STRAIGHT SCAM: StableFund review

Stable Fund review

This review exposes the Stable Fund cryptocurrency scam that is promising big daily returns on investment.

What is Stable Fund

StableFund is a cryptocurrency AI trading tool developed by the Stableone Group. It is a trading bot that is built on a Polygon chain.

The Stable Fund platform offers cryptocurrency swapping, but its main feature is daily 1.5% returns on investment.

Users are supposed to deposit the cryptocurrency Matic in a pool that is managed by trading bots that will generate profits.

But is Stable Fund legit, should you invest your money?

Stable Fund scam features

StableFund scam

Our investigation showed that StableFund is a scam. It has put out some press releases on established media servers to look legitimate, but it is not. It has been designed as a Ponzi scheme that will inevitably be terminated by a crash.

Illegal investment service

The first thing we have to explain about Stable Fund is that it obviously is an illegal investment scheme.

This is because it is an unauthorized investment platform. Software robots are supposed to trade with your money and generate you profits on your deposit. This makes it a clear investment service that most countries regulate.

StableOne that is running this project claims to be located in the United Kingdom, so it is easy to verify with the Financial Conduct Authority if they are registered. They are not.

StableOne and StableFund are nowhere to be found in FCA’s register, which means they are not authorized to provide financial/investment services.

The inevitable conclusion is that StableFund is an illegal investment service that offers absolutely no protection to investors.

Unregulated company

Investment plans utopia

The thing that clearly gives away the StableFund scam is its investment plans. We know a lot of people don’t want to hear it, but making 1.5% daily in trading is just impossible.

You can make 1.5% or even more in one day of trading, but you will never be able to repeat that every day. The reasons are simple: markets are largely unpredictable and they don’t behave the same way every day – the volatility changes, etc.

We can go as far as saying that any investment opportunity promising steady daily 1%+ returns is for sure a scam.

But let’s imagine for a moment that 1.5% daily is possible. With compounding, that would be 156% per month. So you would be able to more than double your money every month.

In that scenario, do you think that everybody would keep working? No, most of the people would quick their jobs, because they would invest just one salary to get more than double that amount of money in just one month, they could easily live off of that passive income. In other words, utopia.

That’s the fairy tale that scammers sell, they want you to believe that somebody will earn you big money for free. But that’s not the case.

The investment plan

How StableFund works

As we have explained, Stable Fund is a scam. But that does not mean that it was not paying. Maybe it is still paying its users even now.

But that’s because it is a Ponzi scheme. It just redistributes money that entered the system via deposits. As new people deposit money, the system just transfers it to older members. That’s all Ponzi schemes do.

Which means that they are heavily dependent on growing deposits and slow withdrawals. They use all sorts of tricks to slow the process, but they all die in the end, it’s inevitable.

That is why it does not really matter what phase StableFund is in, it is sure to collapse, so you have to stay away from it.

StableFund review – Conclusion

Stable fund is an unauthorized investment scheme and a scam. It certainly can’t make you the 1.5% daily that it promises.

If it was ever paying, it’s just because it was designed ad a Ponzi scheme. As such it has to collapse, there is no other way.


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