DERANGED SCAM: RealFXbitcore review

RealFXBitcore review

In this review we go over the RealFXbitcore scam that is also known as BitcoreFXtrade.

What is BitcoreFXtrade/RealFXbitcore

BitcoreFXtrade is presented as a team of successful managers that are ready to share their experience in investing with you through their digital marketplace for tokens.

The official site says that you will be able to trade binary options on digital assets with substantial profits. And that you will also be able to cloud mine cryptocurrencies.

There are five investment plans for the public with the minimum deposit starting at 500 USD. With every plan you are entitled to a deposit bonus from 20 to 90%, meaning that you can get almost the double of what you deposit on your trading account.

Higher the account, higher the additional profits you allegedly will get.

BitcoreFXtrade/RealFXbitcore also seems to be selling its own cryptocurrency and it projects that it will earn you 160% per year.

The company claims to be regulated in the United States. But is it true, can you trust it?

BitcoreFXtrade/RealFXbitcore scam

This investment platform unfortunately is a total scam that you have to avoid. Read our explanation in this review.

What company?

The first thing we immediately noticed when looking at the website of the platform is that not even the name is clear.

At the top of the page there is a logo with the name RealFXbitcore. However, the rest of the website says that the name of the platform is BitcoreFXtrade. So what is it?

It stays unclear, because details about the company that is running the program are crucially missing. Which is a big red flag.

Not regulated and illegal service

Another major flag is raised when you investigate about the legitimacy of the BitcoreFXtrade/RealFXbitcore company.

Because Bitcorefxtrade claims to be regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and to be insured.

However, a search on SEC’s website reveals that neither BitcoreFXtrade or RealFXbitcore are registered. Which means that the company is lying and it is a scam.

What is also interesting is that when you click on the Licence link in top right corner of the website, it will take you to a page that is talking about EmpireCryptoFX being regulated in a lot of countries.

It is not clear what this company is supposed to be in relation BitcoreFXtrade/RealFXbitcore, however it is not regulated either, all the regulatory information about it is fake.

SEC regulation

Fake data

On BitcoreFXTrade’s website you will find a roadmap from 2017 which makes it look like the platform is at least 5 years old.

But again, it is not true. The domain was created in March 2022 only, so it is one month old.

Therefore the platform is very new, it has no proven track record, it is serving you fake data on purpose to mislead you.

Domain age

Fake testimonials

On the RealFXbitcore website there are two sections with users’ testimonials. Both are fake. Let’s take a look at the one we captured in our screenshot below.

It shows people from the Bubble company and they are praising BitcoreFXtrade. But is not true, the CEO of Bubble nor any other employee of that company has never used this platform, let alone made profits with it.

Fake testimonials

Fake team

Last but not least, let’s have a look at the alleged team that is running BitcoreFXtrade and/or RealFXbitcore.

The official website shows you eight top employees, from the technical director to the platform developer. But the entire team is fake.

Take the example of the technical director John C. Haskins. He does not exists, his photo is in fact a stock photo that shows a model. So another lie.

Fake team

How BitcoreFXtrade/RealFXbitcore works in reality

BitcoreFXtrade/RealFXbitcore is a new scam created a month ago. It pretends to be a big blockchain project that will allow you to make money in trading, crypto mining and investing into a bespoke token.

But is all garbage, the project is not doing anything real. It is a pure scam that is taking money from people, that’s all it does. It was never meant to be real, to provide any value and to be successful.

It was just stitched together from parts stolen all across the internet from different companies and crypto projects. It uses a pretty nice presentation to make it look like a real thing, but it is a fraudulent platform designed to steal your money.

BitcoreFXtrade/RealFXbitcore review – Conclusion

BitcoreFXtrade – RealFXbitcore is a big scam that has nothing to do with real trading, investing or cryptocurrency mining. It is financial fraud made to steal your money. You have to stay away from it.

If you want to try legit investing and financial trading, you can do it on a free demo with a regulated company.

In case you develop an interest in trading with real money, please be sure to understand the risks first and to have a solid strategy in place.


500 USD



Legitimacy of the offer





  • Web design


  • Scam
  • Illegal investment
  • Lying
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