The Future Trade review – A SCAM from the past [don’t laugh]

The Future Trade review

This review reveals that The Future Trade is a fraudulent investment platform that has to be avoided.

What is the Future Trade

The Future Trade says on its official website that it is a Forex and crypto trading investment organization.

It means that the company supposedly is trading fiat currencies on the foreign exchange (Forex) and cryptocurrencies.

The Future Trade claims to be very successful in these activities and that is why it is offering investment plans to the public.

The minimum investment amount is 50 USD and daily returns start at 1.4% and go up to 2.0%.

The Future Trade company is registered in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Seychelles and Marshall Islands.

But is this a legit investment opportunity, should you invest your money?

The Future Trade scam

We investigated the Future Trade and the result of our research is that it is an investment scam that everybody should avoid. It is an illegal scheme and here are all the details.

Failing company

The Future Trade proudly says on its official website that as a company it is registered in four countries: the UK, Singapore, Seychelles and Marshall Islands. But a closer look at those registrations reveals some interesting things.

For example, in the UK the Future Trade is registered as TFT Global Ltd., and the company is about to be dissolved, see the active proposal to strike off.

The registration in Singapore is also interesting because the company’s activity is supposed to be “retail sale of clothing for adults”. Which has nothing to do with financial services.

As you can see, the company behind Future Trade is as shady as it gets, which is the first big red flag.

TFT Global not authorized

Unauthorized investment service

We have established that The Future Trade is a failing company, but is it at least authorized to offer investment services? Unfortunately, it is not.

You can check in the United Kingdom with the FCA that the company is not regulated there. The same search with Singapore’s financial regulator MAS brings the same result, the company has no license whatsoever.

The Marshall Islands and Seychelles don’t even matter because these offshore locations don’t have a proper financial regulation.

The conclusion here is alarming, The Future Trade is an illegal investment service, clients’ funds are not protected in any way.

The investment plans that tell it all

The Future Trade is supposed to be generating profits in currencies and cryptocurrencies trading. With daily returns on investment up to 2%.

This alone shows that it is a scam. We know that a lot of people refuse to believe it, but 2% daily or even 1% daily is something that no legitimate investment company can achieve. Nobody is able to predict financial markets to a level that would allow this kind of profits. That is a fact that you have to accept.

That is why we don’t hesitate to go as far as saying that every investment offer with 1%+ daily returns is a scam. You don’t really need to investigate further when you see such numbers.

Scam investment plans

How The Future Trade works in reality

Based on the complex referral system of the Future Trade we can confidently say that it is a Ponzi scheme.

In reality the company is not trading any financial markets, at least not in a profitable way. It just takes money on deposits and redistributes this very money up in the pyramidal structure.

This is why it incentivizes members to refer new people to the system, it needs more and more deposits to be able to pay withdrawals. Which can always work only for so long, and this is why Ponzi schemes always end in a total collapse.

The same fate awaits the Future Trade, if it has not already collapsed, it will collapse and stop paying soon.

And because deposits are made mostly in cryptocurrencies, people won’t be able to get their money back.

You have to realize that the scheme can go down any time. And even if you manage to pull out some profits before it does, it will be money that somebody who got scammed had to lose in order for you to get paid.

This is why you should never participate in Ponzi scams like The Future Trade. You can think that you’ll be able to earn money if you pull out soon enough, but in the end one of them will bite you and you will lose everything.

The Future Trade review – Conclusion

The Future Trade is a Ponzi scam run by a company that is not authorized to provide investment services. It is an illegal financial scheme that is going down, and that is why you have to stay away from it.

If you want to try financial trading, do it on a demo account with a regulated company. Use virtual money to learn and see how you could do.

Before investing real money always make sure that you understand the risks and that you have a solid strategy.

The Future Trade

50 USD



Investment plans


Real Returns



  • None


  • Failing company
  • Illegal investment service
  • Scam
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