Warning, FmtOption is a scam broker – review

This FMT Options review is a warning against an unscrupulous broker that is operating illegally.

What is FmtOption

FMToption reviewFMTOption is a broker that will let you trade with currencies, commodities, stocks, indices and binary options.

The broker allegedly is based in Los Angeles, California, and very secure. Therefore, you are not supposed to hesitate when choosing where to trade.

FMT Option scam

FMToption scamThe first thing you should look at when evaluating a broker is whether it is regulated. You should always trade only with regulated brokers, so that your money is protected.

So, what about FMTOption? It says it is located in the United States, which is a country with one of the most advanced and strict financial regulation.

The problem is that FMT Options is not located in the US, nor it is regulated there. The broker is simply lying about its identity, real owners and their location remains unknown.

The conclusion of this FMToption review must therefore be clear, this broker is a scam that you have to avoid.

We have read countless stories about unregulated and lying brokers that just steal money from depositors, this one is obviously one of them.

When you lie about your identity to look legitimate, you are a scammer, which is precisely what is FMT Option.

Forget about the certificate the broker is showing on its webpage, it is fake, it means nothing.  You won’t find any positive FMT Options testimonials, because they cannot exist. If you find anything positive about this broker, it will be fake.

FMToptions review conclusion

FMT Option is an illegal and scam broker, you should not trade with it, stay away!

For financial trading we recommend using regulated brokers only. And start on a demo account so that you can try everything with virtual money.

Trading with real money carries certain risks that you have to be aware of before investing your own capital.

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