Who is Steve McKay? A Bitcoin scammer! [Fraud Alert]

Steve McKay is a scammer

In this review we expose the alleged founder of numerous Bitcoin programs Steve McKay. See why you cannot trust this man.

Who is Steve McKay?

His official website says that Steve McKay is the founder and CEO of Bitcoin Code.

However, you can see his name is associated with numerous other Bitcoin trading systems, like:

  • iBitcoin Code
  • Bitcoin Code Expert
  • Bitcoin Loophole
  • Bitcoin Profit
  • Bitcoin System
  • Bitcoins Wealth

McKay says that these trading systems are all done for you, they will trade automatically on your behalf and allegedly make you money.

McKay claims to have a degree in computer science, that he is a software developer with experience from a large firm on Wall Street. He combined his computer knowledge together with financial trading and created a plethora of trading systems for cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin.

McKay’s trading app supposedly earn thousands of dollars per day to every user. Yet, they are completely free. Why aren’t we all already rich thanks to his Bitcoin systems?

Is Steve McKay real?

Steve McKay supposedly is so popular that you will find his profile in the Bitcoin Wiki. The truth is that you can find articles about him all across the web, including his official website.

But the truth also is that McKay is a fictitious character, he does not exist. The creator of Bitcoin Code and other similar scam systems is not McKay. Scammers who run these systems made McKay’s character up to give you a story.

In reality his systems like Bitcoin Code or Bitcoin Profits have been blacklisted by financial regulators as scams, see for example warnings from the FMA and CNMV.

Steve McKay is a scammer

When you see Steve McKay’s name under an automated trading system for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you know you are facing a scam.

Steve McKay is a scammer. Or, to be more precise, as we have already mentioned, he is a fictitious character created by scammers who are releasing cryptocurrency investment scams. Be it the Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Loophole, BTC Profit or any other similar system, they all are scams that were made to lose your money.

Check our picture below to see that the man on the picture that is said to be McKay is in fact a model posing for stock photos.

They always do the opposite of what they promise. They promise quick and big profits, meanwhile the first thing you will have to do with them is to send your money to an unregulated broker where you will lose it.

He is a fraudster

Steve McKay and Bitcoin

Is Steve McKay a successful Bitcoin trader and programmer? No, he is not, because he does not even exist. He is a fictitious product of scammers who program scam systems.

These fraudsters know very little about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, we have experienced it many times. They will show you historical price charts and say how much money would you have if you invested several years ago. Anyone can do this.

But they certainly are not able to predict future Bitcoin prices. For years they have been saying that Bitcoin is about to explode, and it hasn’t happened yet. Scammers who are behind Steve McKay have a history of bad predictions about the Bitcoin price. They cannot trade profitably, they just know how to scam people.

Steve McKay and Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code is the first big scam that Steve McKay was signed under. Unfortunately, it has been running for years.

Bitcoin Code promises a fully automated trading software that will make you thousands of dollars per day. But in reality, it will make you lose money with a shady broker.

Bitcoin Loophole and Steve McKay

Bitcoin Loophole is the second investment scam that was signed by Steve McKay. This time fraudsters did not even use his (stock) photo, they just used his name.

Bitcoin Loophole is just a copy of Bitcoin Code, it promises the same fairy tales and delivers the same losses. This scam has been around for years, and unfortunately is still active.

Bitcoin Loophole

Steve McKay and Bitcoin Profit

BTC Profit is a more recent scam that has different variations. Sometimes Steve McKay is declared as its author, sometimes his name is not even mentioned.

But Bictoin Profit always run on the same scam software. It will even provide you with a demo. However, the demo is rigged, it shows fake profits that are not replicable in real trading.

In trading with real money BTC Profit is losing, we have this confirmed by real users.

Bitcoin System and Steve McKay

Bitcoin System is the name of yet another trading app allegedly created by the fake Steve McKay. It of course is just a scam that was created to lose money.

Bitcoin System will promise you a passive income, but it will just lose your entire deposit you make with a dirty broker they will push you to.

Bitcoins Wealth and Steve McKay

Bitcoins Wealth is a clone of the scams mentioned above. McKay says that Bitcoins Wealth is a miraculous automated trading app that will make you a fortune with cryptocurrencies.

But the app is based on the same losing software as the other fraudulent programs mentioned in this review. It will try to fool you with a fake demo, so that you accept to send your money to a strange broker located who knows where.

Everything you deposit with Bitcoins Wealth will be lost. And McKay will not respond to your requests because he does not exist.

Bitcoin Secret Loophole and Steve McKay

Bitcoin Secret is another creation of Steve McKay that supposedly takes advantage of a unknown loophole in the code of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

But there is no such secret or loophole, Bitcoin Secret is simply a scam. It will push you to deposit with an unauthorized broker that will simply steal your money.

All McKay’s trading systems are the same, they all are designed to convince you to send your money to scammers.

Steve McKay in the Dragons‘ Den

There are articles claiming that Steve McKay appeared on Dragon’s Den. For those of you who don’t know this TV show, it is about presenting business ideas to investors.

The truth is that McKay never was in Dragons’ Den or any other TV show, and never will be, because he is just a fictitious character created by scammers who run illegal investment schemes.

Steve McKay in Forbes

Another fake article about McKay looks like it was published in Forbes. Someone even suggested that McKay was described as a partner to Elon Musk in investing with his Bitcoin trading systems.

But everything is of course fake. McKay does not exist, Forbes never published anything about it and Elon Musk is not using any cryptocurrency investment software.

The Daily Mail about Steve McKay

If you see an article from the Daily Mail about Steve McKay and Peter Jones investing in Bitcoin, rest assured that it is fake.

Scammers will imitate various media and create fake articles to support their scam Bitcoin trading system that they sign with the name of Steve McKay. You have to closely examine those articles and you will see that they are fake.


Steve McKay is a Bitcoin scammer, in reality he does not even exist. Every trading system signed with his name is an investment scam that you have to avoid.

If you want to try legit cryptocurrency trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker. Use virtual money to learn how to trade and to build a profitable strategy.

Before investing real money you have to understand the risks and to have your strategy ready.

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