Salvatara Crowd review – A SCAM by design, beware!

Salvatara Crowd review

This review explains why Salvatara Crowd is not a legit investment opportunity and why it is a scam that will have a limited life.

What is Salvatara Crowd

Salvatara Crowd is a platform that promises to make you money thanks to investments in cannabis growing.

The company says it will take your money, pay farmers to grow plants for you, do the harvesting and selling, and then pay you the profits.

The basic Rookie plan costs 50 EUR and supposedly will pay you 72 EUR after 3 months. Which means a net return on investment of 44% in just 3 months. In other words, 14.7% per month or 176% in a year.

Salvatara Crowd says it is based in Las Vegas, United States, and that is is registered to do business in this industry. But is it true?

Salvatara Crowd scam

We examined Salvatara Crowd in detail and we have to conclude that it is a scam. It is a purposely build illegal financial pyramid that is going to crumble. The only question is when. At least one financial regulator already warned against it.

The warning from Germany

In February 2022, we warned against a similar investment program called Juicy Fields. In fact, Salvatara Crowd looks like a copy of that platform.

And they have one more important thing in common, both have been blacklisted by the German financial regulator BaFin. The regulator warned the public against Salvatara recently.

Since our review, Juicy Fields lived for a few months and then collapsed and people lost money they invested. We are sure that the same fate awaits Salvatara Crowd.

What company? Illegal investment program

Salvatara Crowd is not being transparent about who runs the program. On its official website it says that the company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

But there is no Salvatara company registered in Nevada. There is one registered in Delaware. Is it the one that is running the investment program?

What is certain is that no Salvatara company is authorized in the United States to run an investment program.

To add more to the confusion, Salvatara Crowd was claiming that it is based in Malta, as mentioned in the warning from the German financial regulator.

So the platform does not provide a clear answer as to who is really behind it. Running an investment program like Salvatara Crowd is an activity that requires a license in every country they want to have clients in. But the platform does not have any license, which makes it an illegal investment program.

Salvatara company

The story of the investment plans

The rewards promised by Salvatara are very high, 44% net after just 3 months, which is 176% in a year. The way the rewards are structured reveals that the whole program is a scam.

  1. Salvatara promises 176% in a year thanks to cannabis growing, while the average 1 year return on real cannabis stocks is negative 10%. Such a discrepancy is the first red flag. In fact, there is no industry where you could make 15% per month consistently in a legit way.
  2. The Rookie plan comes with a big caveat. Your profit will be automatically reinvested in a higher plan, you won’t be able to withdraw it. Which is the second red flag.
  3. Even with the higher Expert plan, your first 4 profits will be automatically reinvested. It shows that Salvatara desperately needs you to leave money in the system. Why? Because it’s a scam.

So let’s sum it up. Salvatara is promising returns that are so big that there is no legit company that can achieve them in a sustainable way. And you won’t be able to withdraw your first profits, they will automatically be reinvested.

What does it tell? It clearly tells that Salvatara Crowd is a Ponzi scheme.

The rookie plan

How Salvatara Crowd really works

Salvatara Crowd is a Ponzi scheme. It means that it does not make money in any legit way, it is not growing anything in a profitable way, it is just playing an illegal financial game with money that is deposited by users.

Ponzi schemes take money from new depositors and use it to pay older members. Which makes them a failure by design. The only question for every Ponzi like Salvatara is when will they collapse?

To push the inevitable crash as far as possible, Salvatara Crowd is forcing you to leave money in the system by automatically reinvesting your profits in higher plans. This way, there won’t be too much withdrawals in the early stages, which will allow the scam to live for some time.

But make no mistake, even if you manage to withdraw something from Salvatara, it still is a scam that is going to crash. So you should never join it in the first place. If you are in it, try to leave it as soon as you can.

Salvatara Crowd scam terms

Salvatara Crowd review – Conclusion

Salvatara Crowd is not a legit company or investment program. It is an illegal scheme that at least one financial regulator has already warned against.

It is going to collapse and lose money to everybody involved. That is why you should stay away from it.


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  • Thanks for this review, it’s helpful. I must say that it’s funny that you warn against scam investments but that you advertise for forex/cfd platforms that are scams as well.

    • So you are saying that eToro and AvaTrade, that are regulated in multiple jurisdictions, are scams? Can you back your claim up? Also, if you know they are scamming people, did you report them to their regulators so they could take their licenses away?

  • Danke. Ich habe selber im Mai 2022 5 Pflanzen gekauft. Leider Salvadara will mir kein Geld zurück auszahlen.nach mehrere Mails an Support kein Geld bekommen. Die meinen dass ich weiter investieren sol. Also für mich SCAM!!

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