SwiftradeFX review – a swift scam to be avoided [ALERT]

SwiftradeFX review

This review shows that Swiftradefx is a scam broker that you should not invest any money with.

What is SwiftradeFX

Swiftradefx is a binary options broker that offers cryptocurrencies as the underlying asset for trading. The company also conducts some kind of initial coin offering that is supposed to earn investors a 160% return in one year.

Swifttradefx has five different types of accounts with minimum deposits starting at 500 USD and the minimum trade being 25 USD. The company also promises deposits bonuses from 20 to 100%.

Swiftradefx claims to be a fully regulated brokerage company in many countries, including the EU, Australia, South Africa and Japan.

Can you trust this broker, is Swiftradefx legit?


SwiftradeFX scam

Our research showed that Swiftradefx is a scam that you should completely avoid. In this review we present the proofs.

Not regulated

The biggest lie of SwiftradeFx is that it is regulated in many countries. Because the broker is not regulated at all. It is not even a real company.

You can for example make a search in the register of the Central Bank of Ireland to see that they know nothing about SwiftradeFX.

As you can see in our picture, the broker claims to have a license from the Central Bank of Ireland. Since it is not true, the broker is knowingly lying, therefore it is a scam.

Binary options are a financial instrument that is subject to regulation. Therefore brokers have to get licenses from financial regulators if they want to offer them legally.

SwiftradeFX has no license whatsoever, so it is a scam and illegal broker.

No license

Fake team

Swiftradefx lies continue on its official website in the section about the team that is allegedly running the brokerage. Because the team is completely fake.

What you see there is a bunch of stock photos, these people have nothing to do with this broker.

As we have already said, SwiftradeFX is not a real company, it is fake and its real address is unknown. It claims to be based in the United States, but it is not. It is a total fraud.

Fake team

Fake testimonials

Fraudsters who run SwiftradeFX used stock photos also to portray their fictitious satisfied users. You can see the proof in our picture below.

As SwiftradeFX is a scam, you won’t find any real satisfied clients of this broker.

Fake testimonials

Dubious ICO

SwiftradeFx supposedly conducts an ICO, which means the initial coin offering of its own cryptocurrency. They project that it if you buy their token, you will get a 160% return in one year. But it is a lie.

There is no sign of a real token, it is all fake. It is just a way to steal your money. They don’t even say what is the name of their cryptocurrency, because it does not exist.

Since cryptocurrencies are popular, Swiftradefx is just trying to ride the wave and scam people on it.

Fake ICO

How SwiftradeFX really works

SwiftradeFX is a scam that will do anything to get your money. Be it trading binary options, investing in cryptocurrencies or some fake crypto mining, everything is designed to get a deposit from you so that fraudsters can enrich themselves with your money.

Don’t expect any real returns. They might let your trade, they might show you fake dashboard profits, but as soon as you try to withdraw anything, you will see that everything is fake, that SwiftradeFX is a pure scam that will just take money from you and give you nothing back.

SwiftradeFX review – Conclusion

SwiftradeFX is an illegal and scam broker. Everything it offers is fake and made to steal your money. You have to stay away from it.

If you are interested in legit crypto trading, start on a free demo with a regulated company and learn how everything works.

Before eventually investing real money, you have to understand the risks and have a good plan.


500 USD








  • Website design


  • Lying
  • Not regulated
  • Fraudulent
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