Tron Carry review – Damaging scam [see why]

Tron Carry review

This review uncovers the Tron Carry scam that pretends to be a legitimate earning program in the Tron blockchain.

What is Tron Carry

Tron Carry is a blockchain platform in Tron that supposedly will earn you free money. How? The official website says that it is a support platform where community members support each other. It runs on a smart contract, so it is supposedly decentralized and safe.

The minimum deposit is 200 TRX and they say you will get 300% back. But when? The calculator on Tron Carry’s website suggests a 60% monthly return on investment. Maybe the 300% also includes all bonuses that you can get.

There is also a referral program that will earn you commissions on your downline’s deposits.

Tron Carry’s smart contract has supposedly been audited, so can you trust it, is it legit?

TronCarry features

Tron Carry scam

Well, you can’t trust it, Tron Carry is not legit, it’s a scam. In this review we explain why.

Pure Ponzi scheme

People who run Tron Carry admit that the scheme will be profitable only as long as people keep contributing money. It is a subtle way to describe a Ponzi scheme.

Because in other words it means that within Tron Carry money is just being redistributed among members. New deposits are taken and used for payouts to older members. That is how Ponzi schemes work and that is why they always fail in the end.

New values are not created, profits are not generated, money is only being taken from one person and given to another. With profits, which means that Tron Carry needs more money to be coming in on deposits that what people want to withdraw on profits. Which can only work for so long.

So, if Tron Carry is paying at all, it won’t last for long, because behind the fancy blockchain façade it is an old-school Ponzi scheme.

By the way, all this should be clear just from the numbers. Because no legit platform can give you 60 – 300% per month on a regular basis.


Tron Carry scam

Not safe, not secure, not audited

Scams like to use fancy terms like “smart contracts” or “blockchain” to impress people, but when you understand these technologies, you realize they don’t guarantee anything.

A smart contract is just a program that someone coded and uploaded to a blockchain. But this smart contract/program still has the owner who can change the code, who can leave a backdoor in the code, etc. Sure, you can read the code of the smart contract online, but are you an experienced Solidity programmer to understand it 100% and be sure it is safe and secure? Only few people are.

This is why Tron Carry provides you with an audit of the smart contract code. But the audit is a total joke, literally, because it supposedly was conducted by a British actress. In the audit, there is a link to her profile page in Wikipedia, see the picture below.

As for the audit itself, it is only a few pages long, it lacks essential information, it is not a real audit, just a joke that for sure was put together by people who run Tron Carry.

A true audit would be much longer, packed with more information and conducted by a reputable company in the first place.

To sum this part up, Tron Carry’s smart contract has not been audited and unless you are a very experienced programmer, you can’t know what is inside and whether it allows the owner to do a rug pull, which means taking all the money out of it.

Fake audit

Illegal service

Tron Carry is essentially a financial service because you are promised returns on your deposit. So it is a service that requires a license from financial regulators.

On the official website of the program, you can read that Tron Carry is a worldwide legal company, which a big lie. Tron Carry is not registered in any country of the world and it for sure is not authorized in any country to provide financial services.

People who run Tron Carry are breaking the laws in every country they are offering it. If you join it and promote it via the referral system, you will be breaking the laws too.

No real company

How Tron Carry works

Tron Carry is a scam. It is based on a Ponzi scheme, so it will take money from newer members and give it to older members. No real profit-generating activity is going on in the background, just an illegal financial scheme.

Therefore, Tron Carry will stop paying its members, it is given by its structure. It is only a matter of time. You don’t want to be involved because it can go down any time, for example right after your deposit. Besides, even if you manage to get some profits out of it, it would be somebody else’s loss.

A lot of people have to get scammed so that a few people can make profits – that is how Ponzi scheme work.

How it works

Tron Carry review – Conclusion

Tron Carry is a scam. It is a Ponzi scheme that is doomed to fail. Stay away from it, it can crash at any moment.

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If you make the decision to invest real money, please be sure to understand the risks.


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