Review: Xeeplus is a total scam, beware!

Xeeplus review

In this review we expose the Xeeplus scam that is promising to make you a lot of money in financial trading and investing.

What is Xeeplus

Xeeplus is an investment company that allegedly was founded in 2019. It is investing in financial markets, real estate and other projects.

The company allegedly manages 61 billion dollars in assets and has invested in more than 240 companies.

For the public there are four investment plans to chose from. Starting with the Bronze plan with a minimum deposit of 250 USD and a weekly 7% return on investment. The highest Diamond plan promises a 16% weekly ROI.

Xeeplus supposedly is located and registered in the United Kingdom. But is it a legit company, should you invest your money with them?

Xeeplus scam

Xeeplus scam

The truth is that you should avoid Xeeplus, because it is a scam that can only lose your money. We explain everything important in this review.

Illegal investment service

First let us have a look at the company itself. Xeeplus is supposed to be located in London and legally registered in the United Kingdom. But it is not!

There is no Xeeplus company registered in the United Kingdom at all. What is even more important, is that no Xeeplus company is authorized by the FCA regulator to provide financial services in the UK.

The conclusion is simple, Xeeplus is breaking UK laws and it is an illegal investment service. Providing investment services in the UK without the proper authorization is a crime.

This fact alone should be enough for everybody to stay away from Xeeplus. Clients’ deposits are not protected in any way with this fraudulent program.

Illegal service

It’s in the plans

Xeeplus promises to make you 7 to 16% returns weekly, depending on the plan, which is equivalent to 30 to 68% monthly. Which is a huge number that is very rarely achieved by the best investment funds in a year! Yet Xeeplus supposedly is capable of doing it every month.

What does it tell you? The Xeeplus is a scam, because it is promising returns that are impossible for any legit company.

A lot of people don’t want to hear that, they prefer to believe that tens of percent per month are easy and sustainable, but they are not.

And so this is a quick way to uncover the vast majority of online investment scams. Look at the numbers they promise and if you see tens of percent per month, you can pretty much be sure you are facing a scam.

Investment plans

How Xeeplus works

Scams like Xeeplus often start as Ponzi schemes. Which means that early members will get paid for some time. This will make the scam gain traction and a lot of new people will join and deposit money. Which will keep the scam going.

Because Ponzi schemes simply take money from new members and give it to older members. So as long as the inflow of new money into the system is higher than the outflow, it can work, but never forever. It is impossible to sustain an exponential inflow of new people and money forever, this is why Ponzi schemes always collapse in the end.

So, whether Xeeplus is now paying or not does not matter, it is doomed to crash. It is only a matter of time before it happens.

And because deposits to Xeeplus are made in cryptocurrencies, people will just see their money disappear and never be able to get it back, because crypto transactions are irreversible.

This is why it is important to stay away from this fraud. It can go down any time. And even if you manage to withdraw profits before it happens, it means that somebody else got scammed for your profit.

Xeeplus review – Conclusion

Xeeplus is an illegal investment service and a scam. It is a fraudulent program that is making people lose money, stay away from it!

If you are interested in legit investing and trading, get a free demo with a regulated broker and start practicing with virtual money.

If one day you decide to trade with real money, please make sure that you understand the risks.


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