SwizzFlow and Profit Nownow review – SCAMS you want to avoid

SwizzFlow review

In this review we warn against a double investment scam that is hiding behind the names of Profit NowNow and Swizz Flow.

What is SwizzFlow and Profit NowNow

Profit NowNow and Swizz Flow are two investment platforms that supposedly allow users to invest in crypto markets and other assets.

SwizzFlow promises a 10% return on investment after 24 hours with the minimum deposit being 50 USD.

Profit Nownow offers a 30% ROI in just one hour, while the minimum deposit is 100 USD.

Deposits can be made in cryptocurrencies only.

Both companies claim to be compliant, which suggest they are authorized to provide investment services. But are they really, are Profit Nownow and SwizzFlow legit?

Profit Nownow and SwizzFlow scams

The clear conclusion of our research about Swizz Flow and Profit Nownow is that they both are scams that you have to avoid. Here is the explanation.

Carbon copies

When you look at Profit Nownow and Swizz Flow, you will immediately notice that they look the same. Their websites are almost identical, which is a red flag for two supposedly independent and different investment companies and platforms.

Because Swizz Flow Investment Company claims to be based in Krakow, Poland, while Profit NowNow claims to be located in Charleston, South Carolina, United States. And they both have the same website? But there is more.

Profit Nownow review

Fake teams

The same content of both websites is an even bigger problem when you look at the alleged leadership team members of SwizzFlow and Profit NowNow. Because they are both the same!

Two different companies from two different countries and their management is the same? Of course not, it is all fake. A deeper research shows stock photos that have nothing to do with real people in the companies.

This is a tangible proof that Profit Nownow and Swizz Flow are the same scam.

Fake teams

Fake testimonials

Fraudsters running these scams used the same trick with testimonials. They show you pictures and comments from supposed satisfied users, but everything is fake.

Again, testimonials on both sites are exactly the same, although we supposedly are talking about two different companies.

And again, stock photos were used, which means that the users reviews are fake. Take a look at our picture below to see a proof.

Now you can guess that the lists of top investors in SwizzFlow and ProfitNowNow are fake too. For that you just have to look at the numbers, they want you to believe that ordinary people invested about 80 million USD each…

Fake testimonials

The story of the plans

Swizz Flow and Profit Now Now have different investment plans, but both reveal the true nature of both programs.

Because be it 10% daily or 30% hourly, nothing like that is possible in legit investing. Profit Nownow with its 30% hourly ROI is even more ridiculous than Swizz Flow with its 10% per day.

Yes, it would be awesome if it was possible to make at least the 300% monthly in passive as promised by Swizz Flow, unfortunately it is not.

In reality even with an offer of 30% monthly you can be pretty much sure that you are dealing with a scam. That is just the economic reality of our world, you have to accept it. It will help you to avoid many scams.

Investment plans

How it works

Swizz Flow and Profit Nownow are both illegal investment schemes that were made to take money away from ordinary people. If they ever were paying, it was only because they run as Ponzi schemes.

But they both are scams no matter if they manage to pay in their early stages thanks to redirecting money from new to old members. They both are sure to collapse and make people lose money.

Every deposit with Profit Nownow and SwizzFlow will be lost because the transactions are made in cryptocurrencies, and this is why you have to stay away from both these investment platforms.

Profit Nownow and SwizzFlow review – Conclusion

SwizzFlow and Profit NowNow are illegal and scam investment platforms that will just take your money and give you nothing in return. Don’t let them and stay away from them!

If you are interested in legit investing, you can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

But if you decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks and to have a proper strategy.

Please share this review to help warn other people.

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