The Future Trade review – A SCAM from the past [don’t laugh]

The Future Trade review

This review reveals that The Future Trade is a fraudulent investment platform that has to be avoided.

What is the Future Trade

The Future Trade says on its official website that it is a Forex and crypto trading investment organization.

It means that the company supposedly is trading fiat currencies on the foreign exchange (Forex) and cryptocurrencies.

The Future Trade claims to be very successful in these activities and that is why it is offering investment plans to the public.

The minimum investment amount is 50 USD and daily returns start at 1.4% and go up to 2.0%.

The Future Trade company is registered in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Seychelles and Marshall Islands.

But is this a legit investment opportunity, should you invest your money?

The Future Trade scam

We investigated the Future Trade and the result of our research is that it is an investment scam that everybody should avoid. It is an illegal scheme and here are all the details.

Failing company

The Future Trade proudly says on its official website that as a company it is registered in four countries: the UK, Singapore, Seychelles and Marshall Islands. But a closer look at those registrations reveals some interesting things.

For example, in the UK the Future Trade is registered as TFT Global Ltd., and the company is about to be dissolved, see the active proposal to strike off.

The registration in Singapore is also interesting because the company’s activity is supposed to be “retail sale of clothing for adults”. Which has nothing to do with financial services.

As you can see, the company behind Future Trade is as shady as it gets, which is the first big red flag.

Note: The information above was valid at the time we made this review. Later, in July and August 2022, The Future Trade got some new registrations to hide these facts. But it does not change anything, a fresh company registration means nothing, anybody can get it.

TFT Global not authorized

Unauthorized investment service

We have established that The Future Trade is a failing company, but is it at least authorized to offer investment services? Unfortunately, it is not.

You can check in the United Kingdom with the FCA that the company is not regulated there. The same search with Singapore’s financial regulator MAS brings the same result, the company has no license whatsoever.

The Marshall Islands and Seychelles don’t even matter because these offshore locations don’t have a proper financial regulation.

The conclusion here is alarming, The Future Trade is an illegal investment service, clients’ funds are not protected in any way.

The warning from a regulator

In September 2022, the financial regulator FSMA from Belgium published a warning against The Future Trade. It says not only that the platform is in fact an unauthorized financial service, but it also adds that it has all the hallmarks of a pyramid scheme. So the Belgian regulator came to the same conclusion as us here, on TBBOB.

The investment plans that tell it all

The Future Trade is supposed to be generating profits in currencies and cryptocurrencies trading. With daily returns on investment up to 2%.

This alone shows that it is a scam. We know that a lot of people refuse to believe it, but 2% daily or even 1% daily is something that no legitimate investment company can achieve. Nobody is able to predict financial markets to a level that would allow this kind of profits. That is a fact that you have to accept.

That is why we don’t hesitate to go as far as saying that every investment offer with 1%+ daily returns is a scam. You don’t really need to investigate further when you see such numbers.

Scam investment plans

How The Future Trade works in reality

Based on the complex referral system of the Future Trade we can confidently say that it is a Ponzi scheme.

In reality the company is not trading any financial markets, at least not in a profitable way. It just takes money on deposits and redistributes this very money up in the pyramidal structure.

This is why it incentivizes members to refer new people to the system, it needs more and more deposits to be able to pay withdrawals. Which can always work only for so long, and this is why Ponzi schemes always end in a total collapse.

The same fate awaits the Future Trade, if it has not already collapsed, it will collapse and stop paying soon.

And because deposits are made mostly in cryptocurrencies, people won’t be able to get their money back.

You have to realize that the scheme can go down any time. And even if you manage to pull out some profits before it does, it will be money that somebody who got scammed had to lose in order for you to get paid.

This is why you should never participate in Ponzi scams like The Future Trade. You can think that you’ll be able to earn money if you pull out soon enough, but in the end one of them will bite you and you will lose everything.

The Future Trade review – Conclusion

The Future Trade is a Ponzi scam run by a company that is not authorized to provide investment services. It is an illegal financial scheme that is going down, and that is why you have to stay away from it.

If you want to try financial trading, do it on a demo account with a regulated company. Use virtual money to learn and see how you could do.

Before investing real money always make sure that you understand the risks and that you have a solid strategy.


BrokerRegulatedFree demoLink

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 76-81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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  • Thank you for this amassing story about the Future trade, I was about to invest some money.

  • I invested in this company in july and they are paying every day as promised. Yes, it is on my own bank account. I also know someone by person who is being paid every day since February. So scam? Maybe, but I was willing to take the risk, as it always is with investing. You take the risk in losing your money.
    Besides that I find it quite remarkable that a scam research company is offering its own NFT investment collection on the same page and promotes other investment opportunities. So why would you or your research be more trustworthy then any other investment company?

    • There is a difference between risking with a legit investment and putting your money in a scam.

      The TBBOB NFT collection is meant to support the work we do on this website. Believe it or not, I also have to eat, pay my rent, etc. It is all explained on the NFT’s page.

      • True we all need to make a living. So do the scam guys right. But who says this website and your company is legit or scam? And what is legit? Not all companies around the world have and need a registration in the UK.

        • If you have problems with the review, let’s discuss specific points of the review. What is important is the message, not the messenger.

          By the way, The Future Trade says it is registered in the UK, but I proved that it is not. Isn’t that a problem?

          • You have the wrong registrationnumber. You can find the correct one on the tft website.

          • That’s such a poor and dirty trick. I pointed out their fake registrations, so they got new ones. And now they think they look clean. They don’t, there is the Web Archive to prove what they did.
            So I don’t have wrong information, The Future Trade just changed their website. I updated the review about this dirty trick.

      • How can u explained that nft is legit?

        • NFTs that are promising you a regular income can’t be legit. Most NFTs are like art, their value can’t be predicted reliable.

          The TBBOB NFT collection is, since the beginning, meant as a support token for the work we do on this website against scams. That answers the legitimacy question. If you want to support this website and its work, you buy an NFT. If you don’t, you don’t. Very simple, our NFTs are just a token of support, not meant for speculation or any other thing.

        • As far as the returns they are offering… I can earn 2-5% a day doing my own trading in the crypto realm. Add futures and a robot to the mix and it is feasible to do 10% a day. All it takes is a 20 successful trades at ½% each. Easily done using well programmed robots.

          I agree that non registrations for Forex is illegal, IF they are using client funds for those trades. If they are only using corporate funds to trade forex, then no harm, no foul.

          In the crypto world, no registration or license is needed as no financial regulation body has jurisdiction over something that is not in their realm of jurisdiction.

          It certainly would go a long way for TFT to display their trading history to show the returns they are getting, like many other crypto trading systems do.

          For a HYIP ponzi to last more than 2 years is a rare event indeed. TFT is well into their 3’rd year of operations.

          There are many companies out there that also use the Forex as an advertising gimmick as that is where the banks earn their billions. And they do indeed gain far higher % than they let on. One of my best friends was the COO of a major bank hedge fund in Canada. (Retired) Their returns were well above what Future Trade pays. And he has admitted that even better things are possible using crypto over forex because of pumping altcoins as well as the 24/7 always open platform. Forex closes for the weekend.

          Then the possibilities of commercial paper and private placement funds earning even more than forex does.

          But there are certain criteria for investors to meet before they can get involved in those. And they are highly regulated.

          Also, what stops a clothing empire from diversifying into the financial side? Yes, it looks shady as far a the description of business activity. It also could be that this clothing business is one of the companies that helps earn the higher %’s.

          I have owned retail storefronts and if I wasn’t profiting 40-50% a month I was not earning anything to eat with. I did very well. Then you get into the Asian textile manufacturing side along with the beauty of internet marketing and fortunes can be made over and over again.

          Bought en masse a good quality polo shirt can be delivered from the manufacturer for less than $1 a piece and sold retail for $20 or more. Happens every day, by the millions. Without the need to stock inventory or have a brick and mortar establishment. Costs are low and profits are VERY high.

          Not defending TFT. Just pointing out some places where your logic, although making sense to people who are not in these worlds, doesn’t ring true in many if the financial (especially in crypto) or “retail” world.

          I was part of a crypto altcoin pump just the other day where profits exceeded 900% in about 3 minutes. These happen daily. Often several times a day.

          Even arbitraging can earn high % daily as long as it is handled properly. We can find those opportunities over many different exchanges on a regular basis.

          This is how the owner of the FTX exchange made his billions and was able to put the exchange into operation.

          To say that a 2% a day is unsustainable… Means you need to learn more about the trading world as it happens on a daily basis throughout the entire financial community. Fiat and crypto. Sad part is in the fiat world, those opportunities are only available to accredited and sophisticated investors. I.e people with a million or more in liquid assets. In the crypto world it is available to anyone that chooses to learn how. Even if they only have $20 to risk. Which is one reason the fiat world is pushing to have the crypto side regulated. Which they can’t do because they don’t own it. They can only use fear tactics to sell the masses on the need for it.

          Having said all that.. it also has to be mentioned that anything financial, fiat or crypto is a risk and can go to pot in seconds. No trading system is perfect. Only put in risk capital. Doesn’t matter what system one uses.

          • Your post is so full of lies.

            1) Should you be able to earn 2-5% daily, you would be a millionaire, if not a billionaire already. You would certainly not be involved with TFT, even less commenting here. You would be the best trader in the world.
            2) Once you promise returns to somebody, you have to get a license, no matter the asset you trade or how you do things.
            3) Ponzi can live for decades, just look at Madoff.


  • This website is trash, I invest in the future trade, and its legit. Maybe you guys was wrong and trying to take the company down. Well, try harder

  • One of the ‘investors’ in TFT was part of a FIRE documentary on national TV in Belgium. They got a lot of backlash (since everyone knows it’s a scam) and they deleted the documentary. It is such a pity to see someone actually think they are a millionaire. Just a matter of time before he realises he is broke.

  • Future Trade no dey pay again ooo, My People.. this Man here is telling the truth only, all the investors’ money don goooo, please fall to another victims.. Future Trade is a Pure Scam.


  • They are scammers they stopped paying me since 13 october, i thought this was an investment platforn, and NO THE SCAMMERS DONT DESERVE TO MAKE A LIVING, they are thieves and can work like everyone else for a living.

  • They announced that they are working in their new website. Can you at least withdraw your money that you invest?

  • I still have funds locked up in Future Trade and they are adamant they will not return any money unless I get 2 people to invest .

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