Sun Minings review – a simple crypto mining scam

Thanks to this review you will understand that SunMinings it not a real cryptocurrency mining company.

What is Sun Minings about

Sun Minings reviewSunMinings is presented as a cloud-based cryptocurrency mining service that is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

You are supposed to buy mining power and get paid regular rewards that are pretty big. With this service you allegedly can get 18% daily returns lifetime. This is huge, because it would mean 540% per month. Is it real, though?

Sun Minings is a scam

The simple truth is that it is impossible to make 10% or even more per day in cryptocurrency mining. In fact, it has never been possible.

Since SunMinings is offering things that are impossible to achieve, it must be a scam, there is no other possibility.

Electricity and hardware cost are simply too high and cryptocurrency prices too low to allow such big profits.

How it works

SunMinings is a scam that will just play an illegal financial game with deposits. It will use money from newer deposits to maybe pay some of the first withdrawal requests.

But because no economic value is created, the only money coming in is from deposits, it is doomed to fail. It is not a question of if, but when.

With these schemes you never know when they collapse, it can be anytime, for example right after you sign up and make your first deposit. This is why it is so important not to even touch them.


SunMinings is a crypto scam, it has nothing to do with real mining, it is just playing a dirty financial game. Stay away from it.

In mining you cannot make big profits, but you can try trading on a free demo to see what other possibilities are.

But remember that in trading you can not only make, but also lose money, therefore be careful.


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