Stellar Profit – a horrible SCAM that wants your wallet

This Stellar Profit review explains the dirty tricks used by this investment scam that you should know.

What Stellar Profit is about

Stellar Profit reviewStellar Profit’s webpage says that you can earn millions from bitcoin even when crypto markets are crashing. In other words, this program is supposed to make you profit no matter if the price of bitcoin goes up or down.

They say they will guide you through the process, you just have to sign up and you allegedly will start earning instantly. For free, really?

Stellar Profit scam

The truth is that Stellar Profit is a scam that cannot teach you anything useful about crypto trading. In fact, it was designed to lose your money, because this is how scammers will profit from you.


Stellar Profit scamDo you wonder why the website of Stellar Profit mentions Bitcoin Profit so many times? Because it is a copy of that scam, the presentation has been altered just a little bit, the name has changed, but it is the same fraud.

This scam is based on a known software that fakes testing results so that you believe that it is working and profitable. But the reality is that there is no real strategy nor algorithm behind this program.

Because this fraudulent program has been around for so long, thanks to testimonials and reviews from real users we know that it is losing money. It was designed to do so. It is a very dangerous program.

How the Stellar Profit scam works

CapitalXPWhen somebody promises you free earnings, this should always raise a red flag. The real motivation behind the Stellar Profit scam is to get your money. This is why when you sign up you will be redirected to the deposit page of an unregulated broker called CapitalXP.

Scammers who run this program are affiliated with this broker and they get paid for sending it new victims. Together they will take your money and share it. They will never earn you anything, they will only ask more money from you, they will never let you withdraw anything.

Stellar Profit review conclusion

Stellar Profit is a cloned scam, our review proves that it is a fraud that you have to avoid in order not to lose money!

If you want to try to make money in crypto trading, first open a free demo with a regulated broker and learn how everything works.

You have to prepare a good strategy and understand the risks of real trading before you can invest real money.

Stellar Profit

250 USD








  • Cloned


  • Fraud
  • Money trap
  • Shady
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