World Over The Counter review – Another MASSIVE scam

World Over The Counter WOTC review

In this review we explain the World Over The Counter scam that is trying to run a new illegal financial scheme.

What is World Over The Counter

World Over The Counter or WOTC is supposed to be a global liquidity pool for cryptocurrencies. Its status allegedly allows it to execute arbitrage trades with substantial profits.

Arbitrage trading means taking advantage of differences in prices of the same asset on different exchanges.

WOTC says that if you deposit money in the system, you can get up to 3.2% daily returns. Deposits are accepted in USDT (Tether), which is a cryptocurrency token with the value pegged to the US dollar.

World Over The Counter claims that it is authorized as a financial service in several countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

Is WOTC really legit, should you invest your money?

World Over The Counter scam

The truth is that World Over The Counter is just a recycled scam that is going to fail, there just is no other way. It is not doing any real crypto trading, it just a Ponzi scheme that will have a very limited life.

Its predecessors and already failed scams of the same kind include COTPS and Swapnex. Both these fraudulent platforms were also promising similar profits thanks to arbitrage trading with crypto tokens.

Fake and meaningless certifications

One of the main selling points of World Over The Counter is its certificates.

FinCen nothing

For example, it is registered in the United States as a MSB (Money Services Business). While this is true, it might surprise you, but it does not mean anything.

Anybody can register any company with the US FinCen, you just have to fill in a web form, and that’s it. Scams like WOTC abuse this procedure and register with FinCen this way.

The FinCen explain this on its website and it also confirmed this fact to us: It does not verify information entered by the company during the registration, let alone the legitimacy of its business.

By the way, the COTPS scam also had a FinCen registration and it has already crashed and left a lot of people scammed.

FinCEN reg doesn't mean anything

Fake certificates

A clear proof that World Over The Counter is a scam is in the fact that it displays forged certificates.

For example, it says that it has been authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. But that is not true, you can see it for yourself here.

Another example is the supposed certificate form the Fintrac in Canada. It is fake too. Again, you can see for yourself that World Over The Counter is not registered in Canada.

Since WOTC is clearly lying about its registrations in different countries, it is a scam.

WOTC scam

Arbitrage nonsense

Finally, let us explain that World Over The Counter is identifiable as a fraud also thanks to its investment plans.

The first thing you will notice is that emphasises referrals, because it clearly is building a pyramid and it needs new deposits.

But what is a clear giveaway is the 3.2% daily ROI. Because it is something that is impossible to achieve in any business, cryptocurrency trading is not an exception to this rule.

Let us come back to the COTPS scam, it was promising the same returns also thanks to arbitrage trading. People were trying to convince us that it is possible, that you can do multiple trades per day with smaller profits, and then the house of cards collapsed.

WOTC is running according to the exact same script, it is offering the same returns with the same fairy tale about arbitrage trading.

But let’s imagine for a second that it is possible to earn 3.2% daily in arbitrage trading. Why on Earth would anybody share such profits with the public?

First of all, arbitrage opportunities are always limited by the liquidity on exchanges, so you can’t scale this trading up and pay the same profits to everybody.

Second, why would you share such an insane ROI with other people? If you need capital, you can always get a loan for a few percent per year, so you don’t have to pay a few percent per day to people!

Do you know see how big of a nonsense World Over The Counter is?

WOTC investment plans

How World Over The Counter works

We have already touched the subject, WOTC is a typical Ponzi scheme. The arbitrage story is just a cover up for a typical financial pyramid that is living only thanks to new deposits coming into the system.

The deposits are shared as profits among those who joined the scheme earlier. But as with every Ponzi scheme, deposits will start to slow down, there won’t be enough money to pay the profits, and everything will collapse.

Then everybody will see that it was a fraudulent scheme since the beginning, but it will be too late. There won’t be any account to take money from to compensate victims, everything will be gone.

And because all transactions are made in cryptocurrencies, they can’t be reversed, victims won’t be able to get their money back.

World Over The Counter review – Conclusion

World Over The Counter is a typical crypto Ponzi scam. It pretends to be generating profits in arbitrage trading while it is just an illegal financial scheme that is redistributing new deposits to older members. Stay away from it!

If you want to try legitimate crypto trading, you can do it on a free demo account with a regulated platform. Use virtual money to familiarize yourself with how everything works.

Don’t invest real money until you are absolutely sure that you understand the risks. Also, you should have a proper strategy and use only money that you can afford to lose.


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