PETTY SCAM: Tradenary review

Tradenary review

In this review we examine the cryptocurrency mining platform Tradenary and we give you the reasons why it is a scam that you should avoid.

What is Tradenary

Tradenary presents itself as an investment company that runs a cryptocurrency mining operation.

It mines primarily Bitcoin using Bitmain Antminers and its Bitcoin mining farm supposedly is located in the United Kingdom.

The company offers two mining plans to the public with daily returns on investment being either 5 or 10%. The minimum investment is 100 USD.

And you can even increase your income by referring other people to the mining program.

Tradenary supposedly is an Australian company that is registered and certified under the number SC155714.

But is it true, is Tradenary a legit Bitcoin mining program?

Tradenary is a scam

Our analysis showed that Tradenary is in fact a dangerous scam that has nothing to do with real cryptocurrency mining. It is an illegal financial operation that makes people lose money.

Here are the details.

Fake company

You might have already noticed a strange thing about Tradenary, namely that it claims to have a Bitcoin mining farm in Scotland while being an Australian company.

When you make a research about Tradenary in Australian registers, you will quickly find out that no company with this name is registered in the country.

In other words, Tradenary is a fake company, there is no real legal entity behind this crypto mining program.

No company registration

No mining farm

Another Tradenary lie is about its ming farm in Scotland. Because you just have to take the address they give and check it in Google Maps to see that there certainly is no crypto mining farm there.

The company claims that it has been building its mining farm since 2015 and that its “capacity” is 50MW. Which makes no sense, because the unit for mining capacity is hash rate, while megawatts indicate electricity consumption.

Either way, a big crypto mining farm certainly could not fit in the rather small house that is on that address, see our picture below.

No mining farm

Impossible profits

What quickly reveals that Tradenary is a scam is its mining plans. Because 5 or 10% daily returns are simply impossible in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency mining.

It has never been possible to achieve such profits. In fact, no legit company can generate 5 or 10% daily returns, no matter the industry. Be it crypto mining, financial trading or anything else.

Nobody can do that, the sooner you accept this fact, the better. Because it will help you avoid many scams. And there are thousands of scams promising this kind of returns.

People often forget that if it was possible to generate 5% daily, there would be no reason to share the profits with other people. If you need capital, you can get a loan from a bank for 5% yearly, and you don’t have to pay 5% daily to random people on the internet.

Not to mention that 10% daily would make you a millionaire in no time, even with a small starting capital. Ordinary people would become billionaires in less than a year, doing nothing. Do you see that happening?

Mining plans

How Tradenary works

Tradenary is a scam, that is for sure. It might have started as a Ponzi scheme, which means that it could have been paying its users.

But only using deposits of others, because there is no real mining or any other profitable business going on.

But Tradenary has already failed, it is paying nobody, it is just a pure scam that is stealing money from people.

And because deposits are possible in Bitcoin only, you won’t be able to recover money that you send to this scam. Cryptocurrency transactions can’t be reversed, so there is no payment provider that could help you.

The only thing left to do if you got scammed by Tradenary is go to the police.

How it works

Tradenary review – Conclusion

Tradenary is a fictitious company, a non-existing Bitcoin mining operation and a scam. It is not paying, it is just stealing people’s money. That is why you have to stay away from it.

If you are interested in legit crypto investing, you can try it on a free demo account with a regulated platform.

Should you want to invest real money, make sure that you first understand the risks and that you have a well thought-out strategy.


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