TradingOX review – A powerful scam [WARNING!]

Review of Trading Ox

This review proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the trading platform TradingOx is a scam. The founder Dan Legg has nothing to do with it.

Our thorough research about TradingOx shows what this investment platform is about, if it is legit, what results you can expect from it and why should stay away from this fraud.

What is TradingOX

TradingOX is a trading platform designed for financial trading. It is an automated tool that will trade currencies on Forex and cryptocurrencies.

Users of TradingOx allegedly earn at least 950 dollars per day. Some of them supposedly became millionaires within just two months.

The official TradinOx website says that it is because the trading app has a 99.4% accuracy that is driven by high speed trading.

All you have to do is to get the app for free, let it start trade with your money and earn profits. Really?

Alleged features

Is TradingOx legit?

Before examining the profitability of any investment app, the first thing you should do is see if it is legit. And TradingOx is not legit, unfortunately.

This is because it is an unlicensed investment service. Any app that is supposed to trade financial markets on autopilot for you is an investment service that requires a license. It means full disclosure of everything: who runs it, where they are located and registered etc.

But TradingOx is completely anonymous. They just say it was founded by a certain Dan, that’s all. And it is not even true, more on that later.

In fact, many financial regulators have warned about trading apps like this one. TradingOx is an unauthorized and illegal investment service.

TradingOX scam

The complete truth is that TradingOX is a scam. It is an old investment scam with a new name and it has nothing to do with the guy you can see in the video and whose name is Dan.

This scam has been around for years and ripping people off. There is no real trading app behind it, just a bunch of greedy fraudsters.

Old scam copy

We have reviewed hundreds of investment scams and when we first saw TradinOx, we immediately recognized a familiar design. Indeed, this scam is just a copy of fraudulent systems like Bitcoin Digital, Bitcoin Sunrise or Crypto Superstar. See the proof in our picture below.

All these fraudulent systems are based on the same system, they use the same narrative and the same website design. The lies and the fake promise is always the same and you cannot trust a word from what you will find on the Trading0x official website.

TradingOx scam

Fake Trading Ox testimonials

One common trick of these investment scams is fake testimonials and user reviews. TradingOx is guilty in this regard too.

Testimonials you will find on its official website are absolutely fake. Again, you will find a proof in our picture. This woman has nothing in common with TradingOx, she is just a model posing on a stock photo.

As this scam has been around for years under different names, as we have explained, there are many real testimonials you can find, we get a lot of feedback about this app from real users. And all these people say that TradingOX is a scam that made them lose money.

A lot of people have already fallen victim to this fraud, so we know exactly what it is about.

These testimonials are not real

Dan Legg is not the founder

TradingOx has been supposedly created by a guy named Dan who you can see in the video and the picture on the official website of the program. The site gives no details, but it is easy to discover the real identity of that man.

His real name is Dan Legg and he claims to be a successful Forex trader who has made millions of pounds. The first problem is that Dan Legg is not the creator of TradingOx, he has nothing to do with it. Fraudsters just took his video and image, and used it on the TradingOx website without any approval. Legg probably does not even know he is portrayed as the man behind this system.

This review is not about Legg, but digging deep about him was not nice either. In this article he is mentioned among potential Forex scammers who make money thanks to commissions from brokers, and not in trading as they claim.

Also, the problem with these so-called bedroom trading gurus is that they might be providing unauthorized investment advice. In fact, one of the Legg’s colleagues from his TeamFx service made it to the blacklist of the Financial Conduct Authority for this very reason.

So, even if Dan Legg was tied to TradingOx, which according to our research he is not, it still would not make it a trustworthy app. TradingOx remains an illegal investment software no matter what and a scam.

Dan Legg

How TradingOX works in reality

Trading Ox is a very simple scam. It was made to earn money not to you, but to people who created it. Their biggest trick in their sleeve is that they offer you their app for free. But not really.

You won’t have to pay anything for the app itself, this is true, but you won’t be allowed to use it unless you deposit at least 250 dollars with a given broker, you will not be allowed to choose the company.

And this is how these scammers make money, they cooperate with fraudulent and unregulated brokers. They send them new depositing clients and then they all share money they are able to get from you. They will use lies to make you deposit as much money as you can, because your deposits are their profits.

They have no other source of revenue, they can’t trade profitably, they don’t know how to run any real business, they are just scamming people. The whole TradingOx story is just a tool how to get money from your bank account to their pockets. That really is all.

Although we have to mention one more thing. If they offer you a demo of Trading0x, don’t even try it, because it will be fake too. The demo of their software is rigged, it uses fake prices to generate fake profits that would never happen in real trading.

You can see it if alongside their demo you open a real trading platform of a regulated broker and compare the prices. This is how you can easily see that their trades are fake.

Defend yourself

Every day there are new scams like TradingOx, it is impossible to cover them all with our reviews. Therefore you have to know how to identify them in order to be able to avoid them.

Your first line of defense is your judgement and common sense. When somebody is offering you thousands of dollars per month for free, you know something must be wrong because you know money is not and can’t be free. Most of the time it really is that simple to expose a scam.

If you don’t send money to TradingOx, you won’t lose it. So, it is very important to think twice before depositing money with an investment program. If you are hesitating about any investment offer, you can always check it with the national financial regulator in your country.

If you found our TradinOX review too late and you already sent them your money, try to get it back as quickly as possible. They referred you to a broker and you sent your money to that broker. So log into your account with that broker and request a withdrawal.

If money is already missing or/and you are denied your withdrawal, you can threaten them with a complaint to authorities. TradingOx is a scam, so any money sent because of a promise of this scam should be returned.

If you are not successful with the broker, you can ask the payment provider for help. For example, if you used a credit card to make the deposit, ask your bank for a chargeback on that transaction. You have to explain how you got scammed. The same goes for e-wallet providers etc.

TradingOx review – the conclusion

TradingOx is a scam, an unauthorized investment app that is losing money in real trading. You have to stay away from it to protect your capital!

If you are interested in legit financial trading, you can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker. You will get virtual money to learn and see what results you are able to get.

Should you decide to invest real money, you have to have a proper strategy and understand the risks.

Please share our TradingOx review to help warn other people about this scam.

Frequently asked questions

Is TradingOx legit?

No, TradingOx is not legit. It is a rebranded old scam that is known for losing money in financial trading. You can’t expect anything good from it.

Who is Dan Legg?

The official TradingOx website says that Dan Legg is the creator of this trading app. But according to our research he is not, this scam has just abused his identity.

What are the typical results of TradingOx?

The website of TradingOx says that you will make at least 950 USD per day with this app. But it is not true, it is a losing software that will only make you lose money.

Is TradingOx a scam?

Yes, Trading OX is a total scam. The trading app is losing money, Dan is not its creator and all the users testimonials that you can find on its website are fake.


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  • Easy to uncover


  • Scam
  • Losing money
  • Full of lies
Please share this review to help warn other people

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