Swisspantix review – This for sure is a SCAM

Swisspantix review

Read our review of Swisspantix to understand why this investment company is fraudulent and why you have to avoid it.

What is Swisspantix

Swisspantix claims to be a legally registered Swiss company that is providing investment services to the public.

The company allegedly is very successful in investing, that is why it can afford very generous investment packages to the public.

There are six packages for you to choose from with returns starting at 14% per week with a minimum investment of 100 USD.

The highest returns are offered with the Premium package with 35% weekly, which translates to 140% per month (or 5% daily).

Swisspantix claims to be on the market since 2012, so is it a reliable and legit company that you can trust?

Swisspantix is a scam

We made a deep research about Swisspantix and found out that it is a scam worth avoiding. This review provides all the details you need to know.

Not a real company

The first lie of Swisspantix that we are going to address concerns its legal status. It is supposed to be a company fully registered in Switzerland, but it is not true.

The Swiss companies register shows that there is no Swisspantix company in Switzerland. This lie alone makes this investment program a total scam. But there is more, a lot more.

Not a real company

Fake stats

On the official website of Swisspantix you can read many interesting stats about how old is the company, how many billions in assets it is managing, or how funds are insured. But everything is a lie.

The company is supposedly 10 years old, but it is not. It is not even registered and the domain name is only 8 months old.

Everything on its website is fake and this is another proof that we are dealing with a fraudulent platform.

Fake stats

Illegal service

We have established that Swisspantix is not registered in Switzerland where it is supposedly based. It is a big problem.

An even bigger problem is that it is not authorized by the Swiss regulator FINMA to provide investment services. It means that it is breaking Swiss laws and that it is an unlawful investment service.

Users of this investment program are therefore not protected by Swiss laws, they are completely at mercy of the fraudsters that are running this illegal show.

Unreal investments

Finally, let’s address the investment packages. They promise you up to 120% per month. Which is something that even the world’s best investment funds won’t do in an entire year.

And Swisspantix offers even more than 120% per month because you can earn 6% on your referrals deposits.

120% per month looks like a dream and it unfortunately is just one. No legitimate company can make you that much money per month, it is just impossible in any industry.

Yes, you can have a lucky month and make 120% returns, but you will never be able to repeat that every month. That is the reality of financial markets.

And because scammers know that real markets don’t offer such juicy returns, they promise them to people, which unfortunately brings them a lot of victims who want to make more money than what seems common in normal markets.

Scam investment packages

How Swisspantix really works

Swisspantix is a scam, there is no way around it. The only question mark concerns the phase it is currently in. If it is paying profits, it is a Ponzi scheme that is on the bring of a collapse.

If it is not paying, it has already collapsed and all the money is gone. New deposits will just disappear forever.

But it does not really matter what phase is it in because you shouldn’t join it in any case. It is a fraudulent platform that will disappear rather sooner than later, so you don’t want to have any money in it.

Swispantix review – Conclusion

Swisspantix is a fake company, illegal investment service and a scam. You have to stay away from it.

For financial trading an investing we recommend using regulated platform and starting on a demo account with virtual money.

Investing real money is risking and you have to understand this fact before committing any real money. You should always use only money that you can afford to lose.


100 USD

Company registration


Investment packages


Real returns



  • Provides proofs of scam


  • Fraud
  • Illegal platform
  • Lying
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