Sad SCAM: Real Capital Edge review

Real Capital Edge review

See in this review that RCE (Real Capital Edge) is an investment scam that you’d better stay away from.

What is Real Capital Edge

Real Capital Edge claims to be a trading company that is focused on capital markets. Its alleged team of 10 people is trading Forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

The company claims that it is generating very high profits which you can get a share of. There are nine investment plans in total with daily returns starting at 5% with the Novice plan and going all the way up to 23.81% per day. Which is incredibly high.

The minimum investment amount with RCE is 50 USD.

But is Real Capital Edge a legit investment opportunity, can it really make you money?

Real Capital Edge scam

There is no way around it, Real Capital Edge is not legit, it is an investment scam. You should not invest any money in this program.

Fake registration

Real Capital Edge claims to be an Australian company with a proper registration. They even give a company number (66510954359) on their website.

However, a search in Australian registers shows that there is no Real Capital Edge company registered in Australia, certainly not with the number 66510954359.

It means that RCE is providing fake information on its website, and this alone means that it is a scam.

Since it has no registration nor license whatsoever, it also means that it is an illegal investment service that can’t be offered in almost any country. Users’ deposits are not protected in any way and all the money in this investment fraud will be lost.

No company registration

Plans that scream fraud

The thing that instantly gives away the Real Capital Edge fraud is the investment plans. Because be it 5 or 23% daily, these numbers are ridiculously high. To be clear, no legitimate business can earn that much money, no matter the industry.

Should it be possible to make 23% daily, with just a small starting capital you would become a billionaire in just one year. Nobody would be working if it was possible to earn 23% daily returns on investment.

People who come to the TBBOB website often ask what legit program can make them 1 or more percent daily returns. The answer is none. No legit business can earn you 1% or more daily for any longer period of time. That is just economic reality that you have to accept.

It is possible that some genius traders can do that, but if they do, they most certainly keep the profits for themselves and won’t share them with you. Not only because no trading strategy is indefinitely scalable.

Fraudulent investment plans

How RCE works

Scams like Real Capital Edge often start as Ponzi schemes, meaning that they recirculate money among their members. When you join, they take your deposit and divide it among members above you on their payouts.

Such an unsustainable pyramid always has a very limited life. With returns as high as offered by RCE that life is very short.

From what we gather, Real Capital Edge is not paying, which means that it is just a black hole for deposits. People who run the fraudulent scheme just keep all the money for themselves.

The problem for scammed users is that deposits are made with cryptocurrencies, so they can’t be reversed. In other words, nobody can’t give you your money back. The only thing you can do is file a complaint with the police and hope they will manage to track down the RCE fraudsters.

Real Capital Edge review – Conclusion

Real Capital Edge or RCE is a simple scam that will take your money and that will be it. There is no real company behind, just a shady structure where money disappears. Stay away from it.

If you are interested in financial trading, you can start on a free demo with a regulated company. Learn how everything works with virtual money before deciding on your next steps.

Should you decide to start trading with real money, make sure you understand the risks.

Real Capital Edge

50 USD

Company registration


Investment plans


Real returns



  • None


  • Scam
  • Not paying
  • Lying about registration
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