Warnings against Finarium Option and Grand Trade – review

This quick review exposes Finarium Option and Grand Trade scam brokers.

About Finarium Option and Grand Trade

Grand Trade reviewGrand Trade and Finarium Option both are binary options brokers that offer different types of trading accounts. You can even get trading signals from them.

The minimum deposit with each broker is $250, the minimum trade is not specified on their websites.

Both brokers are run by a company called Oracle Stone that is supposed to be based in England and regulated in Belize.


Finarium reviewThe main reason for this Grand Trade and Finarium Option review is that Belize’s International Financial Services Commission has warned that Oracle Stone forged their license.

In other words, Grand Trade and Finarium Option are unregulated brokers, they have no authorization to provide investment services whatsoever.

Since they are displaying a forged Belize license, we can safely say that both brokers are scam. It is vital not to trade with them. Don’t even consider a deposit, because with most certainty you would not get any money back.


Finarium Trade and Grand Option are unregulated brokers with a forged Belize license, stay away from them!

For financial trading you should always use only regulated brokers that offer a free demo account for you to try.

Finarium Option / Grand Trade

250 USD





Trading platform



  • Trading platform


  • Scam
  • Forged license
  • Unregulated
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