The eKrona cryptocurrency is a scam – review [WARNING]

eKrona review

In this review we go over the eKrona cryptocurrency that is being presented as a suitable investment.

What it is about

EKrona is a cryptocurrency that is supposed to be the national currency of Sweden. There are several eKrona websites and eKrona Apps that want you to purchase this cryptocurrency because it supposedly is an investment that can bring you substantial returns.

The eKrona website says that you should invest because everything is fully regulated and adopted and backed by a EU country (Sweden).

Is eEkrona legit, should you invest in it?

eKrona scam

Unfortuantely the eKrona investment and eKrona App are total scams aimed at your wallet. You have to stay away from them. In this review we explain why.

eKrona is not the e-Krona

The eKrona scam is very dangerous, because it is piggybacking on a real projekt of the Swedish central bank (Riksbank).

The Swedish central bank really is working on a digital version of the national currency Krona and it really is called e-Krona, BUT:

  1. e-Krona is only being tested in a closed environment
  2. e-Krona is not available to the public on any exchange or elsewhere
  3. e-Krona is not even finalized, its tech specs remain open
  4. e-Krona is not a common cryptocurrency, it is a CBDC (central bank digital currency)
  5. It is not even sure that e-Krona will go live in the future

As you can see, the real Swedish e-Krona is a closed project that is in the phase of testing. So any offer of eKrona to the public is a scam, it is not possible to buy this digital currency, because it does not even exist in its final specification.

There is even an eKrona listed on Coinmarketcap, but it has nothing to do with the real Swedish currency!

eKrona scam

Never an investment

The funny thing about the eKrona scam is that it is extremely stupid. Because it is basically inviting you to invest into a digital version of a national currency.

It is the same as if they offered you to invest in the US dollar. Is the US dollar an investment that will make you money? Sure, its price against other currencies fluctuates, but it is a national currency that is meant to be as stable as possible, so it can’t be considered to be an investment like for example cryptocurrencies can.

And for Swedish people it would be a total nonsense, because they would invest into a stable coin, into their national currency that will never change the price for them.

Not regulated

The eKrona websites states that it is fully regulated and that it is the official distributor for the eKrona. Which is a huge lie.

As we have already explained, the real eKrona has not even been released. If it is released one day, it will be the Swedish central bank that will distribute it. And maybe not even to the public, but only to commercial banks.

Since the e-Krona does not even exist in a public form, it goes without saying that there is no regulated distributor and/or exchange for this currency. The eKrona website you can see in our pictures is a scam.

eKrona regulation

How eKrona really works

Any eKrona website or eKrona App offering you this currency is a scam. And they all work the same. They want your money.

In the case of the eKrona website you can see in our pictures, what will happen is that they will send you to a dubious exchange called Quantum Market. This exchange is not and can’t be selling the eKrona, that we already know.

That exchange also looks like a scam because the minimum deposit is 5000 euros and they promise you up to 15% lower prices if you open a higher account. So either the basic account is a total rip off with prices artificially higher by 15% or they give you fake prices everywhere.

In any case we have never heard of Quantum Market before and even Coinmarketcap does not know it, so it certainly is not a reputable exchange.

The eKrona scam was designed to send people to shady exchanges like Quantum Market where they will lose their money and never see a real digital currency.

Quantum Market

eKrona review – Conclusion

Anybody offering to sell you the eKrona is a scammer, because the real Swedish eKrona currency is not even finalised, let alone available to the public. Avoid all the eKrona offerings!

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