Tron Thunder review – A typical scam pyramid

Tron Thunder review

This review exposes the Tron Thunder scam that is in reality an illegal financial game.

What is Tron Thunder

Tron Thunder is presented as a community program and a first ever smart formula of its kind, whatever that means.

It uses the Tron Thunder Token (TTT) that you have to buy from the project in order to participate in the scheme. You supposedly will be able to earn commissions even without recruiting anybody, but the whole program is based on a multi level structure.

So your income is dependent on how many people join the system and deposit money. Is Tron Thunder legit? Of course not.

Tron Thunder scam

Tron Thunder is in fact just an old scam in a modern form. It is a Ponzi scheme, a pyramid that relies on people depositing money. It uses these deposits for profit payouts.

It has no real product, it generates no values, it is just an illegal financial game that is doomed to collapse.

It has a 40 level deep pyramid structure that relies on members to introduce new people to the system. It needs more and more money flowing in, which is unsustainable, therefore Tron Thunder is sure to collapse like every other Ponzi scheme out there.

In fact, it is not even new in the Tron blokchain, we have already warned against similar scams like Tron Carry, Tronvest or Troncase.

Scam pyramid

Blockchain lure

Pyramid scams have been out there for decades if not centuries and fraudsters always find ways to hide them behind something modern, something fancy. In these days they use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Because the majority of people don’t understand how they work.

You can imagine blockchain smart contracts as computer programs. So when a pyramid scheme like Tron Thunder uses smart contracts, it only means that the scheme runs on a computer. But the core scam principle remains the same.

Stories about such programs being unstoppable and unchangeable are just lies. Like any computer program a smart contract has to be programmed by a programmer. This programmer has control over the code, unless they publicly give the keys to a community that can make only changes that are voted by the majority. Which is not the case of Tron Thunder.

This program is controlled by its creator that can do whatever he wants with it. It means for example a rug pull, which means pulling out all the money and disappear.

To sum it up, just because something runs in a blockchain doesn’t mean it can’t be a scam. Quite the opposite, it is easy to hide scams in blockchains, because only experts understand smart contract programming and can check what is really going on.

One big risk

One big red flag is when any investment project says that it is risk free. Because anything related to financial investing is always risky. And investment related to cryptocurrencies are very risky due to the high volatility of these assets.

So when Tron Thunder declares that it is risk free, you know it is a scam. Not only there are risks related to the nature of cryptocurrencies, but as we have explained above, since this is a pure pyramid scheme, there are a lot of other risks, like the structure collapsing because of not enough new money coming, a rug pull made by the owner etc.

But should we call these even risks? Joining a scam is not even risky in the traditional sense of the term, it is practically sure to get you in trouble. You are not risking with Tron Thunder, you are throwing your money into the void and hoping something comes back.


Laughable roadmap

Another giveaway of a shady project is the roadmap presented by Tron Thunder. Because the Tron Thunder Token is currently not traded anywhere, yet they say that this year it will be listed on top 10 exchanges. This is the kind of things you can’t guarantee. Nor the number of people that will be in your community.

You can say that you will try to reach these milestones, but you can never say it is going happen for sure like Tron Thunder does.

Tron Thunder Token scam

Tron Thunder review – Conclusion

Tron Thunder is a typical pyramid scam, a Ponzi scheme that is destined to collapse. You have to stay away from it.

If you are interested in legit crypto trading, you can try a free demo with a regulated broker. You can use virtual money to learn how to trade.

If you ever decide to invest real money, please be careful and make sure you understand the risks.


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  • I have joined this, and to date, I find it legit. Maybe I’m lucky to be one of the early ones, but I have received my initial deposit back. So going forward, I won’t lose sleep. However, I must say that you can earn without referring anyone in this program, as it’s not entirely dependent recruiting people. However, your earnings will be very slow to build up. So yes, the more your recruit, the better for you.

  • Tron thunder isn’t a scam this is totally false .Scams don’t have products I’m earning trx and Im happy.

  • You obviously haven’t done any proper research and have such come up with a bunch of assumptions. This disgraces you. You should do better

  • Not operating within confines of regulatory/oversight body its a big red flag and a big no.

  • Glad to have read the article my associate from London presented it to me. I was almost persuaded. My HUSBAND did his research, discovered this article and others like this it saved us from the fraud scam!!!!

  • Dude, I’m in Tron Thunder and I’ve received more than $4,500 since I’ve joined. They’re busy working on their white paper and have started launching their coin on the market. Their coin is their product and they’ll be bringing in other services to the website. It’s probably the Most reliable system out there. I can guarantee that it’s more reliable than any other systems you’re selling

  • 26 marzo 2022 è finito.Piattaforma sparita

  • The advanced membership is 1200 trx …. you won’t loose something huge at all even it is a scam.

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