SCAM ALERT: Main Syncs is stealing cryptocurrencies!

This review is a warning against a crypto service called Main Syncs. It was developed as a platform to steal your digital assets.

What is Main Syncs

Main Syncs at is said to be a decentralized protocol and blockchain platform for decentralized finance (DeFi).

It supposedly will allow you to buy, sell, stake and recover cryptocurrencies and claim rewards.

Main Syncs is being advertised as a support platform on Telegram for people that have any problems with any crypto service. The platform promises them help, but is it legit?

Main Syncs scam

The truth is that Main Syncs is a very dangerous and huge scam that just pretends to be providing support. In this review we explain how it works.

Made to steal cryptocurrencies

The Main Syncs scam is very simple. It will try to get the secret phrase (seed, private key) to your wallet and steal your cryptocurrencies.

No matter what you do on the Main Syncs website, it will always lead you to a page called Wallets. There you will be able to chose what wallet you are using, for example Metamask, Trust,, Binance Smart Chain or Atomic.

When you click on any wallet, it will always pretend trying a connection to your wallet and it will always end up with an error and ask you for a manual connection.

And here comes the scam, when you click on “Connect Manually”, you will be asked to enter your secret phrase (keystore JSON, private key) to your wallet. DON’T DO IT!

Because if you enter your secret phrase on the Main Syncs ( website, scammers will gain access to your crypto wallet and steal your cryptocurrencies. This is why they do it, this is why Main Syncs exists.

The Internet is full of fake crypto support services that will ask you for your secret phrase and then steal your cryptocurrencies. You have to be very careful!

Main Syncs is a scam

How to protect yourself

Every cryptocurrency wallet is not a wallet per se, it is in fact just a tool to access your account on a blockchain. This applies to Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Binance and all the others.

Your cryptocurrency never leaves the blockchain, your cryptocurrency never sits in your wallet. Your wallet is just a software tool to access your crypto account on the blockchain.

And every non-custodial crypto wallet has a backup method. You will get a secret key or pass phrase or something like that to write down and store offline for maximum security.

This means that anybody who has your secret pass phrase, can load it in any compatible wallet and gain full access to your crypto account on the blockchain.

This is why it is so important to keep your secret phrase secure offline and NEVER ENTER IT ON ANY WEBSITE. The secret phrase/key is only meant for restoring your wallet in your own device in case you need it.

No legit crypto/blockchain project will ever ask you for your secret phrase to be entered on any website.

Any website that asks you to enter your secret phrase of your non-custodial wallet is a scam and you should immediately leave it (if it is not the website of the wallet itself).

Don't enter your private key

Main Syncs clones

There are clones of Main Syncs popping up. These scams are exactly the same: Decentralized App Platform Wallet (, Connect Syncs (

Main Syncs review – Conclusion

Main Syncs is a scam (phishing) website that was made to get the key to your wallet and steal your cryptocurrency. Stay away from it!

Never enter the secret key/phrase to your wallet on any website that is not the wallet itself!


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  • how about “”. looks phishy too… i was told to o here to “rectify” my pending butt dropped swap txn from USDC to ETH…
    any answers??

  •, presents all the de-fi wallets, but asks you to reveal your 12 or 24 word seed phrase. same as


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