RoyalQ Bot review – Poor scam, beware!

RoyalQ Robot review

In this review we have a look at the cryptocurrency trading robot RoyalQ which is a scam that can’t earn you any money.

What is the RoyalQ robot

RoyalQ is presented as a quantitative trading robot that will make you money with cryptocurrencies. The robot will trade your account on Binance or Huobi and allegedly make you 5-10% returns per day.

It will trade with up to 50 cryptocurrency pairs 24/7. The robot will cost you 100 USD(T) per year.

You can even earn money by referring other people to RoyalQ, they have an affiliate system.

Will you believe that for 100 USD per year you can make 1825 to 3650% yearly returns on investment without compounding? Is the RoyalQ Bot legit?

Robot's features

RoyalQ Bot scam

No, RoyalQ Bot obviously is not legit, it is a scam. It just can’t work the way it is advertised. It is impossible. In this review we explain why.

Impossible ROI

We say it in almost every review, the quickest way to understand if an investment offer is a scam most often is to look at the numbers. And this approach remains absolutely valid with the RoyalQ Robot.

Because RoyalQ is supposed to make you 5-10% per day, which means 150-300% per month. Which is completely ridiculous and impossible.

Yes, it is that simple. Any investment offer promising you 5-10% per day must be a scam, there is just no other possibility. Because it is totally impossible to make such returns every day in any market in the world, cryptocurrencies are not an exception to this rule.

The RoyalQ Robot investment offer is so ridiculous that everybody should see that it is a scam. Some people don’t want to see it, because such profits are very attractive, but unfortunately they are also impossible.

Anonymous team

When you are about to let somebody gain control over your money, you should be sure that you can trust those people. So who are the people behind the RoyalQ Bot? Impossible to tell, because they are completely anonymous.

And this is a double problem. Because not only you have to pay them the activation fee for the robot, you will also let their robot trade with your money on a crypto exchange. The robot can basically lose all your money that you have on your trading account in a blink of an eye.

Does RoyalQ look to you trustworthy to the point where you will let it trade with your money on your trading account? There is no RoyalQ demo, you can’t test it, you just have to directly trade it with your real money. Which is extremely dangerous in the context of all the red flags we are describing in this review.

RoyalQ Bot scam

Illegal service

Cryptocurrency trading is not regulated. However, in a lot of countries trading robots are regulated no matter the assets they trade with. And RoyalQ Bot is obviously not regulated at all, so in some countries it is also illegal.

If, despite all the facts we present in this review, you are still thinking about using RoyalQ, we suggest you consult your decision with the national financial regulator in your country to see what they have to say about it.

Just use common sense

Imagine for a second that RoyalQ Bo is legit, that it really can earn 5-10% daily. In such a case you would need only 1500 USD for you initial investment to become a millionaire within three months (with an average 7.5% daily ROI and compounding).

Now imagine that you are the creator and owner of such a robot that can make you a millionaire within a few months. Will you have the need to sell this robot for 100 USD and encourage people to sell it to others via a referral program? Of course not. It would be against your interests!

The absurdity of this scenario shows you that RoyalQ Robot is a total scam and that you need only common sense to understand it.

How the RoyalQ Bot really works

It is very obvious how the RoyalQ fraudsters make their money. Their first income is the 100 USD activation fee people have to pay for the robot. It is paid in the tether cryptocurrency (USDT), so the payment is irreversible. So even when you realize that the robot is not working, you won’t be able to get a refund.

Their second income stream is the affiliate commission they earn when they make you open an account on Binance.

Also, the RoyalQ Bot can be used to manipulate the markets. Scammers who created the robot can buy a small cap cryptocurrency and then pump its price up with the robot through all the accounts that belong to its users. And then sell for profits. So they can rekt you three times.

RoyalQ Bot review – Conclusion

RoyalQ Bot is a scam not only because it is literally impossible to make 5-10% every day in crypto trading. Stay away from it!

Making money in trading is possible, but it is not easy. You have to learn how to trade and to build your own profitable strategy. You can try it on a free demo account.

Before investing real money be sure to understand the risks.


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  • you are crasy LOL

  • It sure definitely working for me. You sound like a complete hater.

  • I am surprised at this negative review. I have 50 dollars in my Binance that I am using to trade and it has been making money for me.

  • Question is if this person who reviewed RoyalQ bot, bought it and used it to trade to make such negative remarks about RoyalQ. It was never mentioned in any part of his review that he owns the bot.

  • I have been using it for a week now and I have made 50usd already

  • Looking through your other posts it shows that all your reviews are that all online companies are scams. You are one hell of a hater

  • I joined RoyalQ and can see trades happening 24 X7. I think promoting RoyalQ to give very high returns over 5% per day sounds unrealistic but the fact is there is no limit of return, it all depends on the market movement. If you check your Binance account in the gainers section you will see that some altcoins make over 50 to 100% gain in a day, so that’s also real if you have your position in those coins. Unfortunately no one knows the right coin at the right time to buy & sell. With RoyalQ I have gained average 0.5% daily return i.e. 15% months and I think that’s a reasonable return so guys don’t go blind on some negative remarks. The financial meltdowns happen due to worlds best financial highly educated gurus we have witnessed. Take your limited exposure, remove your capital… than who cares. Happy investing, God Bless

  • what the fu*k are u talking about bro LOLOL…. everything is just assumption, our money is on BINANCE (the biggest crypto exhange in the world) RQ just a software to execute the market, its not even can touch our money!, and strategy they used is marty averaging, which is ONLY close when its PROFIT… u just a hater with 0 knowledge

    • I understand that you don’t know what I am talking about because you obviously did not read the review.

      • dont be ridiculous man….i think you are embittered at the success of royalQ

      • You really dunno what you review..
        RQ is just like a virtual secretary to manage bitcoin…
        RQ cannot take fund since our fund is in binance.
        RQ can only trade the coins..
        I earn $700 within 3 months with $1500 in binance.. (not RQ)
        Even if RQ closed down/scam, my $2200 is still at Binance.
        My friends at SGP had regret because they cant use RQ since Rq only works at Binance and Huobi but both platform reject SGP.
        Till now i cant find other bots better than RQ… Go to youtube to learn more about RQ.. Your review is inaccurate.

    • 100% fact

    • If the robot was programmed by humans it can be programmed by humans to take all your money from binance or houbi it’s just a matter of time since the owners of the robot are unknown they don’t have an address they don’t even have a support team don’t say you were not warned

  • Come one you are complete wrong man where did you find social fake notice? AH right you get sh*t on RoyalQ just to promote you service. This is ridiculous

  • Why royal q is hiding its identity. Who is the owner we don’t know .if bot trades then why there is circle officers recruited for trading. Their commitment is 2 to 10 percent daily profit but im getting 0 profit . Why? Yes it is a scam.

  • How please.

    I need your assistance

  • You don’t know what you talking men , don’t lisen this guy

  • Something that is profitable but seems too much
    impossible to make sense of, probable
    big is a scam….

  • Very good application.
    Fake reviews

  • Trashing others but selling your own. Lol trash guru

  • your money is in binance /huobi exchanger right? u are not giving your money to Royal Q. your money still in your binance account, how come RQ can withdrawl or take your money? when we get profit, the profit comes to your binance account (not going to RQ). so..

  • Thanks for this wonderful article.
    I have had some interest in Royal Q for some time but knew little about it. Now thanks to this content and that on another webpage: (c)
    I feel well-informed.
    I am definitely not throwing any money down the drain called Royal Q.
    Thanks again.

    • Obinna…dont listen to the sadist. he is envious and bitter over the ingenious creativity of RoyalQ. your money is NOT held up in RoyalQ; you only assign a part of it for RoyalQ to trade with. the rest is in you Binance account, well secured.
      RoyalQ is a game changer…make use of this opportunity.

    • You have problem

  • AHAHHAHAHA, this “””article””” is so funny. So strange you didn’t mention you can personalize the strategy and even choose the coin you want the bot to trade with.
    You should write something you know about…

  • the guy who wrote this insane article is as insane as the article itself…..being bitter and jealous over an ingenious creativity.

  • Stupid review!
    Who tell you about “The robot will trade your account on Binance or Huobi and allegedly make you 5-10% returns per day.”

  • So I read you full review. Thanks for trying to educate people and help them avoid scams. On RQ however, you missed something vital. Your trading capital is never with RQ. The API you bind to your exchange wallet CANNOT make withdrawals. All your trades and the profit will ever be in your exchange wallet and is never in possession of RQ at anytime. And you can also manually chose and program the tokens you want to trade and close any trade at anytime you chose. You are always in control and see what assets you have at anytime.

    What this solution does if democratize access to spot trading techniques newbies would never have had access to.

    I’d suggest you take a closer look at the operations if you can. An open mind does wonders.

    All the best

    • So you did not read the review. Because if you did, you would know that I explained how the scam works and that it has nothing do with where your trading capital is.

      • I think what James Pinion posted is correct. You guys are not getting it. may be possible to make even 50% a day but it is absolutely impossible to sustain it whether 5 – 10% everyday without crashing.

        I used to make 80% profit a day but I have never lasted beyond 3 months without crashing everything.

        Same way, in trading, if you are making 5% everyday, you will definitely lose everything and return back to zero. It’s just a matter of time. Such 5% profit everyday is unsustanable.

        That was exactly James Pinion warning about OmegaPro. The OmegaPro may last longer because it offers a small percentage (300%) returns after 14 or 16 months but there is still this fear that it may go down one day and people will lose their money. Of course, people are making money in OmegaPro which I have also made money there but if it is not registered and regulated – then danger is staring at us. Remember, I have made money with OmegaPro and still with them but the warning is real. (Silo)

  • As long as people are wining, they are so satisfied , but when they start living the scam they change their minds completely…. We have to understand that any company or any bot will generate you money and earnings at the beginnings because it is designed to do so, this is the bait, and people will be so positive until they start loosing money .

    I’m talking in general , this is the way it works and this is how scams are made for. Just be careful when you make decisions and remember that 97% of the Online Opportunities are SCAMS.

    • True. If you use the wrong strategies or choose shit coins, you can quickly go into deficit on Royal Q even from the beginning. That is the risk of trading crypto. Royal Q doesn’t totally remove that risk. But with the right trading strategies and the right coins, profits trickle in daily even in bearish conditions. But your advice is very important. Ponzi schemes are all over the place

  • I read your review! More than once in fact. I think that your assumption that anyone that doesn’t agree with your position essentially didn’t read or doesn’t understand is a bit condescending and trollish.

    These are your statements:

    “It is very obvious how the RoyalQ fraudsters make their money. Their first income is the 100 USD activation fee people have to pay for the robot. It is paid in the tether cryptocurrency (USDT), so the payment is irreversible. So even when you realize that the robot is not working, you won’t be able to get a refund.”

    Yes, you pay for the bot in advance in USDT. It is in fact no longer $100, it is now $120 and has been so for a while now. This will certainly be a horrible scam if the bot doesn’t work or fails at doing what it is meant to do. I agree it takes a leap of faith to pay for something you haven’t test. I wish there was a workaround that. It will certainly give more people a level of comfort. But, take it from a bloke that is a mega-skeptic, who has checked, and rechecked, the bot does EXACTLY what you program it to do. Not more. Not less.

    “Their second income stream is the affiliate commission they earn when they make you open an account on Binance.”

    I don’t know about this, so I won’t speak to what I don’t know. But for the ingenuity of this bot, if they earn a commission from Binance on trades, they deserve it.

    “Also, the RoyalQ Bot can be used to manipulate the markets. Scammers who created the robot can buy a small cap cryptocurrency and then pump its price up with the robot through all the accounts that belong to its users. And then sell for profits. So they can rekt you three times.”

    First, their volume of trades is too small to manipulate the market. Second, you have the total liberty to choose the coin(s)you want to trade, when you want to trade them and the amount of capital you want to use to trade. You can close your trades at ANYTIME and exit. And ALL your trades are on Binance. Not the APP.

    I would have loved their organization and ownership structure to me more transparent. That was a red flag. But I suspect they are based on China or have Chinese roots.

    Once again, thanks for the efforts. I guess you have altruistic intentions. We however must have enough self awareness to know that it is possible that we are wrong. Baring more information from you, you are wrong about this sir.

    All this best

    NB – I guess you also know by now that there is no promise of 5 -10% returns per day? You are right in saying that is crazy. It is! Royal Q doesn’t promise that

  • First, those screenshots are not from the official RQ website. They will be from affiliates trying to sell themselves. In crypto markets, you can “potentially” make 100% in a day! Does that mean crypto markets “promise” you *WILL* make 100% in a day, everyday?! No sir. These affiliates’ materials could certainly be clearer about expectations.

    What Royal Q does is to help subscribers mitigate the risk of trading especially for newbies and remove emotional buying decisions. It is a great improvement on the free bots available on some exchanges with the ability to sub-sell your positions when preset conditions are met. Realistically, you can expect to make about 8 to 10% returns on your captial per month even in bearish markets “all things being equal”. In bullish conditions, you can make much much more. But no one should invest in crypto what they cannot afford to lose. There are no guarantees. It is still a very high risk and volatile endeavor. What Royal Q does is to take that volatility and use it to eek out profits. That’s quite ingenuous in my humble opinion. You don’t have to also to join the affiliate program. That is totally optional. I believe you’d agree that earning 8% to 10% returns on capital is decent profits.

    You can download the app for free and take a look around it. You don’t need to pay to do that . They have a few vidoes and materials there on Quantitative Trading. The English is a bit poor. But like I said earlier, they appear to have Chinese roots. They probably should have paid someone better to do their translations.

    All the best

  • Now you are hedging. Which website? The screenshots have no semblance to what is on the official website of Royal Q.

    I thought your were providing review of *services* that are scam in nature and not just the heresay information you have of them. I think you owe it as a duty to your readers to verify the information you use to write your reviews. Your reviews have the underlying assumption that they are based on facts and not heresay and that you are an expert in these matters.

    I have to say I am a bit disappointed. I have used the information on your website to bolster arguments against some “investments” with friends but I had no firsthand knowledge of these tools and just relied on what you said. Having now engaged with you on RQ, which I have diligently researched and observed, it puts to question all your other “reviews”.

    Friendly advise, in many parts of the world, the tone and unequivocally use of language in this writeup (eg “it is very obvious how the RoyalQ fraudsters make their money”) meet the legal threshold of criminal libel. You are calling people fraudsters who no evidence suggest they are and who you undeniably now have more than sufficient evidence to at least suspect they may not be what you voraciously claim they are.

    Burrowing from the famous words, he that will not learn is no different from he that cannot learn. It takes a great deal of humility to acknowledge when we are wrong and very importantly have the good sense to know that once in a while will be wrong.

    All the best

    • Your comment screams dishonesty. But anyway, this review is about this RoyalQ Bot website: (English version:

      • Thank you so much for opening up my eyes Royal q is a scam they will wake up one day program the bot to grab all there money from binance etc since the robot owners are not known and are not registered and they don’t have an address a robot is programmed so those who talk about API just don’t know what there talking about run now if you can but to those who think it is working I have a free active royal q bot 2 Months old you can contact me I’ll give it to you for free

    • You spoke my mind here @GBG
      I have trusted and relied on this guy’s reviews as useful and credible information but this particular one about ROYAL Q , nah! it makes me question all his reviews . Its not even about the money, its about earning the trust of the public and being recokoned with as a standard or blueprint to verify the TRUTH.

      POINT 1;
      Advertising your opinion as the only perspective to see through is wrong @James… I appreciate your work for fishing out scammers and trying to save us all from their traps, but as for this one, the basis of your agurment is one sided…. I dont think that screenshot in you reviews about getting 5 – 10% daily is from the company’s official website. I have always seen and heard “AN AVERAGE OF 10 % MONTHLY” although this isnt consistent, i can attest to it. Now looking at it from this point of view at least makes more sense and could mean alot. Even if they acctually mentioned making 5 – 10 % (consistent) daily profit, [which i dont believe is possible due to the “CONSISTENT” used , cause the numbers will never add up after a given period of time , lets say “one year”.No singular entity moves the crypto markets, so using the word CONSISTENT is very expensive.], you cant just base your total argument on that fact. I would geninuely say that the only misleading information of Royal Q is using the word “CONSISTENT” .I think that screenshot is from an over zealous affiliate marketer that just want to gain referral bonus at all cost. The way you presented your facts makes Royal Q look like a total scam which has no truth or geniune purpose. @James. totally wrong my friend. Not good. Yes they have loop holes as a company,( there is no huge organisation that doesnt have loop holes) but you shedding light on the loop holes only mehn, Thats cold. Makes you sound like you are taking sides. There is totally nothing wrong in saying you are wrong. we all make mistakes. You cant be 100% accurate. You are not God. If you for once come out to apologize for misleading or inaccurate information , you would gain alot of trust. But you dogedly standing on your perspective or view as the only lens to see through will just make us see you as ‘compromised’ and move on to get the truth elsewhere.

      POINT 2;
      There are alot of scams here and there. Also the legit ones involve risk so basically, nothing is guaranteed . “A skilled sailor is made during the storm”. The point is, You just have to take some risk but ‘calculated risk’ having in mind that you only risk what you can afford to loose. As a matter of fact, playing by the rules all the time wont get you anywhere, Ask the Rich folks. I made this point cause you seem to label alot “SCAM” once you notice a slight error. Especially when they are not regulated. Lol… In my country, crypto is not regulated and its being labelled a SCAM by the Central Bank. I want to believe that they made such uncivilized conclusions cause cyrpto threatens their existence and reminds them of the fact that one day, they would have no control over the funds of the masses. They have placed alot of sanctions and those that still use or trade crypto in anyway are hunted. They make it look like its a crime to own crypto which is wrong on so many levels. Its okay to warn the public about crypto, but making decisions for them by banning a system you dont understand or criminalizing users is unacceptable. Its totally up to me to decide what i do with my funds. So if i agree with the Central Bank of my country and see crypto as a scam, i would be missing out on a whole new world of possibilities. I hope you get my point. To everyone reading this, Research properly before you invest. Do not rely on anyone for an investment advice, even if the individual is certified. Dyor! You have every right to take some risk. That is how you get better in the world of investments. Once again, past profits do not guarantee future proceeds, only risk what you can afford to loose!

      • Long story short, contact the national financial regulator in your country, ask them about Royal Q and post their response here.

  • Screaming dishonesty? How so? A bit of projection? I have been called a number of things by people, but dishonest is not one of them. I try to be forthright in my interactions.

    Now, back to the substance of our discussion. That is not the official Royal Q website. The official website of Royal Q is The website you based your entire review on is not the correct one. It could as well be a phishing site as there are many of those out there truly scamming people in the name of RQ.

    Taking snippets of information from a just any website without even bothering to ensure you have valid information isn’t best practice for a review. It will be like me reviewing a product I have never used based on impressions of other people who also may have never used the prodyor have nefarious intent. It can also be liken to me claiming to review a person called James Pinion based on the colorful opinions and names people have expressed about you in the comments section of this review (and others) and stitching them together with screenshots to say I know you or call you names because of these opinions. That will be dishonest.

    I salute your forthrightness in approving even the negative opinions about you. That again suggests to me that you are probably doing these reviews for altruistic reasons (I hope).

    In summary, unless you have other information you have not shared, your reviewed is premised on wrong information. You have no factual knowledge of how RQ works (and appear unwilling to find out or know how). And your conclusions are very off the mark.

    All the best

    • I looked at that website again and it is sending people to via an affiliate link. So it is run by an affiliate. And this person is not alone with this narrative, just search for “RoalyQ robot results” on Youtube and you will find lots of affiliates promising similar ridiculous profits with RoyalQ Bot. That is the way this bot is marketed by its affiliate, that is what is being sold to people.

      • Good. I am glad you have taken another look at this site. You would see see that none of those claims are made by RQ. The promise of outrageous returns by this affiliate (and any other person making such claims) is not a sustainable one. And should be called out as such. And in fact, RQ has come out to strongly speak against these sort of claims in internal message boards. While during a bull run, you can truly make the returns claimed by the affiliate, it is not however always so. You could go days without any profit depending on the market, the coin you are trading and your strategy. But what the bot is programmed to do is never to sell at a loss unless you choose to close trades in a loss position yourself. With the volatility in the crypto market, it is designed to eek out profits both in bear and bull markets.

        The lack of clarity or overselling by affiliates however doesn’t excuse your review. You claim to have done a review on “Royal Q Bot” and not the claims of Royal Q affiliates. The title of your review says, “RoyalQ Bot review – Poor scam, beware!”. To illustrate my point, if I wanted to do a review of “James Pinion”, while it is okay to use the opinion of people that claim to know you, it won’t be a complete review if I don’t actually talk to you or use materials that are directly tied to you. If I only spoke to your friends or your enemies, I will probably have a very slanted opinion of who you are. Moreso if I have never met you nor interacted with you. Do you get my point?

        It is all very possible that Royal Q will collapse. If it does, it won’t be because of any of the reasons you have raised. It certainly is not a scam. All your reasons for claiming it is one are false and not in anyway close to the way the bot and the actual business model operates. I think the honest thing to do is for you to edit the title, tone and information you have in this writeup. You actually know nothing about how Royal Q operates and you are not in a position to claim it is a scam.

        All the best.

        • As I said, that website is not an outlier, do the suggested search on YouTube and you will find lots of RoyalQ Bot affiliates promoting the product with similar claims. And RoyalQ is not going after these affiliates and shutting their affiliate links down, from what I can tell. It is a pattern. You can’t hide behind your affiliates and say they just promote you in a you we don’t agree with. Heck, regulated brokers get regularly suspended by regulators if their affiliates don’t follow the rules and don’t promote them in a compliant way. Because it would be too easy for scams to have a compliant website and then use their affiliate network to spread misleading promotional materials.

          So again, RoyalQ Bot is promoted by its affiliates this ridiculous way and it is not up to me to clean this mess. RQ in fact don’t say much on their website, they obviously rely on their affiliates to do the marketing job.

          • So to close (at least from my end – unless you have additional information to share which I am open to considering), you are not disputing that your review is not based on fact. You have zero knowledge of RQ and it’s operations. Hence you couldn’t possibly and have NOT reviewed “Royal Q Bot”! You have simply responded to what you think are outlandish claims by some (or many in your words) affiliates. But in doing so, you yourself have now made even mor egregious and baltantly false claims posited as undisputed truths but you don’t believe it is your responsibility to address your false claims. If that is not irony, I don’t know what is 🙂 – the factchecker bereft of facts.

            All the best

            NB – I know many affiliates of RQ. And the ones I know don’t make these claims. If they did, I would have bailed on them very fast.

          • What you are saying is absurd and nonsense, and I have already explained why. I won’t repeat myself.

  • ROFLMAO… I am running RoyalQ. And trust me.. This review is so stupid, that it claims 10% a day. Let’s be honest. If you can make 20% a month with RoyalQ, you are the luckiest person on earth. ROFL
    There are a few stupid claims that the reviewer make.
    1. 10% a day, 300% a month. You won’t get that. It’s simply not possible, and simply, stupid.
    2. RoyalQ can buy currencies, and pump currencies. This is also invalid, since RoyalQ CANNOT buy anything that are not in user’s watch list. You need to specify which coin you want to watch, and how many percent up or down to buy, how far down, and how far up.
    3. Scam means that you lose your money to something that is not real. They earn commision, they earn rent fee. But they can’t scam you. It is not possible to scam people in Binance, since RoyalQ are not granted a right to withdraw or transfer money. Unless you are saying that Binance, a company with 30 billion dollar daily transaction is a scam, RoyalQ cannot be a scam, since they hold nothing.

    RoyalQ works by buying at low DCA, and sell it once it reached your determined profit. You can even control how much price swing you want before the robot buy the currency.

    Let’s put it this way. The author refused to even try RoyalQ, and he reviewed something, based on his assumptions and lies, not a fact. All he said was bogus. If you get RoyalQ, you don’t need to run it. From its first setup, you would understand clearly, that scamming is not even remotely possible. Just untick those checkmarks on Binance. I even tried to untick spot trading permission, and RoyalQ bot just reported an error. Binance just refused the bot to trade. Even if, for some remote reason, RoyalQ is indeed a scam, it won’t get anything from you, but $120 you spent on rent fee. And the word would get out, and they won’t get rent fee anymore, and will go bankrupt. If their robot are scam, they would also lose their commision. And since they have no right at all on your money, they would be dead in a matter of months without any fundings.

    In short, is not beneficial for them to scam the user. The business model of Binance simply does not allow for such things

    • 1) RoyalQ is promoted as a robot that can make you 5 – 10% day, see the screenshots in the review. Or make a search on YouTube about “RoyalQ Bot Results” and you will see tons of people promising hundreds of percent per month with this robot. Lots or affiliates are promoting the robot this way, so it is not a coincidence.
      2) You have to decide, either the robot provides you with signals that are supposed to make you money, or you have to find your own settings and you have to have your own profitable strategy. In the first case the robot can pump assets it is providing signals for, in the second case it is not a trading robot, but an automation tool for trading strategies. The robot is being promoted as an automated trading system that will make you money, thus providing the same trading signals for a given asset to everybody.
      3) Scam means it can make you lose anything, it does not have to be money. But in case of RoyalQ it is money, since you have to pay for the robot. It can also make you lose money by providing you with losing trading signals, while people who run the robot can profit by running pump and dump schemes on their customers.

      • Sir……you are way too wrong with this bot. You don’t even try this bot your own. Immediately when I see you write “the bot provides signal”, I know you have completely no clue of how this bot working. The bot does not provide any signals at all! It is a trading tool! More like grid bot without range!! Here do you know what is a grid bot?

        If affiliate wants to make exaggeration on the profit to attract referrals to join them, it’s their own business. The official Royal Q never claims any guaranteed return daily or monthly. But there are traders with 10-50% historical monthly profit return. Honestly, with crypto future trading, 100-500% a month is possible, 10-50% a month on spot trading, why not possible? This kind of exaggerated marketing is everywhere in the world. Why don’t you point all of them out and call them all scam too?

        Stop your lose trading signals!!!! This bot does not provide any signals!! The more you write the more makes you a joke out there dude!!! Don’t make judgement on things you have no idea! Sir! Even pump dump scheme, hahaha…….I am laughing very loud!! Lol … if market pump you make money, market dump you lose money? Sir, do you even know what is spot trading? Lol do you even know what is DCA? OMG

    • At least one person on here understands the basics of Royal Q. I think the author is just trying to put up some click bait – he got me – LOL!

      Don’t know if the author is completely ignorant or just trying to scare people with a false critique to grab some traffic but it is kinda funny.

  • james pinion,sometime it is better to open your mind to see others opinion.. through my review on this site and all your comment through this, i can conclude that you have a very little knowledge about Royal Q and you do not know the fully automated crypto bot operation..yes,it is true,there are many online scams out there,but not all of them are case,if the royal q robot stopped, the on trading coins can still be sold manually through the exchanger.

  • aside from royal q,there are much more crypto automated bot,that need to be paid first before we tend to use it..and some of them,some of the bot offered are 100% legit.. james, you can not make such this review if you dont have enough knowledge and information..u just spreading the fud,spreading the negativity without fully understand about it.. one more thing,stop making a statement of profit 5% daily!!! the claim only comes from the people that want to attract people to be on their downline !!! that statement is false!! if u gather information from the real and pro trader on royal q,no one will claim such amount of profit!! the real claim can be made about royal q,is 5%-30% monthly,depends on market!!

  • Anonymous owner being a serious concern? Who owns bitcoin? Where is the Satoshi guy/girl? Where is nakomoto or nakamura?

    • Anonymous owner is a concern when this anonymous owner wants you to buy his product that is supposed to make you money in investing. In fact, laws in almost every country do not allow the seller of such a product to be anonymous.

      • LOL! So not true. You can invest with anything however you like. Heck you can even try to use astrology tools to invest and profit – although you might be an idiot if you choose to do so. Other than insider trading if in the US – anyone can invest with whatever tool they think will bring them profit. Just be sure to pay your taxes if you do profit from it!

  • you seem to be frustrated, royal q does not promise moon overnight, its only a buy / sell robot at certain % and that too what we configure for coin.

    Kindly of logic set by robot is motivating that if you have good funds for re buying in down trend you can also earn in downtrend – thats a master stroke by robot.

    You dont have complete knowledge on working of robot for sure

  • Who’s the founder of Royal Q?

  • who among you guys already withdraw money/earnings in RoyalQ?

  • ahahhahahahahaahahahahah, we are not talking about 5-10%. We are only talking on 1% percent.


  • Red flag don’t be too carried away. Why are the developers anonymous. I’m sure that anyone who genuinely create a solution should be very proud and own up to it. You dont need a sorcerer to tell you that it’s pure scam. Ponzi schemes are wearing diff shades these days to lure innocent people and rip them off.

  • LOL! This website and article is the Scam. Royal Q works for me! And I know nothing about crypto or trading. Is it a get rich bot – no – but it definitely brings in income without affiliate recruitment.

  • Lol …. Am happy with the amount am making out of RoyalQ… And this bot says 5% to 25% monthly… not on daily basis

  • That website is not legit you’ve reviewed a wrong page, over there it’s sure you’ll get scammed

  • Summary the owner of this review is dogmatic

  • The promise of 5% daily is ridiculous. Why the anonymous owners of this robot don’t stop those affiliates that are marketing lies that make some people believe this is a scam and destroying the business?

    Maybe because they just want to sell the app?
    Or maybe they are stupid? I don’t think so. Creating a pyramidal scheme, and an app like this is not done by stupids.

    Let’s say that the real % is 5 per month. Let’s say you “invest” 300$ to pay the app, the gas, and minimal investment for crypto of 160$. You will need 1 year to recover those 300$, in the best scenario that it will be 5% monthly. If you lose, it will take more time to recover those 300$ that you took out of your pocket.

    In one year you are at the break-even point, profit and loss are 0. You put those 300$ back in your pocket, which means you don’t have capital (crypto or fiat), and your membership is expired. You are exactly at the same point where you started it.

    Do you need to invest more than 160$ in crypto? Well, that can theoretically give you more, but if you invest those 300$ (without paying the robot+gas), that theoretically will give you more too. You are gambling in any case, with a robot or without a robot. With a robot like this, you are increasing the randomness on a chaotic system, not the opposite.

    Just a bit of luck on your side will help you recover sooner and make some money after the initial costs. Or the contrary, you can lose your 160$. But the robot owner got 120 plus the finance affiliate etc

    This is exactly what is happening with ANY person gambling with crypto: the luck of having the info (which crypto will be high or low at any given time) in the right moment.

    Trust in a shady-in-appearance app to automate a process that depends on luck is adding more randomness to the system because the robot doesn’t know the info either. Crypto is not an investment, is gambling, and a shady one, that depends on a lot of things out of control (including Elon Musk’s bs). Automating that process is making it more chaotic, in a faster way.

    I could buy a bot like this if I can pay with my profits (like a freemium) and from people with a legally established company in a country, to avoid surprises in the coding of the app, from someone you can sue if that thing is giving wrong advises or suddenly steal the money and disappear.

    I mean I’m not saying this royalq is a scam but is so shady, risky, and adding randomness to an already chaotic system, is just not worth it for me.

    • Using RQ, there is no loss.. Only floating loss… How much you earn is depend on the strategy you put at RQ.
      I put a conservative strategy and can earn 10% / month.
      If you play small, better do not use RQ… The good strategy needs fund.. You need at least $500 to play 1 coin at good strategy… However you can change strategy at any time.
      Till now, i cant find any other robot better than RQ since he also have sub-sell strategy which works during crash.
      All other bots only works during good time but not crash.

  • Go youtube to know more…
    The review is wrong..
    The profit is around 0.5% until 2% per day (average).
    Our fund is in binance… We never paid to RQ..
    Our profit goes to binance/huobi..
    You withdraw your profit from binance.. Not RQ..
    Confirm not scam because you need to do api binding yourself… (there is manual to do).
    If you want more info, you can email me at ********
    I have joined for 3 months and earn $700.. I also have tried to withdraw successfully from binance as much as $100.

  • royal q is real and makind me cool money every day

  • its like talking to an Elementary student sharing a movie shared by his friend…
    when he talks as if he seen the movie….

  • you just a hater to promote your own business shame on you

  • Risk is everywhere! If you are investing your money crypto, forex and stock.
    Big risk big profit

    • Yes, but there is a difference between risking and entering a scam. Risking is about probabilites, scams are a sure way of losing money.

  • This is complete nonsense review I don’t think this person ever try to know anything about RoyalQ

  • James, the only way to have a finite opinion is for you to join and try it out and then leave a review. That would be incredibly useful for those who are maybe thinking about this. Would cost you $120 plus maybe $50 to open a small account.

  • The most garbage review that I ever read about RoyalQ.

  • Mr James, I have recently started trading via A RoaylQ. Royal Q doest say it will make 5-10 percent profit daily.. the Analysts (circle) says one can make minimum 10 percent per month. RoyalQ can never take your money and disappear, because all your funds is in Binance exchange wallet. We give access to royalq only to trade. Buy and sell. As in life nothing comes free. So we need to part with our profit and pay commission to the Analysts and bot.

  • I partially agree with you.I have lost money on the so called Royal Q bot and i cant recommend it to anyone.

  • So fu*ked up

  • Funny that this Robot is still working after 2 years. I think one must try it and profit. All businesses are risky, you can invest a million and loose it all in a month. Better try than being negative, many are still being assisted to trade profitably by the robot.

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