Secret AI-System review – BEWARE of this program

In this Secret AI-System review we explain red flags that we see with this investment program.

What Secret AI-System is about

Secret AI-System is presented as an Auto-Trade system that will trade financial markets for you. The algorithm allegedly is base on artificial intelligence and the minimum it is supposed to earn you per day is $379.

The software costs nothing, which is weird for something that allegedly can make you thousands of dollars per month.

Beware of Secret AI-System

While we were not allowed to test the Secret AI-System in action, we see several problems that make it very suspicious.

No licence

We say it all the time, programs that are supposed to trade financial markets for you on auto pilot are subject to regulation. Therefore, Secret AI-System needs a licence from a financial regulator to be offered legally.

Yet, we don’t even see who is offering this system, let alone any regulatory information. So, we have to assume that Secret AI-System is not regulated, and therefore it is illegal in most countries.

No sense

When you evaluate any investment offer, common sense is often enough to see that something does not add up.

We should not need to write this Secret AI-System review for you to see that if a program can make you at least $379 per day, it is not normal for it to be free. Money is not free, right?

This makes this program very suspicious and you should be on your guard.

What to look for

If you want to know whether Secret AI-System is a scam, you can try to sign up with some fake personal information and see what happens next.

If they push you to deposit money with an unregulated broker right after you sign up, you can be sure that Secret AI-System is a scam.

Because this how scams work, they claim to be free, but then they ask you for a deposit anyway. This is how they get your money.


Secret AI-System is very suspicious and unregulated, we recommend staying away.

There are no magic free systems that will make you rich for free. Profitable financial trading is a matter of learning and building your own profitable strategy. You can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Be sure to understand trading and all the risks if you decide to quit the demo and to invest real money.

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