CONFUSING SCAM: Stacktradex review

Stacktradex review

Read our review to understand why Stacktradex is a scam that you should not put your money into.

What is Stacktradex

Actually, it is not clear, what Stacktradex is even supposed to be. Because different sections of its website say different things. So Stracktradex is allegedly a binary options broker, a cloud mining service, or maybe a cryptocurrency exchange.

The most important thing is that it has investment plans for the public. They are a little bit confusing too but based on the information on the official website you can get 25 to 35% daily returns on your investment. While the minimum deposit is $500.

Stacktradex claims that it is based in the United States and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). But is it true, is Stacktradex legit?

Stacktradex is a scam

The truth is that Stacktradex is not legit, it’s a scam that you have to avoid in order not to lose money. Here are the proofs.

Not regulated

The first big lie that Stacktradex is serving you is that it is based and regulated in the United States by the SEC. Because it is not true. You can verify it by yourself.

Stacktradex is not regulated anywhere, let alone in the United States. It means that it is an illegal investment service where deposits are not protected in any way.

The simple fact that Stacktradex is openly lying about its regulatory status makes it a huge scam that everybody should stay away from.

No license


On the official Stacktradex website you will find testimonials from its alleged users. As you would expect, they are positive. But also fake.

You see, alle these clients’ stories are fake. Fraudsters who run the website made them up. As you can see in our picture below, they used stock photos to portray their fictitious users. This is another proof that it all is a scam.


Confusing information

We have already mentioned it in this Stacktradex review, it seems that people who run do not even know what to pretend. Because a cloud cryptocurrency mining service is a completely different thing from a binary options broker.

This is typical for investment scams, information given on their websites is not coherent. It’s because they do no real business, they sometimes forget what they are pretending.

Stacktradex platform

No awards

Another fake thing you can find on the Stracktradex website is the awards that the platform supposedly won. They all are absolutely fake, the platform has not won anything.

You can check the sources. By the way Stacktradex was created in July 2021, so it could not have any awards 2016 or 2014 like they claim. It’s all fraud.

Fake awards

How Stacktradex works

Stacktradex is a simple scam. It was created to steal your money. You send them your money, they will keep it and that is all.

They might show you some profits in the platform, they even might let you withdraw some of them. In that case they will try to run a Ponzi scheme until it collapses.

Ponzi schemes simply take money from newer users and give it to older users. But since they create no real value or profits, they are destined to collapse as soon as deposits slow down and can no longer cover withdrawals.

These scams often use irreversible deposit methods, like cryptocurrencies, so once you deposit, it’s over, nobody will be able to get your money back.

Although a lot of scammers can then contact you and claim the opposite. But these will only be recovery scams tailored to scam you a second time.

Stacktradex review – Conclusion

Stacktradex is not regulated, it is a scam designed to take money away from you. You have to stay away from it.

If you are into investing and trading, you can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker. You will get virtual money to try everything.

Before investing real money please make sure you understand the risks.


500 USD



Clarity of information





  • Blatant lies


  • Scam
  • Not regulated
  • Lying about everything
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