SuperSage review: An illegal house of cards [SCAM alert]

Review of Super Sage

Thanks to this review of Super Sage you will learn why you should avoid this investment program.

What is SuperSage

Its own official website describes SuperSage as the first ever 100% decentralized web & smart contract. It is a decentralized crowdfunded matrix project that is automated.

It runs in the Tron blockchain, so you have to deposit at least 500 trons to participate. You will enter a double matrix and allegedly start earning trons. Profits are distributed automatically thanks to the smart contract that runs in the blockchain, so you supposedly have nothing to worry about.

Your earnings will depend on how many people join after you, so it is a typical pyramidal game.

The SuperSage scam

Let us put it straight, Super Sage is a scam. It uses modern technologies, it might be automated in a smart contract, but it still is a scam.

Illegal financial game

No matter how fancy the presentation of SuperSage is, the basics remains the same as with every other Ponzi scheme. This means that Super Sage is just an illegal financial game that transfers money from people to people without creating any real value or doing any real business.

What you deposit will be used to pay people above you in the matrix, while your hope of earning something depends on how many people join after you and deposit.

Ponzi schemes are doomed to fail, they always fail, because they need more and more to come in, while money’s supply is not infinite.

Do not think that blockchain or smart contracts change anything to this principle, they just automate things, the scam remains the same.

Super Sage scam

Is it really secure?

People promoting scams like SuperSage often say that these schemes are different because there is no administrator that could take all the money and run away.

First, in a Ponzi scheme there is never much money in the pool because everything is used to pay out profits. Second, can you really be sure that the smart contract that the system runs on is secure?

Are you able to go through the code and audit it to be sure it secure, to be sure there are no mistakes or backdoors? If you follow the cryptocurrency space, you know there have been countless hacks of smart contracts because their code contained mistakes.

So, with SuperSage you have to trust an anonymous guy how put up a contract to deal with your money and says that it is secure. Will you? Well, you certainly should not. Putting your money in anonymous and illegal financial games is more than risky, it is a certain loss that will occur sooner or later.

Can put you in trouble

Scams like SuperSage depend on new members joining or depositing. When the pace of deposits slows down, the scheme stalls and collapses. Thus, SuperSage needs its members to promote it.

And if you promote SuperSage to other people, you might get int trouble with the law. Because you will be promoting an illegal financial game, which can put you in jail.

This is something that was pointed out by a financial regulator in regard to Forsage, which is the same scam. Another similar scam that is automated in blockchain is Lion’s Share.

And do not think that the blockchain will protect you from authorities. Because blockchain transactions in Tron or Ethereum are pseudonymous, people can be traced and prosecuted.

So, if the fact that SuperSage is a scam and that your potential profits would be some scammed people’s loss does not stop you from participating, think about yourself and how you could get prosecuted for participating in an illegal financial game.

Hoping that you will be faster than others and that you will be able to scam them to make money really is not a way forward, it can only put you in trouble.

Illegal game

SuperSage review – the verdict

Super Sage is a scam. It is a Ponzi scheme that has been automated in a smart contract, but it still is a scam that is going to crash. Stay away from it.

If you want to try real investing, do it with a regulated broker and start on a demo account to learn with virtual money.

You have to understand the risks and be comfortable with your strategy before investing real money.


500 TRX








  • Blockhain technology


  • Scam
  • Going to crash
  • Illegal game
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