RoyalQ Bot review – Poor scam, beware!

RoyalQ Robot review

In this review we have a look at the cryptocurrency trading robot RoyalQ which is a scam that can’t earn you any money.

What is the RoyalQ robot

RoyalQ is presented as a quantitative trading robot that will make you money with cryptocurrencies. The robot will trade your account on Binance or Huobi and allegedly make you 5-10% returns per day.

It will trade with up to 50 cryptocurrency pairs 24/7. The robot will cost you 100 USD(T) per year.

You can even earn money by referring other people to RoyalQ, they have an affiliate system.

Will you believe that for 100 USD per year you can make 1825 to 3650% yearly returns on investment without compounding? Is the RoyalQ Bot legit?

Robot's features

RoyalQ Bot scam

No, RoyalQ Bot obviously is not legit, it is a scam. It just can’t work the way it is advertised. It is impossible. In this review we explain why.

Impossible ROI

We say it in almost every review, the quickest way to understand if an investment offer is a scam most often is to look at the numbers. And this approach remains absolutely valid with the RoyalQ Robot.

Because RoyalQ is supposed to make you 5-10% per day, which means 150-300% per month. Which is completely ridiculous and impossible.

Yes, it is that simple. Any investment offer promising you 5-10% per day must be a scam, there is just no other possibility. Because it is totally impossible to make such returns every day in any market in the world, cryptocurrencies are not an exception to this rule.

The RoyalQ Robot investment offer is so ridiculous that everybody should see that it is a scam. Some people don’t want to see it, because such profits are very attractive, but unfortunately they are also impossible.

Anonymous team

When you are about to let somebody gain control over your money, you should be sure that you can trust those people. So who are the people behind the RoyalQ Bot? Impossible to tell, because they are completely anonymous.

And this is a double problem. Because not only you have to pay them the activation fee for the robot, you will also let their robot trade with your money on a crypto exchange. The robot can basically lose all your money that you have on your trading account in a blink of an eye.

Does RoyalQ look to you trustworthy to the point where you will let it trade with your money on your trading account? There is no RoyalQ demo, you can’t test it, you just have to directly trade it with your real money. Which is extremely dangerous in the context of all the red flags we are describing in this review.

RoyalQ Bot scam

Illegal service

Cryptocurrency trading is not regulated. However, in a lot of countries trading robots are regulated no matter the assets they trade with. And RoyalQ Bot is obviously not regulated at all, so in some countries it is also illegal.

If, despite all the facts we present in this review, you are still thinking about using RoyalQ, we suggest you consult your decision with the national financial regulator in your country to see what they have to say about it.

Just use common sense

Imagine for a second that RoyalQ Bo is legit, that it really can earn 5-10% daily. In such a case you would need only 1500 USD for you initial investment to become a millionaire within three months (with an average 7.5% daily ROI and compounding).

Now imagine that you are the creator and owner of such a robot that can make you a millionaire within a few months. Will you have the need to sell this robot for 100 USD and encourage people to sell it to others via a referral program? Of course not. It would be against your interests!

The absurdity of this scenario shows you that RoyalQ Robot is a total scam and that you need only common sense to understand it.

How the RoyalQ Bot really works

It is very obvious how the RoyalQ fraudsters make their money. Their first income is the 100 USD activation fee people have to pay for the robot. It is paid in the tether cryptocurrency (USDT), so the payment is irreversible. So even when you realize that the robot is not working, you won’t be able to get a refund.

Their second income stream is the affiliate commission they earn when they make you open an account on Binance.

Also, the RoyalQ Bot can be used to manipulate the markets. Scammers who created the robot can buy a small cap cryptocurrency and then pump its price up with the robot through all the accounts that belong to its users. And then sell for profits. So they can rekt you three times.

RoyalQ Bot review – Conclusion

RoyalQ Bot is a scam not only because it is literally impossible to make 5-10% every day in crypto trading. Stay away from it!

Making money in trading is possible, but it is not easy. You have to learn how to trade and to build your own profitable strategy. You can try it on a free demo account.

Before investing real money be sure to understand the risks.

RoyalQ Bot

100 USDT







Real profits



  • Website from the 90s


  • Scam
  • Ridiculous
  • Can't deliver
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Comments 111

  • So fu*ked up

  • I partially agree with you.I have lost money on the so called Royal Q bot and i cant recommend it to anyone.

  • Mr James, I have recently started trading via A RoaylQ. Royal Q doest say it will make 5-10 percent profit daily.. the Analysts (circle) says one can make minimum 10 percent per month. RoyalQ can never take your money and disappear, because all your funds is in Binance exchange wallet. We give access to royalq only to trade. Buy and sell. As in life nothing comes free. So we need to part with our profit and pay commission to the Analysts and bot.

  • The most garbage review that I ever read about RoyalQ.

  • James, the only way to have a finite opinion is for you to join and try it out and then leave a review. That would be incredibly useful for those who are maybe thinking about this. Would cost you $120 plus maybe $50 to open a small account.

  • This is complete nonsense review I don’t think this person ever try to know anything about RoyalQ

  • Risk is everywhere! If you are investing your money crypto, forex and stock.
    Big risk big profit

    • Yes, but there is a difference between risking and entering a scam. Risking is about probabilites, scams are a sure way of losing money.

  • you just a hater to promote your own business shame on you

  • its like talking to an Elementary student sharing a movie shared by his friend…
    when he talks as if he seen the movie….

  • royal q is real and makind me cool money every day

  • Go youtube to know more…
    The review is wrong..
    The profit is around 0.5% until 2% per day (average).
    Our fund is in binance… We never paid to RQ..
    Our profit goes to binance/huobi..
    You withdraw your profit from binance.. Not RQ..
    Confirm not scam because you need to do api binding yourself… (there is manual to do).
    If you want more info, you can email me at ********
    I have joined for 3 months and earn $700.. I also have tried to withdraw successfully from binance as much as $100.

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