Trade Juice review – Don’t buy this scam!

Trade Juice review

In this review we have a look at the Trade Juice scam signals service that promises you to make you rich on autopilot.

What is Trade Juice

Trade Juice is a paid signals service for financial markets. It will provide you with trading signals for different assets, like currencies, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

It supposedly averages 4-5% profits per week or 20-25% per month. The system will tell you which assets to trade, when to enter and when to exit trades. So you don’t need to learn anything about the markets.

How much does Trade Juice cost? A one time 697 USD. But is it legit?

Trade Juice scam

After carefully studying the official Trade Juice website we came to the conclusion that Trade Juice is a scam. Here is why.

Full of lies

There are numerous lies on the Trade Juice’s website, let’s go through some of them.

No hedge funds

According to its official website, Trade Juice is used by more than a dozen professional traders, financial institutions and nine hedge funds. But it is not true.

There is no financial institution or hedge fund that uses Trade Juice. It is as simple as that.

No hedge funds

You will miss big trends

Trade Juice supposedly is so good that it will predict every big trend in every market there is. So you will never miss another big trend shift. This is a huge lie, because something like that simply is not possible.

Nobody, really nobody in the world can predict every trend, that’s just the nature of financial markets. Trade Juice is promising something impossible, therefore it is a scam.

Missing trends

Fake numbers

According to its website, Trade Juice will earn you 4-5% weekly, which will result in 20-25% monthly. Yet they also claim that yearly you will exceed 100%.

But averaging 20-25% monthly should translate to 240-300% yearly. So numbers presented by Trade Juice just don’t make sense.


Impossible results

Let’s have another look at the numbers. Trade juice claims to be averaging 4-5% weekly, which means more than 240% yearly.

These numbers are something you won’t see with the best trading companies in the world. So you are supposed to believe that an anonymous trading signals service that costs $697 outperforms the best financial institutions in the world that trade with billions of dollars. Will you?

Seriously, should somebody be able to average 4-5% weekly, the richest hedge funds in the world would pay them millions to trade for them.

So you are supposed to believe that somebody that could become an instant millionaire thanks to their miraculous trading system will rather sell their signals to anybody for $697 lifetime? Just use common sense.

Fake results

Alaziak Trading

Trade Juice is sold by a company called Alaziak Trading (or Alaziac Trading) from South Africa. The company certainly is not authorized to provide any kind of financial services or advice.

What is really interesting is that Alaziak Trading have been selling a lot of different miraculous trading systems, like 3 Day Forex Challenge, Traders Forex Systems, Tradeology, Accelerating Profits and High Probability Low Risk Profit System.

So again, use common sense. If this company has so many very profitable trading systems, why are they not using them to make profits, why are they selling them to everybody?

Alaziac Trading

How Trade Juice really works

The Internet is full of people who don’t achieve profits in financial trading, while at the same time they are selling trading systems. Because it is a lucrative business. You promise people fast and easy profits for a few bucks, which will make a lot of people fall into this trap.

We just can’t believe why so many people do not ask themselves: If these people really have a trading system that can make easy money fast, why are they selling it to me for a fraction of what it can generate in profits in a week? With this question you can uncover the majority of scams of this kind.

In simple terms, forget about trading systems and signals services that promise you tens of percent monthly returns for a few bucks. They all are total scams.

The nature of financial markets is that their behavior keeps changing, so every system will have good trades, a lot of them will have profitable periods of time. But in the long run the vast majority will lose. This is why it is hard for the general public to see through these offers.

Trade Juice review – Conclusion

Trade Juice is a scam, it can’t make you the money it promises. Don’t buy it if you don’t want to throw your money out of the window.

Making money in financial markets is not easy, no cheap system will make it for you on autopilot. You can try trading on a free demo account and see for yourself how hard it is to achieve consistent profits.

If at any time you decide to trade with real money, please make sure you understand the risks.

Trade Juice

697 USD





Real results



  • none


  • Full of lies
  • Scam
  • Not profitable
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Comments 8

  • Hello

    have you tried this software or is it your assumptions ?

    Meier Alfred

  • hi
    have you actually tried this platform?
    Making 4% to 5% a week is actually on the low end.
    If you trade Crypto you can make 8 to 9 % and more in one trade.

    What system are they using and you properly misunderstand in predicting big events, as when an announcement is made in the first 5-8 minutes you can see a big up or down.
    I have not tried this, but as I believe you did not either try it, otherwise you would give a more detailed review. Do you have any experience in trading?

  • this fag is just hating. He has not tried the system. Sounds like a jealous peon!

  • All they will do is take your money, use it on their platform not let you withdraw it (as they say you will be able to do so).
    DO NOT take any offer for a bonus, using that will just lock you in to using them.
    Awful Service…

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