Weownomy review – Beware of this illegal program!

Review of Weownomy

This review reveals why you should stay away from the social platform Weownomy that promises to make you money.

What is Weownomy

Weownomy is defined on its official website as a social platform owned by its users. Users own not only the platform, but also their personal data, so they can monetize it.

Weownomy wants to be like Facebook or Twitter, except that money from advertisers will be shared among the users of the platform.

In order to become a user and co-owner of the Weownomy platform, you have to buy on of the three packages: Basic, Advanced or Premium.

Basic costs $8.33 per month, Advanced $59.24 per month and Premium $177.72 per month.

The Basic plans will supposedly generate you an income of $800 per month, Advanced $4265.34 per month and Premium $12796.02 per month.

This would mean that investing in Weownomy will generate you thousands of percent per month in returns. But is it true, is it even possible?

Beware of Weownomy

There are several aspects of Weownomy that look very suspicious and that you should be aware of. We believe that it is not a good idea to invest in this so-called social platform. Here is why.

Illegal securities offering

Weownomy clearly states that when you invest in the platform, you will be entitled to share income as a co-owner of the company.

This means that Weownomy is effectively selling its shares to the public, which constitutes a securities offering. And this is a heavily regulated matter.

Weownomy says it is located in the United States where public offerings are strictly regulated. But the company provides no information whatsoever about having an authorization from the financial regulator to sell its shares to the public. Providing this information is required by the law, so we have to assume that Weownomy has no authorization to sell its shares to the public.

In other words, Weownomy is acting illegally, it is selling unregistered securities to the public. This is a huge red flag.

In fact, the Central Bank of Lesotho has confirmed that Weownomy is not authorized to sell its shares to the public. The bank said that Weownomy is acting together with BAHAESO Holdings.

Where is the company?

We made a research about the company that supposedly is behind the Weownomy social platform. It is true that a company called Weownomy Platform Corporation is registered in Delaware, USA.

But it is registered only since January 2021, so it has no history, no track record. Moreover the only address it provides (256 Chapman Road, Suite 105-4, Newark, Delaware) is the address of a local agent, Weownomy is not located there, it has no offices at this address.

And as we have already explained, the company is breaking US laws because it is selling its shares without the necessary authorization.

Another important fact is that Weownomy is dominantly advertised in Africa. Which raises questions, like why it is registered in the US and operating in Africa?. It seems that the US registration is just decoy and all the activities are conducted in Africa.

The company

Unrealistic returns

Another huge red flag is the investment plans that Weownomy offers. Because making $800 per month out of a $8.33 monthly payment is just impossible. The ratio between investment amounts and returns that Weownomy promises screams scam.

The social platform has not even been launched, it is supposed to go live in December, but they already promise you thousands of percent in profits each month. This is ridiculous, no legitimate company can achieve that.

The Weownomy investment plans make us believe that it is a plain scam.

Investment plans

3 million users?

On its official website, Weownomy suggests that it already has more than 3 million users. Which we also consider impossible. The platform is not even live, it is only gathering money.

We believe that the number is false.

Members count

How Weownomy works

We know that Weownomy is selling unregistered securities, which is against the law. It already has been blacklisted by at least one financial regulator. And the social platform is not even live.

So how does Weownomy works? One hint is that it accepts payment in bitcoins only. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, so once you send them money, nobody will be able to help you to get your money back.

To us it looks like Weownomy is just a simple scam that will collect money from people during 2021 and shut the entire scheme down when they see fit. It will just take money from people and pay nothing back.

Or, it could try to ride like a Ponzi scheme and pay some of the profits in the early stages to attract even more investors and money. And then collapse like all Ponzi scheme do.

In any case it is not safe to participate in Weownomy.

Payment address

Weownomy review – Conclusion

Weownomy runs an illegal shares offering and offers impossible returns, which makes it is a scam. We recommend staying away from it.

When investing, you should use only regulated companies that have the authorizations to provide investment services.

Before investing any money in any asset, please be sure to understand the risks.


8.33 USD

Securities offering


Investment plans





  • Don't see any


  • Very probable scam
  • Blacklisted by a regulator
  • Impossible investment plans
  • Illegal shares offering
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  • 1.Where do you take all this information from?
    2. Who are you , because you don’t even identify yourself?
    3. Is Weownomy a big threat to your company ?

    • I don’t have any company and all the information is in the review. Make up your own mind, whatever people choose to do vis a vis Weownomy after reading my review won’t change a thing for me.

    • Please educate yourself and read the press release statement by the central bank of Lesotho, clearly stating this company is not legitimate

    • WOW! I’m laughing at this because you have not received your money, but you are STILL defending this scam of a company. My mom is caught up in this and she’s oblivious as you are. It’s sad.

    • One question, have you received your money now? Still waiting? Since the 18th of August??? So sorry, you’ve been scammed.

  • You are jealous. Do your own business and stop criticizing other people’s work. Start your own. I wish weownomy can grow bigger than what they expect. God may keep you alive so that you will see the success of weownomy

  • Is the US government saying a law is being broken by weownomy?

  • James, you didn’t mention anything about SECDEX where AEEX and Weownomy are listed. Weownomy is only incorporated in the USA. It is a global company and we are not bound by the laws of one country. A scam company won’t give refunds and free shares if they are looking for money. The shares have been tokenised and have become digital assets which are traded on Wisebitcoin and PayBito platforms. We don’t need permission from government to sell our digital assets. The review you have is too old. Please review your review.

    • There is nothing wrong with my review, I stand by it.

      • Thanks a lot. Weonomy has promised us payment on the 18 August, but there is no money. We have already downloaded more than 3 wallets. All of them seem to have a problem.I don’t know why they are scamming poor people. We have never seen the CEO not even once. At least doing live Zoom meeting.

        • Hi, I’m from Botswana, we have received our payment yesterday 20th August 2021 be patient if you haven’t received yours is coming

          • Hello Bino, how did you get paid? We are waiting for WEOWNS to be traded. How did you get paid? According to the information circulated, we are all waiting on trades. How come only you got paid?

          • I have registered on the free, entry level Class D of the project, called Class, several weeks ago. A few days ago I was considering upgrading to class C, where I’d pay about R1000. But I had to do a little research and satisfy myself before throwing in my money. Nothing about this project adds up. It has all the tell-tale signs of a scam. I can’t say is a scam outright, but it is highly suspicious. Take care, folks.

        • You sound like you are a member of Weownomy Corporation… That says you know you can always ask for your money back, just like everybody else who did, if you are not happy. Quit and stop badmouthing the company that you willingly joined. Word of advice, good things come to those who wait and fortune favors the brave.

      • I agree with you 100s

        It is a scam, they will never listen to you, they will insult, call you all kinds of names

        They didn’t get paid, they don’t have any money in their bank accounts, they got airdrops and more empty promises

        The so called CEO failed to pay people their refunds when he offered that we can request if we think he is scaming

        He promised to pay us in July, changed the date to 18 Aug, there’s no payment till today instead they want more that we must recruit they must get 3Mil shareholders

        It’s our loss, we enriched him and his family

      • James you are just howling at the moon brother. Please do your research carefully or just sign up on Weonomy sooner than later. What a very jealousy and empty minded person you are. You must be ashamed. When you get a pen and paper you close your eyes and just write empty things. If you have nothing to say please don’t say it. Just leave us alone.

    • Well said. His review smell a lot of pitty jealousy.

      How dare he tells where we invest; it’s our money; so called regulators should fully understand that.
      Afterall non of them put food on our table. Mxem

      • I don’t give a damn about where people invest their money, it’s their decision. I just provide information.

        • Stupid information and you are just a fake journalist look at how you are easily provoked. Next time please stop writing stupid things otherwise we will go hard on you and you will go for a ROPE and wear it on you neck!

    • Seth, I have one question for you; did you receive your interest? Be honest. Did you see scam work for you?

  • Your are the urgent of Satan Go and vomit we do whatever we want with our money I can see that Weownomy is a big threat to you. GoTo hell!

  • Honestly you are bloody jealous because this is chaired by the black man i see you are just a pure racist not wanting to skin growing financially. Why are you concerned about Weownomy and not concentrate on your Pinion family things. We don’t need people like you with evil hearts. Wait and we will be out of the social network platforms soon and remain with weownomy the whole of Africa you will die with your jealous you evil hearted something. Go to satan he’s waiting to feast you stupid gossiper.

    • You are proving my point.

    • Ma’am, why are you so pressed about James’ review. If Weownomy works for you then why are you bothered by what he says.

      All I’m hoping for now, is that you received your money, because I’ll tell you this, YOU’VE BEEN SCAMMED.

  • You must be a born scammer you! We are Africans and not threatened by your weak smelling information. That’s our money we worked for it ungenaphi wena sies!

  • This guy is having a big problem of jealous and he sees that the company will not fall and is trying by all means to destroy unfortunately for you ,you are just playing with fire…hata uzakwenzala.

  • It is a scam. From what l have collected they have been changing crypto wallets after crypto wallets and the “Co-owners” have complained about being unable to access these wallets they are told to create. More information will be reviewed as time goes on but best believe James is right about this site

  • James Pinion I agree with you, if this company could afford the rediculous amounts they would not need upfront investments. secondly it is supposed to be pay day today , the so called coowners have been jumping from one exhange to the other, even at the last minute when they thought all is well the CEO changed things … Who does that? …wake up African child, you were scamed and you will probably be scammed for the longest time as you gave your faceless CEO you ID documents.
    Something is not right and it will end in tears for a lot of people … Check the etherscan link the value of the token is 0…anyone can register a token but for it to be valueble is another story

  • Yeah we have been scammed, your right James,I have been victimized… They have sent us the weowns but they say it’s only airdrops.. completely useless..

  • Thank you James for the information, I will honestly take it to consideration and do my own research. I now realise I should have done the research before investing. But I am woke enough to know not to invest my savings, i just put in small money i didnt need. But i guess we will see how it goes. Whatever happens .

  • I listened to the presentation. First and foremost though it’s a video presentation it’s only a voice presentation that does not reveal the presenter. Secondly the presenter is fumbling which is shown by constant coughing along the presentation.

  • What have been noticed..weonomyhas threatened your companies and it is going to be more greater than you believe..if it’s a scam you better stay away from it..cause i can’t see the reason of informing people than you self..i have noticed yuo treambling..WEONOMY KEEP IT UP..FORWARD WE GO

  • We are so aware that it could be the same CEO and his team trying to make this seem like a genuine thing. They are scammers, just listen to their vulgar, they are senseless and very cruel. I just feel for those victims.

  • Weownomy is a plain scam

    • You will be surprised. Weownomy is here to stay. All these people who are saying weownomy is a scam won’t come back to you once they enjoy the fruits of weownomy. They joined weownomy without understanding its business model and they are quick to say things they don’t understand. Just watch the space.

  • Njabulo, Zodwa and company you were given opportunity to claim back money you bought weownomy shares and you didn’t do that. So stop putting remarks that are unrealistic here. If I remember well you are on weownomy WhatsApp groups and my question is why are you still interested in a scam organisation? This Peter is doing his job of bringing down everything that a black nation is trying to do for itself and he is not a problem but you, shame to you.

    • Tell the idiots please what are they looking for? They never invested and are getting nothing now jealous is chocking their throats let them go commit suicide. We are happy with weownomy.

  • At least I am on Class D Shares.
    The reason for me not to BUY was that I asked for WWEOWNOMY GLOBAL ROADMAP since June 2021 I was never provided with any and only to be attacked by the so called Shareholder asking me WHY I asked simply because they don’t have any idea how important Company ROADMAP is and that includes the company MANAGEMENT TEAM with contactable Social Media platforms.

    They help with things you don’t understand.
    There’s lots of companies that VANISHED with our money like USI-TECH, Fuelcoin, BitClub, Bitcoiin, etc

    Whatever happens, I will be safe with my team.
    #jamespinion your review is right and I am with you.
    There’s quite a lot that don’t make sense and that is why I didn’t buy in the first place.
    There’s is no company registration whatsoever and the CEO is Ghananian but I see South Africa and the United State addresses and all Social Media platforms are not working.
    Some members in here are talking about changing of WALLETS which also if you ran legitimate company should be working properly BEFORE you announce to the public.

  • Whoever wrote this review is ill-informed

  • go to hell why are you so interested in weownomy with negetive attitudes if its not threat to your hidden company? coz we have invested our own monies not yours weownomy is ours all you can do is to shut up and keep your opinions to yourself

  • I am Mr Lebo from Lesotho my sister and my familly members have joined Weowonomy on or before 05.05.2020 I have seen their proof of payment where the pay 800$ they were 3 but they get nothing untill now. I so the CEO with the CEO personally his name Is Peater Ssemakula from Uganda.He used to promise people a lot of money each month.

    He feather said that if people want their money back they should fill the forms and sent through email but they get nothing.

  • You will always look at Africans as poor , particularly South Africans, your putting in the minds of our people negativity so that the don’t even realize the opportunity when it comes.
    Other countries and their Media particularly in Africa, are publishing what they are being given by the Company and they see the potential but here in South Africa …People are being looking at as poor and stupid.
    Any businnes in the world has Risks but you are busy incouraging to learn how to do trading which is very difficult to learn ..You learn you loose and you say this is a ligit busnnes and you continue
    Advertise it even in a national Tv
    Stop it leave WEOWNOMY alone and see what will happen next.
    Are you jelousy because you are thinking somebody is taking away good in your Mouth
    Be Quiet.
    People can think for themselves!

  • Mr pinion has the difficult task of giving advice to the masses, your unbiased advice does not conform to their belief and thus the willingness to accept is difficult, socrates , gallileo and many people have gone through this, am sorry for the abuses but also admire your resilience. Weownomy plays the carrot on a stick game to keep members motivated while pouring in more money, i have always wondered how they intend to make so much money which they promise when they have never delivered any product in the market. My opinion agrees with your on the ponzi scheme aspect, but remember, a lot of people love ponzis because they either do not know what it is or always assume they will not lose. To the readers, i would urge you to read james pinion review and make up your own mind while refraining from abuse for what happens if he is right is only self blame on your side. Remember “To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.”


  • Hahahah… I’m laughing cause I’m in class D but I’m gonna wait till the end of this year than I can say whatever I wanna say about weownomy but the CEO is from Ghana eish mara… Will see

  • Can anybody please comment with the weownomy WhatsApp group link

  • People are loosing lot of money in Forex platforms. You refer put warning here to alert people about the risks they are taking with their money. Weownomy is a new project James. Give it a chance until the end of this year and you can call it a scam thereafter. It is our project and if it fails there is no problem. It will be like all business that did not succeeded. No one has put a gun on our head to join this project. It is a community project with a business model. So guys you cannot start a business now and expect profits now. Weownomy is not a quick rich scheme. You are at a wrong place and that is why you support Peter because you don’t want to learn, you just joined and promised lot of returns. I am giving you homework to go and learn what Weownomy is all about and come back to teach your pals here including Peter. I am positive, Peter will be Weownomy shareholder one of the days being at the forefront. I thank you all. Peter I will advise you to start with free shares my friend to show you that Weownomy is not interested to rob people but to assist Africa and global.

  • Weownomy is on the right hands. Our CEO is a man of integrity. I have followed his previous record. He has been starting the projects a rook uround the globe and there has never been an incident whereby he was accused of fraud or scamming. All the companies and projects he was in charge have sustained. Our problem with us we don’t want to get free education from that man. He want to free us from slavery and we resist like the Israelites were doing. Track record of our CEO is excellent. He is the man with a vision. I am sorry to say that we blacks, especially black Africans we want quick bucks without getting knowledge to sustain. Weownomy is not punzi scheme guys and we must go step by step with the main driving this massive ship or else you will slave for ever.



    The Truth is that Weownomy Corporation has and continues to prove that it is nothing but a SCAM in that: –

    1) PPL were told that they will get paid on or before 18th August 2021 and not after. No indication of any delays or possibilties of ppl not benCALL ME A PESSIMIST IF YOU MUST OR LABEL ME A PROPHET OF DOOM IF YOU HAVE TO.


    1) PPL were told that they will get paid on or before 18th August 2021 and not after. Possibilities of any delays thereof were never made.

    There was no mention of Airdrops, Tokens, Trading and the Exchange process were not mentioned prior and in 18th August 2021 payment undertaking.

    2) To say that a person will get or will be paid R154 000 or R80 000 for his/her R1000, is unheard of and it has never happened anywhere in the world. The possibilty and let alone the thought of such a thing happening with Weownomy or anywhere else in the world and in history, is not only a white lie but an irrationale expectation and it does not and will never make any Financial and Economic sense.

    It is usually said we ought to use our common sense but
    “COMMON SENSE IS NOT THAT COMMON” in some of us.

    3) The only thing that will prove that people like James Pinion, me and all those who say Weownomy is not legit but a scam wrong, will be when every Weownomy “Co-owner” gets paid not in worthless Weown Airdrops or Tokens but real cryptocurrency or money that will be withdrawn from their wallets to enjoy and spend as each person wishes, which is something that will not happen. All that will be withdrawn are Teardrops, Heartaches, Shames and overwhelming Regrets.


    • Hellow for your own peace we are not going to cry. You invest you loose; so if we loose we are not babies; or know that investments are volatile.

      • Scams are not investments.

        • Don’t urge with these fools James even FSCA warned the public about this company. These stupid people like to fight with everyone yet they have never been paid so save your energy black poor people have little to no brains

  • It’s good if it is a scam we invested with our money and we also love our CEO the scammer so please back off.. Mr CEO please prove this evils wrong and show them what we have in weownomy forward we go.

  • I am just wondering everyone saying weownomy is a scam how they will feel if its not a scam. will you come and rectify your insults here? weownomy is very new and the Ceo has a very good Record, most scammers dont reveal themselves. only few months everyone already saying it is a scam? were you forced to join weownomy? october is around the corner we will all see who is a liar.

  • Weownomy is being advertised on CNN on MzanziFM and is listed on the world wise crypto website called Etherscan! That alone makes it clear to the world that it is bigger than you think and growing faster than you can even imagine! Soon bitcoin will fall away because weownomy weowns will be the world’s next most popular coin as its the only coin that’s started with the value of $57 where as bitcoin started with the value of 0.00001cents..and is the world’s highest voted coin right now

  • Yet to mention that other companies from all over the world are begging to buy WEOWNOMY’S business Model/plan for Billions of Dollars because they can already see where it is going but greed makes people do reviews like this because they want this model for themselves so that they can get all the credit from the rest of the world because of its POWERFUL strategy of building this business to the launching day.. People is gona run straight to this business the moment it gets launched in October.. This business is UNSTOPPABLE now we cannot go back.. Especially after all the hate weownomy received for its wonderful idea.. An idea that was God sent.. An Idea that no one could think of just One amazingly clever man like the CEO.. so leme tell u now 1 year from now you will struggle to become apart of Weownomy because it will be so hight rated that when you hear the word WEOWNOMY you will faint become of all the riches this company is about to bless us with.. So if you still skeptical give it a try with free shares and you won’t regret it.. Because weownomy is 100% ethical 100% sustainable and 100% legal…

    • You lost me at “companies from all over the world are begging to buy WEOWNOMY’S business Model/plan for Billions of Dollars” because I started laughing so hard that I could not continue reading…

  • I smell the rat. Too good to be true

  • Hello Mr James, the blogger, the author

    These are some questions I have for you?

    1. Do you have concrete evidence from the US government that Weownomy is a scam because they originally registered it? It’s now close to 1 Year since it’s registration based on your review.

    2. Have you done background check on the prominent leaders CEOs behind Weownomy and conclude that they are Fake people

    3. Have you done your research (I can see that’s what you claim you are good at) to know the links and relationship Weownomy has with these so called legitimate platforms Weownomy is associated with eg. Pan Africa Peoples Alliance, Secdex, etc

    4. How much do the your so called “regulated companies/platform” pays you to water down other people’s work?


    Just me, a concerned reader of your posts.

  • Contd

    6. As of today, Weownomy is getting ready to launch it’s wallet (Weownomy pay), a social media, and Weownomy chat, do you want to say that they are Fake? Have take your time to go through the weownomy presentation and get a sneak preview of these features

    7. Is it for example Facebook that should own a social media so those who bring a new social media in the market are Fake and scammers

    8. Sir, have you in your entire life, started and is runing a company which is legitimate and active?, I really need a legitimate one

    9. If Weownomy tokens (weowns) maybe you didn’t know about this by the time you were writing your own so called review/research, are Fake and the products of scammers, then do you want to say that all tokens listed in Etherscan, binance, blockchain etc are Fake.

    10. Could it be that the CEO is a Ghananian (sorry you didn’t do your research well here, he is not a citizen of that country) makes everything to be a scam.?

    PS. Sir, you have got a good publicity due to this cheap review, well done.

    Just me, a concerned reader

  • Hi James

    You sound very invested in weonomy and its business model, kindly please continue to review this company and give us your unbiased follow-up. I am a class C share-holder and at this point I have adopted the attitude of ” hoping for the best and preparing for the worst”

    Do your dip-checks on quarterly basis and see what you will uncover, I am here for that.

  • Kagiso Monkutlwatsi, you smell the rat because you are also a rat. It is all I can say about you.

  • Mr Pinion ,may I ask you this question?
    If this was mark Zuckerberg platform will you call it a scam ,if it’s a scam mind your own business, how will it affect your pocket if it falls but I surely know it will cause a stir when weownomy is running big ,and in my opinion if someone wants to try and do something good for other people exactly who are you, are you God to write reviews on other people’s businesses and why are you stopping people from freely doing what they want, we all have minds of our own, we can decide for ourselves, it’s not like your judgment on a certain company is going to make the company fall ,the same goes with any business- word of mouth, so I suggest you probably not be judgemental as that is God’s job to judge ,we people think we can be better than the other

  • Also your title of your review reads why should people stay away from weownomy, so it clearly states you yourself are unsure if this will work out or not ,it should have read why people must stay away from weownomy as it’s a scam from your side

  • How do you know weownomy is a scammer ,doctors are scammers too ,teachers are scammers too ,show me an honest person or a platform that is feeding the poor black ,Indian communities in south Africa, why do you want to cut someone’s chance

    • I can make 100 trillion dollars magically appear on your bank account. I just need you to send me 1 million dollars and then I will do it. Do you think I am a scammer? How do you know it?

  • It is not a black man initiative…meaning you know nothing about it….my people be informed before you comment…the initiator is called sascha sagtschaa

  • Weownomy is growing bigger and better while y’all meet to talk Rubbish abt it. Maybe u should consider joining in as well and stop cryticising. Whether it’s a scam or not it’s not ur money, u are scamming us of our data by bringing little information to us. Shut ur face and watch!!

  • This is Peter’s bloc and we appreciate what he is doing to be on alert and warn people about scammers around the globe. Let us forgive him and let bygones be bygones because this time his pre-judgement was wrong and it will be good for him to apologize and join the masses by teaching people about good things at Weownomy, WEOWNS and Weownomychat to be launched next month. I personally I have forgiven him, he must keep up his good work.

  • Well James not Peter the meesage is for you my dear friend. Do your job to protect the public. Weownomy is for us all including you. Let us embrace it.

  • James, I think it would be helpful if you could list a guideline of questions, for members to ask their Management, and the kind of answers to expect. That will help them determine themselves whether they are scammed or not.

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