UNIVERSAL SCAM: Grand Coin Finance review

Grand Coin Finance review

In this review we focus on the GrandCoinFinance scam that pretends to be a versatile platform for cryptocurrency investing, trading and mining.

What is Grand Coin Finance

According to its official website, GrandCoinFinance is engaged in Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency trading.

The company has three investment plans that offer weekly returns from 14 to 21%. The minimum investment is 300 USD.

The platform does not explain where the profits come from, whether it is from crypto mining, trading or even something else.

GrandCoinFinance Ltd. says to be a fully functional company that is providing investment services. Is it true, is it a legit company and an investment program you should use?

GrandCoinFinance scam

No, Grand Coin Finance is not a legit company or investment platform, it is a financial scam that was designed to get your money and give you nothing in return. Here is the explanation.

Illegal investment service

Let’s start by the GrandCoinFinance’s claim that it is a fully functional company that is providing investment services. It says that it is based in the United Kingdom.

A search in the register of UK’s Financial Conduct Authority reveals that Grand Coin Finance is not there. Which means that the company has no authorization to provide investment services.

So the company is breaking the laws and is providing illegal investment services. So much for the “fully functional company”.

The company is not regulated

Fake team

To give it some credibility, GrandCoinFinance is showing its team of people that is running the company. There are two traders, the head of marketing and the CEO.

The problem is that the team is fake. It consists of stolen photos that belong to somebody else. Take a look at the example in our picture below, the woman that is supposed to be the head of marketing is in reality is a British official that has nothing to do with this scam.

This is how fraudsters usually proceed, they steal photos of other people all over the internet and put them on their websites with fake stories, profiles and testimonials.

The core team is fake

Fake stats

Another lie of GrandCoinFinance is hidden in the stats that it is presenting on its website. The numbers are completely bogus.

The grandcoinfinance.com domain name was registered only three months ago, so it is pretty much impossible for the platform to already have tens of thousands of customers.

The funny thing is that on the official website you will find two different numbers about the clients, which proves that they are fake.

Stats are fake

Telling investment plans

The quickest way to see that GrandCoinFinance is a scam is to look at the investment plans. As we have already mentioned, they don’t even specify where the profits are supposed to come from.

But what is more important is that the promised returns are ridiculously high. In fact, they are straight impossible for any legit business, no matter the industry.

14% a week means 2% daily, while the highest plan’s 21% weekly means 3% daily. This would allow you to double your money every month, and that is unfortunately impossible in cryptocurrency mining and investing.

Yes, you can have a lucky month in trading and double your money, but you certainly won’t be able to do that every month. It is even less possible to have steady profits every day. Because every day is different in the markets, so you can’t always achieve the same results.

Any investment platform offering you 3% daily return is a scam. That is a fact that you have to accept because it will help you to avoid many fraudulent investment offers.

GrandCoinFinance scam investment plans

How Grand Coin Finance truly works

Grand Coin Finance is a fraud that is just taking money from people. It might have started as a Ponzi scheme that was paying its members, but now we know that it is not even that, it is not paying.

It means they will let you deposit and might even show you fake profits on the platform to persuade you that it is really working and profitable. But it is not at all.

All the number will be fake, they will just try to make you deposit more and more. The moment you start asking for withdrawals, you will be hit by the truth. You will see that it is impossible to get any money from GrandCoinFinance because it is a total scam.

Grand Coin Finance review – Conclusion

Grand Coin Finance is not a legit company, it is a scam that is just taking money away from people. It is not doing any real investing or cryptocurrency mining, it is just pure fraud. That is why you have to stay away from it.

If you are interested in legit crypto trading, you can try it on a free demo with a regulated company.

Don’t start investing real money until you are sure that you really understand the risks.

Grand Coin Finance

300 USD

Range of services




Real ROI



  • Easy to expose


  • Scam
  • Not paying
  • Illegal services
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  • Do not invest in GrandCoinFinance. I did buy an entry plan of$300. After 7 day I tried to withdraw my reward and was told by support that I had to top up. So I topped up to $988. When I tried to withdraw my 7 days profit of $142 I was told that I must wait after contacting them for almost 2 weeks. When I quaried again I was told that they have a problem and was paying batches and when my name comes up they will pay. Then again I was told that I did not have any downlines and my account was all wrong. So I asked to withdraw all my capital and they said that I have to pay withdrawel fees and then shut me off the support group. They had a telegram group chat and others also started to complain. The deleted the chat. I have lost R$988. This is a scam

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