Sebtan Assets review – illegal service and a big scam

Review of Sebtan Assets

Read our Sebtan review to understand that you should not invest any money with this shady company.

What is Sebtan Assets

Sebtan Asset Management is a company that specializes in investment management services for individuals, private corporations and foundations. The company invests in commodities, stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies and real estate.

Sebtan’s offer consists of four investment plans: Bronze, Silver Veteran, Gold Premium and Platinum Extra. The minimum deposits start at $350 and go up to $30,000. Daily returns range between 1.4% and 2.9%. There are no fees.

Is Sebtan legit? Unfortunately, it is not.

The Sebtan scam

Sebtan is a scam, there is no doubt about it. There are so many red flags that it should be obvious to everyone. Also, there already are people who got scammed by Sebtan Capital.

Impossible returns

This might not seem obvious to a lot of people, but when you are looking at monthly returns of more than 30%, something is wrong. It would be great to get such returns, unfortunately in the real world they are impossible, at least on a regular basis.

Sebtan offers monthly returns from 42% to 87%, which is absolutely ridiculous. No legit investment firm can achieve this kind of results, simply because there are no trading systems that good. Also, financial markets keep changing and you certainly cannot expect the same results day in day out, let alone the same profits day in day out.

So yes, sometimes the investment plans are enough for us to see that an investment service is in fact a scam. But there is more with Sebtan.

Scam investment plans

Fake team

Sebtan claims to have billions in assets under their management, so you would expect a pretty big company. They show you their management, but it is a fictional team, a fake team.

A quick check revealed that they are using photos of people that have nothing to do with Sebtan, their real names are different. See the proof in our picture below.

Sebtan's team is not real

Fake addresses

Sebtan supposedly has offices in Finland, Malta and the United Kingdom. But it is not true. They are not located where they say they are, we checked it.

It is true that Sebtan Asset Management has a company registration in the UK, but the address still is not valid, there is no Malcolm Road in Llanegwad.

No real addresses

Illegal service

Sebtan Assets clearly is offering investment services, because it will collect your money and allegedly invest it in different assets to make your capital grow. As such it needs to have a license valid in every country it wants to have customers in.

It certainly does have to be regulated in Finland, Malta and the UK, since it claims to have offices in these countries. But it is not.

Sebtan Assets has no license whatsoever, it is not authorized to provide investment services, it is an illegal service that is breaking the laws in at least three countries.

No FCA license

Real user experience with Sebtan

We decided to publish this Sebtan review because of a complaint we received from one of our readers. Our reader described to us how the Sebtan scam works, it runs a group on Telegram where it keeps telling to investors that they will get their money, but it never pays and kicks out from the group people who show their dissatisfaction.

This is the best confirmation that Sebtan is an investment scam that you have to avoid in order not to lose money.

Sebtan review conclusion

Sebtan is a scam, an illegal investment service that collects money from the public and does not pay. You have to stay away from it.

If you want to try investing, you should use regulated companies only. You can see on a free demo account how regulated trading works and try to build your own profitable strategy.

Forget about programs promising you tens of percent per month for free, they all are scams. Trading is hard and risky, be sure to understand it before investing real money.


350 USD





Real user experience





  • None


  • Scam
  • Lying about everything
  • Losing money
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Comments 6

  • You can be paid few weeks for few dollars but if you upgrade, as soon as you want to withdraw big amounts, it’s over : nothing in wallet, ban from telegram group and, of course, silent mail support.
    Run away from this scam

    • I am scammed by Sebtan Assets for a lot of money. They promise high interests a day and after a few weeks you receive nothing in your wallet. Even when you e-mail support you get no answer.
      The people from te team on their website are fake. Photos disappeared after members did research on the photos of the Sebtan-team.

  • Beautifull site ,reactive support,with beautifull and Nice people on the telegram group.
    To much is to much.
    After,fews week,they fired me of telegram ,pretesting a reshuffle,and that all.
    Finish for you and your money.
    Real user.

  • These guys do seem semi-professional. The payouts and support response times were fast… for a while… Although I heard about a lot of people achieving success with this company, part from the so-called financial statement, there was no proof of trading or real estate investing. If you’re reading this, don’t put your money in with this company cause you’ll never see it again.

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  • A few of us have been scammed by SEBTAN.COM. We managed to create our own group or 15 people to take action against this scam.

    We invested anything between $1,000 to $30,000 and and most of us saw little or no return and all of us lost our initial investment.

    This is a African outfit pretending to be a European financial investment group. It is nothing but a scam. It will end soon as we have made an effort to put this information on the internet, FBI cyber crime, UK Police Fraud divisions, as well as others in various countries.

    We are endeavoring to get our money back and making efforts to see them receive legal proceedings and hopefully have them in jail where they can scam no more.

    Please see SEBTAN-SCAM.COM for more information.

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