Vickers Venture AI Trading review – Total SCAM, beware!

Vickers AI Quantitative Trading review

This review reveals that the Vickers AI Quantitative Trading platform is in fact an investment scam that was made to lose your money.

What is Vickers AI Quantitative Trading platform

Vickers Venture AI Trading platform is presented as an automated cryptocurrency platform that will make you money thanks to USDT pledging.

USDT is a crypto stable coin pegged to the US dollar. You have to buy it and deposit with the Vickers AI platform for the so called pledging.

USDT pledging supposedly can earn you a daily static return of 0.6 to 1%. On top of that you can earn up to 0.8% daily more if you refer other people to the system.

So, if you invite 12 people to Vickers Venture AI Trading, your daily return can be 1.8%.

The platform supposedly was developed by Vickers Venture Partners and Coinbase, so it is legit. But is it really?

Vickers AI Quantitative Trading scam

The reality is that the Vickers Venture AI Trading platform is a cloned scam that has nothing to do with Vickers Venture Partners. It’s just an illegal financial scheme that is going to collapse the same way as its predecessors.

Shameless clone

The first thing we have to expose about Vickers AI Quantitative Trading is that it is a clone of an infamous scam that we have already reviewed several times.

It’s other names for example are Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading, Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative and Aurora AI Quantitative.

You can see in the linked reviews above that the concept is the same. Scammers take a famous name and claim that their platform is connected to it. Then they ask you deposit USDT to their blockchain contracts only to be able to steal your tokens. That’s all.

Not connected to Vickers Venture Partners

The important thing you have to know about the Vickers AI Quantitative platform is that in reality it has nothing to do with Vickers Venture Partners.

In fact, Vickers Venture Partners even released a press release informing people that they have nothing in common with Vickers AI Quantitative Trading and that that platform is just abusing their name.

This fact alone makes Vickers Venture AI Trading a scam because it using an established name without any rights whatsoever. It is obviously trying to mislead people that way.

Press release

Pledging nonsense

Every time we review one of those AI Quantitative scams we have to warn people that the whole concept of USDT pledging is a total nonsense.

Yes, some crypto platforms will reward you for depositing USDT with them, but you will be lucky to get 10% in a year. That’s because the yield has to come from somewhere, somebody has to be willing to pay for it, mostly when borrowing.

On the other hand, Vickers AI Quantitative is promising you up to 1.8% daily, which equals to 54% per month. Which is completely unrealistic, no legit business can achieve this kind of returns.

In fact, you can be absolutely sure that any offer with 50% monthly returns is a scam. Because there just is no other way. And it does not matter the industry, even in the world of cryptocurrencies these returns are totally unsustainable.

Pledging plans

How Vickers AI Trading really works

We already hear it, some people will come and comment that they are getting paid by Vickers AI Quantitative Trading. That’s because these scams start as Ponzi schemes.

It means that they take money on deposits and redistribute it among members on payouts. As you can imagine, this requires an exponentially growing inflow of deposits, which is unsustainable.

And that is also the reason why all Ponzi schemes always collapse in the end. Money supply in the world is not unlimited and fraudulent platforms like Vickers AI Quantitative always run dry one day.

They can collapse even faster when their owners decide just to shut everything down and run away with the money that is in the system.

Either way, you don’t want to get involved with these fraudulent platforms, you don’t want to be trying to catch a falling knife, you don’t want be a part of a scam that is going to deceive a lot of people.

Vickers Venture AI Trading review – Conclusion

The Vickers AI Quantitative Trading Platform is a cloned scam that has nothing to do with Vickers Venture Partners, the company has already warned people about this. That is why you have to stay away from it.

If you are interested in legit crypto trading, you can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker. You will get virtual money to test everything.

Do not invest real money until you have a proper strategy and a deep understanding of the risks.


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