UNDISPUTABLE SCAM: Thunder Force Forex System review

In this review you will learn that Thunder Force Forex System is a total scam that can only drain your wallet.

Thunder Forex Forex System revidewThunder Force Forex System is an expert advisor (EA) for Forex trading in Metatrader. In other words, it is an indicator with trading signals that will tell you when to enter and exit trades on currency pairs.

It allegedly will make you 50 – 400 pips per day or even more. You can get a life-time license for $97 dollars. Is it worth it?

Thunder Force Forex System scam

Fake pipsFirst you should realize what a promise of 50 – 400 pips per day means. It means becoming a millionaire in no time. Even with a $100 starting capital you would be a millionaire within a year.

And such a system costs $97? Can you become a millionaire for $97? Of course not!

Let’s start with some trading basics, no system in the world can make you 50 – 400 pips every day, it is pure fiction. In fact, no system has only winning days, all systems have losing days, weeks and even months.

Based on this fact we can clearly state that Thunder Force Forex System is a scam, this is the first point in our review.

Secondly, even Thunder Force Forex System was somehow profitable, do you think it would cost $97? Of course not! Even if it was able to make you “only” 100 pips per month, it would cost way, way more.

But more probably it wouldn’t even be for sale, it would be used by its owner to make money privately. This is how people usually proceed when they have a profitable trading system, they make money with it and they don’t sell it to the public to ruin its performance.

Thunder Force Forex System testimonials

Testimonials are fakeOne quick note, don’t get fooled by the Thunder Force Forex System testimonials and reviews on its own website.

As you can see on our picture, they are completely fake, shot with paid actors.

How it really works

There are thousands of Forex scams very similar to Thunder Force Forex System. They promise you huge profits while they are relatively cheap. So, people buy them. Then they find out they don’t work and they often lose money with them.

But not everybody asks for the refund they are entitled to, and this is how scammers make money, their profits come from people who for whatever reason don’t push for a refund.

Thunder Force Forex System review conclusion

Thunder Force Forex System is a typical scam that wants your money and hopes you won’t ask for a refund when you find out that it is losing in trading. Stay away from it!

There are no shortcuts to profits, in Forex trading you have to start on a demo account and test and learn until you build a profitable strategy.

Stop searching for free or cheap trading systems that would make you rich, they don’t exist.

Thunder Force Forex System

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  • First I want to say that I am in no way associated with Thunder Forex, in fact I do not own it or had even heard of it until today. Second, I came here for a honest “review” of the system and all I get are your ramblings about how it couldn’t be true because it doesn’t cost enough and how no system can make that amount of pips. How about some real data which of course you do not have because you haven’t tested the system. I’m sure you do this to get people to your site but how about trying to put up real reviews and not ramblings and opinions.

    • I don’t need to jump out of the window from the 6th floor to know that I am gonna die, it is a well-known and proven fact. The same way it is a well-known and proven fact in the world of financial trading that it is absolutely impossible to make 400 pips per day on a regular basis. So I don’t need to try any trading system that promises these ridiculous results to know that it is a scam.

      To anyone interested in this or any other trading system I strongly recommend checking it with your national financial regulator, you will see that you will get a confirmation of our findings.

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