Wesler Mining review – not mining, just scamming people

In this review we expose the Wesler Cloud Mining scam that is after your money.

About Wesler

Wesler reviewWesler is supposed to be a cryptocurrency cloud mining service. It means that you can purchase mining power and mine cryptocurrencies without owning the computing hardware.

This service promises returns between 2% and 5% per day, which means that you could possibly more than double your money every month?

Wesler mining is a scam

Tariff plansThere is this simple truth: it is impossible to make 2% or more percent per day in cryptocurrency mining. It is simple physics, because the rewards are dictated by hardware power, which is costly to get and costly to run in terms of electric power, and by cryptocurrency prices.

Today’s cryptocurrency prices are low and mining cost are relatively high, which means that you just cannot make tens of percent per month.

Therefore, we don’t even have to try to verify if Wesler really has hardware to mine, because we know the mining plans are impossible. The only possible conclusion here is that Wesler is a scam.

In reality Wesler Mining is not mining any cryptocurrencies, it has no hardware for that. Instead, it is playing a Ponzi scheme, which by all means is illegal.

It is collecting money from people and lying about mining. It plays with money it gets, it even might do some payouts using these deposits.

But such schemes always run out of money, because they don’t generate any real profits. When the end is near or when people who run it see it fit, they just will take what is remaining and disappear. A lot of people will be left empty-handed.

And because everything done is cryptocurrencies, it will be very hard to track who got your money, let alone getting anything back.

Wesler mining conclusion

Wesler is not a crypto mining service, it is a scam that is running an illegal scheme. Stay away from it!

Crypto mining is barely profitable nowadays, but you can try crypto trading instead. See on a free demo account how it works.

But remember that if you later decide to invest real money, there are risks associated with every investment, you can make money, but also lose.

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