you choose to do so.

  • I don’t really think you got it all right. I started it on October and the have been giving be my monthly returns till now…

    • Yeah, Ponzi schemes do pay at the beginning of their lifecycle…

      • I joined on January this year. I have received all my initial capital back and am now enjoying profits. Don’t descourage people about this vibrant company.

        • If you don’t mind riding a scam, it does not mean it is all right.

        • How is that even possible? so you say that in 2 months you have gotten your initial capital. Lets analyze your experience, lets say you open your account with a $1000 with the promise to get 250% or $2500 in 12 months or $210 monthly. this means in 2 months all you have gotten is $420 hardly your initial capital. your numbers don’t add up. Thank you for opening our eyes.

          • 3 to 4 months capital return. Not 2

          • They kept all my money. 8.5k plus 15000 tokens. The biggest scam of all times! i wish they could be swalowed by law and forced to give back every single penny!!!! I hate them so much.

  • Nice write up. some don’t know it’s a ponzi until it fumbles. it might now be now, may be when they get 1Billion Usdt as they stated.

  • Very good article.
    Since your post the trading robots have been launched for individual use.
    What is your opinion on this.

  • I was told about this company by friends who work for it. According to them, everything works. You can get the money out. But I think that I can hold out for another year and that’s it.

  • I just sat through a demo of Qubit Tech. I’m a tech guy and somewhat of a financial investor and they raised every red flag.

    1) Their control panel website is allegedly located in Dubai. They claim that because the website is in another country, you must use a VPN to access it. This is false. You can access websites in Dubai UNLESS they are EXPLICITLY blocking traffic themselves, which this site appears to be doing. The VPN make it harder to trace the traffic and they can cut off the VPN to stop you from access your control panel and thus your funds.

    2) When you purchase ‘Education Licenses’, you pay in Crypto, which is wiping out the paper trail. They then pay you your ‘rewards’ in Tether. Then when you want to withdraw, you received Bitcoin again. So your money is converted 3 different times. This reeks of laundering and removing paper trails.

    3) The demonstrator was already showing less than 21% per month returns. They purchased a ‘Education License’ in December and by March it had only earned 9% per month on average. This is the expected behavior of a ponzi scheme model where the later you get in, the less you earn until the last people lose all their money and earn nothing.

    4) There is no product, literally there is nothing that is actually generating money except more people buying in. I asked about what the daily percentages tracked and their answer was ‘the performance of the platform’ which means absolutely nothing. There are no financial reports or anything to tell you if the company is actually profiting. That’s because there is no company, this scheme IS the company and YOU are the product.

    5) The website looks like someone in High School programmed it, which is really interesting for a supposed tech company. The fonts are all over the place, there’s no uniformity at all.

    6) They mentioned running blockchain off quantum computers in the demo. Quantum computing is so far from practical use that this is laughable. At best, this is theoretical, at worst it’s a total lie.

    I found this website looking for additional info and I agree with basically everything he’s saying here as both a tech guy and financial investor. This company is super shady and yes, you will make money if you get in early, but it’s all scam money because the people who come in on the tail end are going to lose big time. At best, you are making money by deception, and at worst, you will be legally liable for their losses.

    • How can the demonstrator only return 9% per month when the daily average is 0.84% which people are getting? Dodgy math or bogus review…
      You don’t need a VPN to access the platform.
      The License is the product. The trading on the volatile market makes the profit which generates the returns. Gains of well over 1% are possible with volatile markets where profits can be taken whichever way the market goes. People have made money this way since money began, whether trading currencies or stocks and shares. It’s only the time gap that might be different.
      There is no obligation to bring more people in to make money which is the basis of a Ponzi scheme.
      There is a white paper for QDT – available to be downloaded.

      • “Gains of well over 1% are possible with volatile markets where profits can be taken whichever way the market goes.”
        Yeah, but you still have to get the direction right, which is far more difficult than you obviously think. And you have spread and/or fees playing against you…

  • According to James ,which is the safest platform to invest in now that all platforms are a scams.

  • Iam recently in the platform and have bought my license. All works as promissed. Money coming into my account daily. I havnt join other people to the platform yet but if i do so i will get cash bonuses as my friends do.

  • Thanks for your review, it surely will save a lot of people from HBP and untimely death.
    I really see you are not biased. Truth is bitter. please stop, many people are dying after falling into the hands of these scammers.
    Well done sir. Please can you send me names of some companies that are good for investment.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks once again.

  • im going to start i really afraid but still just pray and hope that the platform i do right is very good and stay long need people help thanks Mr Leonard for your confident in this platform for your good review god bless

  • Fxfarms thought me a huge lesson in December 2020 after only withdrawing twice and it crashed because i joined late.Fxfarms started well and even better than this………even showing us evidence of trades daily. I lost my $2,500 and up till now nothing has happened as they promise to return. Anyway the choice belongs to the investors.

  • What are you talking about? You just need to promote your platforms and get the others down!!! Qubit Life is Legit Company with good goals and we will DO THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • je vais mettre tout le monde d’accord , j’utilise les signaux qubilife qu’il me donne je paie 30 euros par mois j’ai 20 signaux par mois en moyenne et je fait entre 20 et 30% de benef moi et cela sur mon binance . voila la question est vite répondu ce n’est pas un ponzi.
    Vous pouvez clôturer le sujet merci

  • Simple, don’t put in what you cant afford to lose. This argument is not going to be won as some platforms ‘do what they say on the tin’ and others disappear overnight. Try to have a mixed portfolio (no matter how small) to hedge against loss because unquestionably there is risk going ‘all in’ on any one platform.

  • I find it funny that this writer does not know what he is talking about, some of the signals that QubitLife have put out have given me a return of 300% over the last while the robots return on average 7% a month and the make no claim that all returns are made from trading only. ther returns are 0.7% per day and most people break even in 4.5 months get your facts correct and do your due diligence properly. Idiot…


    Also blacklist in our country by security commissions

  • Acaba de volverse scam la compañía de qublife como se llama invertí en enero en dos licencias de 100 USD btc y en el día de ayer 25 de mayo de 2021 su CEO acaba de imponer su criterio de que no va a pagar más pasivos a ninguna otra persona espero los detengan por llevarse millones de dólares a los bolsillos.
    Hay millones invertidos en las compañía

  • Hey James you were right again. Qubitlife/Qubittech gaint ponzi scheme crashed yesterday. All of the investors are shell shocked. They can’t believe that the ponzi gurus took their hard earn money. They will be rewarded with useless QDT tokens that are fake just like the entire company and management. Look out for another ponzi scheme from the management and MLM persons associated.

  • thanks,
    can we begin a complaint against Qubittech ?
    i lost 2k$.

  • Top scammer and very big scammer company…
    do not invest…

  • I lost all my $21,000 investment instantly

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